Stephen Colbert on Bill O’Reilly meltdown (Bear-free video included)

May 15th, 2008 // 83 Comments

Stephen Colbert has come to the defense of his beloved faux-idol Bill “Papa Bear” O’Reilly. (Video after the jump.) The conservative black hole of douchism, and host of FOX News’ The O’Reilly Factor, has been getting his nuts kicked in via the Internets after an embarrassing video leaked of him flipping out on the set of Inside Edition which he anchored 20 years ago. You might be asking, “What’s this got to do with anything and where’s Britney?” It’s simple, really: A.) Stephen Colbert is the Greatest American Hero since that TV show of the same name.* B.) I need something to distract you Web monkeys while I slip off to Dunkin Donuts for their Free Iced Coffee Day. Now excuse me, so I can start F-in’ trippin’ the bean.

UPDATE: I’ve had ten! HEEEEEEYAW!!

*Believe it or not: Stephen walks on air.


  1. someguy

    First. Yahoo. I need a life.

    Colbert rules.

    But Stewart is god.

  2. Quinn

    O’Reily needs to get laid

  3. jmmptts

    chuga sounds good, gotta get some

  4. lori

    The part where he rips off his jacket and he’s wearing a dickey…..CLASSIC!!

  5. Liberals are Idiots

    Superfish is a super idiot. Like all libs, he revels in the hedonistic and depraved, then bends over and takes it up the ass whenever the government demands that he turn over his money and his rights. For libs like Superfish, paradise is a concentration camp where the inmates are allowed to engage in sodomy and put on dance recitals. What an effing moron..

  6. Pisacha

    Fuck Colbert he is a dick! O’rielly is a close 2nd.

    What, free iced coffee day!?!?

  7. Because someday someone is going to read a speech he made at the national correspondence dinner and have to look up Glacier. That is why this man deserves a medal. All hail the great Colbert.

  8. BEAM

    Colbert and O’Reilly are both obnoxious.

  9. dude_on_a_wire

    All you need to know about O’Reilly is that when he first got to college and was introduced to his new roommate, the guy asked Bill if he wanted to spark a doob. O’Reilly chose to pick the guy up and toss him out of a second story window. I heard the boastful-one tell that story himself. Regardless of politics – dude is a freak. Case closed. Now where are the boobies?

  10. barolo

    bill o’reilly is a total douche bag. this is just a small peek into what a thin skinned butt head he really is.

  11. SM2


    Nothing like some liberal sodomy to start my morning off on the right baton. Why does it always have to boil down to “ass play/all liberals are homo lovers” with EXTREME conservatives? I mean really, who sits around and worries about stuff like that on daily basis?

    For someone who feels to strongly about liberals, what in gods name are you doing watching Stephen Colbert in the first place my friend?

  12. Colbert is the Best

    Stephen Colbert is everything Bill O’Reilly is not. Smart, witty, and humble.

    #5: “Libtards”???? What, are you in second grade or something?? God, Republicans are stupid.

  13. havoc


    Nobody comes close to the douchebaggery that is Keith Olbermann.

    He needs one behind the ear…….


  14. Conservative God

    Liberals suck! Y’all got nothing better to do than spewing your hate and stroking your Micheal Moore booble-head doll!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. KoT

    You pieces of shit may not like O’Reilly, but he asks pertinent questions. When was the last anchor on CNN, ABC, CBS, or NBC ask a liberal politician a hard ball question with a YES or NO answer? It doesn’t happen.

    Colbert? Give me a break! What a fucking retard! Oh, I forget … I know several liberal friends of mine that get their news from him. So, I guess that explains why Obama is hot right now despite being a douche bag.

    #12 — Republicans are stupid? Hmmm, let’s see … most Republicans I know (including myself) have several advanced degrees, provide idiots like you safety, and a platform to spew your moronic rants through our sacrifices.

    Democrats are smart? Hmmm, celebrities, greenies, uneducated working-class, union members …. most of which NEVER took the initiative to broaden their education, think for themselves, and sacrifice for their country!

    Ohhh, you said God … you stupid fucking Democrat … I’m gonna tell your mom!

