Steve-O Dumped Elisabetta Canalis. Wait, What?

When Elisabetta Canalis rebounded from George Clooney with Steve-O, the world took pause before going, “Oh, wait, drugs.” Except it turns out Steve-O is very serious about his sobriety even if it involves kicking an Italian broad who’s way out of his league to the curb which is literally the story he’s going with. RadarOnline reports:

“Steve-O dumped Elisbetta over her partying,” a source close to the situation tells “He is extremely serious about his sobriety and did not want to be dating anyone who could jeopardize that.
“He still really cares about her but can’t risk relapsing back into his old ways, so he had to cut her loose.

Could you imagine if this is true and not simply a cover-up for her discovering “movie star” actually meant letting grown men punch his bare penis on camera for money. Think about it, how rock-bottom do you have to be to have gone from walking the red carpet as George Clooney’s girlfriend to being dumped by goddamn Steve-O? Granted, Lindsay Lohan could only dream of attaining such heights, I’m talking about humans here not freckled swamp creature junkies sharted out of a gin-tinged hole where dreams go to die. Completely different ballgame.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Pacific Coast News, Splash News