There’s A Steve From ‘Stranger Things’ Is Jean-Ralphio’s Dad Theory?!

Right off the bat, my first question is how the hell did I not know there’s a theory floating around that Steve from Stranger Things is Jean-Ralphio from Parks and Rec’s real father? Then I realized I suck at the internet and nobody watches the Late Late Show, so that neatly answered that question. The important thing is the stuff below happened, and now all of us can realize just how excited we get to see two people who look almost exactly like. Is it because we’re biologically conditioned to pay special attention to twins so they can’t melt us with their minds? Who’s to say? (Me. It’s yes.)

Dad and son meet because the Internet. @uncle_jezzy @strangerthingstv #strangertwins

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Did a lot of growing up today with @uncle_jezzy.

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UPDATE: And this was just brought to my attention. Dear God…

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