Here’s Steve-O & Elisabetta Canalis Sucking Face

January 31st, 2012 // 78 Comments

When George Clooney dumped Elisabetta Canalis, it was pretty much assumed it’s because she brought up marriage and commitment gives George Clooney cancer. Turns out she’s a gaping famewhore which explains why you’re looking at Elisabetta making out with Steve-O because apparently this thing is actually happening. Even more amazing, the Kardashians now look less desperate for attention by comparison which means one of these people is clearly Kris Jenner in disguise. Quick, see which one catches fire when you pull out a cross!

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  1. Isn’t she more relevant than Steve-O at this point? Wtf lady?!

    • karlito

      sometimes when a woman’s ego is shattered by a break up, especially by the guy whose supposed to be the “best catch in town”….there could be psychological consequences. when a woman questions her self worth, she make take on a negative personna and act on it by being slutty or cheap or by dating the biggest losers in town. they may loathe themselves, so they degrade themselves. she’s a hot girl who went from A-lister to Z-lister in a few short months.

      • Say what you will about the Jackass guys, they made a great deal of money. Now, whether or not all of them will be smart with it in the long run, I dunno, but I think Steve-O is doing pretty well for himself.

        And Cannalis is basically a glorified call girl (no lie, she literally was before she met clooney).

      • Felonious Monkey

        She only DATED an A-lister. Wow, from Clooney to a Jackass…
        Didn’t she “meet” with Berlusconi once or twice?
        This chick has no presence or style. How much further will she fall after Steve-O?

    • Hopefully far enough to fall into my arms. I think it would be pretty cool to be eskimo brothers with Clooney.

    • Drugs


  2. Evil Dick Tater

    Wow, Cloony to Steve-O. Surely suicide would be less painful.

  3. catapostrophe

    This seems about right. They’re both very odd-looking, yet almost attractive.

  4. drunk again

    Who is she gonna fuck next ? Wee Man ….

  5. Cock Dr

    OMG – from Clooney and his lakeside villa to a jackass.
    Perhaps the Steve here has amazing private attributes to make up for jackassness.
    Or perhaps she’s just an aging desperate famewhore. Yup, my money’s on that explanation.

  6. mrsmass

    didn’t know Steve-O was into trannies. all power to him.

  7. Frank Burns

    Beating out Scarlett Johannson and Olivia Wilde for the “Early 2012 Relationship Partner Trading Down Award” is Elisabetta Canalis!

  8. Donald Trump

    Beauty & The Jackass

  9. I wouldn’t take it too serious until she’s sporting a toy car up her butt.

  10. Steve-O Elisabetta Canalis Making Out
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    So romantic.

  11. Steve-O Elisabetta Canalis Making Out
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  12. MILF

    In this case the toy car used to be a Ferrari, but is now a Gremlin.

  13. stratacat

    what the unholy fuck… i don’t even…

  14. Steve-O Elisabetta Canalis Making Out
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    She’s got a fistful of jackass!

  15. Lucy928

    Wait, this isn’t a skit for “Jackass”? This is real? Gross.

  16. Steve-O Elisabetta Canalis Making Out
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    she looks like she just threw up in her mouth and is trying to keep it down.

  17. EricLr

    Sticking his dick in that will be the most dangerous thing he’s ever done.

  18. Jam

    The downgrade of the Century!

  19. Big Meany

    After breaking up with Steve-O, the next logical progression will be a hobo. And after that, a week old corpse. Wait – hobo, corpse, then Steve-O. Yeah, turns out she skipped a couple of steps.

  20. Steve-O Elisabetta Canalis Making Out
    Who Cares
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    When someone down grades it just shows what a whore they are.

  21. Steve-O Elisabetta Canalis Making Out
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    Wow- she just got a handful of nega-ass. The back of those jeans look like an empty shopping bag.

  22. Steve-O Elisabetta Canalis Making Out
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    They’re not dating, Steve-O just heard she’s full of nitrous oxide.

  23. This was right before she stapled his sack to his thigh.

  24. Ulis

    Omg I’m loving this random couple!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  25. Steve-O Elisabetta Canalis Making Out
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    awww cute

  26. pretty vacant

    so she obviously takes marriage and downgrading very seriously.

  27. Bonky

    Why do some women just turn into “vagina for rent” when they get dumped ? This chick should have aimed much higher than the bottom of a garbage can like “Steve-O”.

