Steve-O Dumped Elisabetta Canalis. Wait, What?

April 19th, 2012 // 33 Comments
I'm Detecting A Pattern
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When Elisabetta Canalis rebounded from George Clooney with Steve-O, the world took pause before going, “Oh, wait, drugs.” Except it turns out Steve-O is very serious about his sobriety even if it involves kicking an Italian broad who’s way out of his league to the curb which is literally the story he’s going with. RadarOnline reports:

“Steve-O dumped Elisbetta over her partying,” a source close to the situation tells “He is extremely serious about his sobriety and did not want to be dating anyone who could jeopardize that.
“He still really cares about her but can’t risk relapsing back into his old ways, so he had to cut her loose.

Could you imagine if this is true and not simply a cover-up for her discovering “movie star” actually meant letting grown men punch his bare penis on camera for money. Think about it, how rock-bottom do you have to be to have gone from walking the red carpet as George Clooney’s girlfriend to being dumped by goddamn Steve-O? Granted, Lindsay Lohan could only dream of attaining such heights, I’m talking about humans here not freckled swamp creature junkies sharted out of a gin-tinged hole where dreams go to die. Completely different ballgame.

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  1. Dick Hell

    I hope she’s on suicide watch.

  2. Steve-O Elisabetta Canalis
    Commented on this photo:

    Completely twins.

  3. It’s like a modern day version of the story of The Frog and the Scorpion – The Model and the Jackass.

  4. Michael

    Somewhere in Cali Kim Kardashian is getting peed on laughing at Elisabetta Canalis.

  5. Peed In Your Drink

    If Mr. Tonka doesn’t get to drive in your tunnel Steve-O picks up his toys and goes home.

  6. The woman is a call girl. Not like, occasionally stepped out with wealthy and influential men, she LITERALLY was for sale before Clooney hooked up with her.

    What did we expect?

  7. The shitty part of this story is that it will create a waiting list of hot tail trying to get to Steve-O. Dump a hottie and they flock to you.

  8. FruitLoop

    She was dating/fucking that muscled-up black guy who was on a few episodes of ‘True Blood’ before Steve. Must be hard to be the next man after a big dicked brother has been fucking the hell out of your woman before you get to her.

  9. Shaneequa

    Oh my God does this mean George Clooney is a drug addict?

  10. Bajesus

    Good for Steve-O. It is good that he has been able to clean up.

    • Brooke

      Yeah, I was going to say that,too. Good for him. I was given some of his non-Jackass DVDs he made of himself doing dumb shit in his spare time and they were kind of hard to watch. He actually needed the Jackass crew to hold him back… He was especially bad with women and drugs. Scenes where he is around both are entirely unwatchable to me. I how he’s not still slipping roofies to possibly underage chicks, because that’s what some of these vids looked like…

  11. Steve-O Elisabetta Canalis
    King Diamond
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks like a horse, he looks like a jackass (no pun intended).

  12. EricLr

    Steve-O and booze/drugs just don’t mix. It’s like mixing uranium and Arabs.

  13. cc

    So morons get sick of dimwits? Didn’t see that coming.

  14. I guess beggars CAN be choosers….

  15. Steve-O Elisabetta Canalis
    Commented on this photo:

    Eh, no big loss there.

  16. sexy.brains

    They look related – those chins!

  17. Deacon Jones

    Hey, after seeing the state he was in on the Tonight Show before rehab, more power to him

    • EricLr

      Anyone else remember the episode of “Too Late with Adam Carolla” where he came out drunk, started screaming at Adam, fell into the table, and started attacking the set? Everyone thought it was a stunt or prank at first, until security had to come in and Carolla ended the show early. Google it on YouTube if you’re wondering why he’s so afraid of relapse.

  18. JC

    Somewhere, Jennifer Love Hewitt is prepping her engagement rings.

  19. Steve-O Elisabetta Canalis
    Stewie Griffin
    Commented on this photo:

    I have respect for Steve-O…someone stop the world because I need to get off.

  20. “kicking an Italian broad who’s way out of his league”

    No she’s not, she really isn’t attractive and the pair up nicely.

  21. No excuse

    There’s only one explanation for this: He loves the man cream. Nothing wrong with being gay in 2012, he should just come out of the closet.

  22. Wow, today is the day of celebrities impressing me, I guess. I used to think Steve-O was a ridiculous fucking assclown on par with that useless dickhead Ryan Dunn, but I have to rethink my position if he is that serious about keeping himself on the straight and narrow.

  23. El Jefe

    Like I said, women have a half -life no matter who they are. When they are younger they have all the power and get the best men and then it rapidly progresses downhill from there.

    From Clooney to Steve-O which was a stratospheric drop to god knows who is next, the pizza delivery guy.

    • Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

      It can only be the lowest of the low: a politician.

    • WRONG

      This is not true. I know plenty of 40 year olds that are hotter than a 20 year old girl and have all the power too.

      Sofia Vergara can get whatever she wants and she’s 40, same with Kate Beckinsale. It has nothing to do with age and more to do with how hot they look.

      Some 21 year old chicks look like they could be your mom and bave like 4 kids.

      Age aint nothing but a number

  24. I think Steve-O would be a great catch and she was lucky to have him. If anything I think that he was out of her league. Anyway I hope she gets her act together so that they can get back together because they seemed very happy and isn’t that what really matters.

  25. Guyly

    She dumped him a month ago!! She has said he’s to immature!

  26. 876-D. Canalis

    Too many douche bags these days, plus this dude has history of being immature as well.

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