  28. Steve-O Elisabetta Canalis Making Out
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    Oh shit. It was a long fall from George Clooney to Steve-O. That’s like going from snorting coke to drinking rubbing alcohol.

  29. cc

    Just goes to show, you can’t fuck the stupid out of them.

  30. ani

    I act. think Steve-O looks sexier not that he is dating her. I can kind of see the attraction to Steve-O….. I think that they are def. random and yes, perhaps opposites, but as a woman, I would much rather have Steve-O than Clooney. Steve-O seems sweet, sensitive, tender and funny, not all full of himself and full of all of these rules…. Clooney uses women, whereas here, it looks like Steve-O is being sweet to Elisabetta (who prob. did go through hell after her break-up). If anything, I think Steve-O can do better tho. And also, Clooney doesn’t deserve his current squeeze either. He just wants women for FUN and everyone seems to be okay with that cuz he has money and is a man.

    • Kevin

      Clooney is just the same as all immature, adolescent men and look at women in parts, face, hands, legs, butt, boobs, etc… Having said that, that is what this site is for, and that’s why I’m here, too. Steve-O looks like he’s looking at the camera while he’s kissing her, and not at her, so he’s just another one that is using her, or is she using him to get back at Clooney. Clooney must be thanking his lucky stars that he got away from her, I know that I would be.

    • I act. def. ag. w/ u tho. (No, I don’t.)

  31. ani

    sorry, sexier, *now that he is dating her.

    • ACS111

      I agree. I would take Steve O over Clooney. he is an old man whos more interested in rotating women th. the awards ceremonies. it seems like men having more problems with Steve O. i think they maybe jealous. Afrer all the( – )ve things they wrote ab. Steve. he picked up a hot woman. Guess the only explanation that she is a slut. hahahahha

  32. Klass

    Steve-O is so vain, just look at his arm, he has his own picture of himself tattooed on his forearm.

  33. Lolli-Pop

    Its been said, but I have to just repeat it. DOWWWWWNNNGRRAADEEEE!

  34. forrest gump

    he is fed up with the dog.

  35. Geno Sid

    White people.

  36. Geno Sid

    Ignorance makes her famous, Kim Kardashian, Scarlett. They all go where the drugs are while you’re left puzzled and confused.

  37. Steve-O Elisabetta Canalis Making Out
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    He’s talking to her on the phone while his buddy takes these photos.

  38. Steve-O Elisabetta Canalis Making Out
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    wow thats so pathetic, she should have gotten knocked up by clooney… sad

  39. Steve-O Elisabetta Canalis Making Out
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    haha George, you aint all that! Go steve O..

  40. Steve-O Elisabetta Canalis Making Out
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    Steve-o is fun

    She’ll have the time of her life

  41. mark

    Clooney was bottom feeding with this one. He usually has higher standards.

    • the spiral

      No, Clooney has long been a loyal shopper at the Beard Bargain Basement. Strippers, cocktail waitresses, escorts, Z-list celebs…easier to get rid of and cheaper to pay off. She’s exactly at his standards, he’s a known quantity.

  42. Steve-O Elisabetta Canalis Making Out
    George P Burdell
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    “What do you mean I am no George Clooney. Are you breaking up with me over the phone?”
    “It’s OK I have unlimited minutes.”

  43. Franka

    “And the Academy Award goes to…Elisabetta Canalis; for her portrayal of a woman capable of being sexually aroused by Steve O!”

  44. Foot Note

    Interestingly enough for Steve-o she as well, is a downgrade.

  45. vgirl

    She’s trying to put a damper to George’s Oscar campaign.
    “What you go for a tranny ex WWF wrestler? I’ll go for a jackass that can take staples to the balls! The balls or ball is in your court now Georgio.” I can’t stand her accent btw.

  46. Steve-O Elisabetta Canalis Making Out
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    Wait a minute, I thought HE was the one who did stupid, dangerous shit for the cameras?

  47. Steve-O Elisabetta Canalis Making Out
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    If they’re having a good time together, why not? Why judge people by their cover? If he’s good with her, then he’s great for her and viceversa.

  48. Cpm

    She must be desperate to stay in Hollywood, because who would pick this over going back to Italy? But hey, the guy can squirt semen out of his eyes.

  49. Steve-O Elisabetta Canalis Making Out
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    Steve-O seen here trying to throw up a goldfish into her mouth.

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