  16. Colbert is the Best

    Republican weenies with “several advanced degrees” are coming out of the woodwork and their little cockroach heads are exploding!

  17. hot mess

    conservatives are actually on this site?!? i thought they had better things to do…like string up some “darkies” and throw old people out on the street.

    @#15 AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you are so retarded it hurts…i literally can’t stop laughing! thanks :D

  18. mimi

    “What’s this got to do with anything and where’s Britney?”

  19. Republicans are Violent Criminals

    AND pussys. Bring it on in the streets without your military faggots. Man to man, fist to face and all that bloody stuff. Your presidents have a history of being crooks and your fascist coup/regime that stole the office from the duly elected leader (Gore) has ruined this country. Unless you are rich. Or stupid.

    How about Rumsfeld comment on how America needed another terrorist attack? Explain your way out of that one. I am sure you will contrive and lie and stammer extract truth from a steaming pile of bloody feces.

    Leave this country. Your kind does not belong here.

  20. Auntie Kryst

    “provide idiots like you safety, and a platform to spew your moronic rants through our sacrifices.”

    @15 You’re right. I want you on that wall, I NEED you on that wall. But did you order the code red? DID YOU ORDER THE CODE RED??!!

    PS Doctor/Professor/Attorney at Law KoT. I can handle the truth..

  21. red.neck.mamma

    BFD. Most of you morons that knock O’Reilly have never seen his show…you’re just koolade drinkin’ lefties.

  22. lori

    @19 – Amen to that, brother. Ship them off to an island with high steel fences and barbed wire. They can have all the guns and $20 blowjobs they want. Give their women lots of makeup to try to cover up the ugliness within that can’t be covered. Let them kill each other off and leave the rest of us alone in peace.

    “Conservatives are not necessarily stupid, but most stupid people are
    conservatives.” – John Stuart Mill

  23. No no no agreeone, republicans hook up on

  24. Hey I don’t hate Republicans, I just hate the people that vote for them.

    Who am I kidding…? I’m a Republican and I hate myself… anyone wanna share a bathroom stall? Text message me intern and let me know…

  25. oishii

    today is free southern style chicken sammich @ mcdonald’s today too, but you have to buy a drink to get it. if you go in the morning, you get the breakfast version and afternoon/evening has the not-breakfast version. but go look up a picture and tell me who the hell would eat that first thing in the morning, unless they’re trying to set a world record for heart attacks from chicken sandwiches with pickles in them.

  26. OC Dee

    I love Stephen Colbert! He is hillarious!

  27. KoT

    #19! Ha, Ha, Ha! Lefties wanting to go man-to-liberal pussy! Let’s go, dude!

    I live in New Orleans! Uptown! Corner of St. Charles & Broadway. Give me the time and date and I’ll gladly meet you! I already know what you’ll be wearing. Peg leg jeans, teased hair, and sporting a White Stripes shirt.

    Me? Look for the guy paying 53% of his income in taxes to the scum that live here.

    Wow! Some liberals actually have educations? I mean, online law schools don’t count #20. I went to a REAL law school, even got my Master’s Degree from a REAL university. University of Phoenix and California School of Law do not count, my friend … good try, though!

    Time and date, #19 pussy! Put up or shut up! I’m a veteran, too! So I am my own military!

  28. Mr. Krinkle


    You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Your high school education (which I am assuming is the highest your family have ever achieved) is not “educated” portion of the U.S. population. Your advanced GED is not an advanced degree.

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but doctors and professors (you know, those much hated intellectuals) label themselves as “Liberal” or “Democratic” by a wide margin. Get your facts straight.

  29. Mr. Krinkle

    P.S. KoT

    Your a veteran, a lawyer and yet you have time to argue on the comments board of The Superficial? I am a student, procrastinating on my final papers, at least I got an excuse, what’s yours?

    You are obviously a complete and utter liar, but that’s nothing new for a Republican I guess. Now, leave the public library, get off the free computer, and go back to your trailer park.

  30. KoT

    I’m a professor, doctor, lawyer, anthropologist, scientist, MBA and a VET, motherfucker. I live in the meanest, baddest part of town and I am KING of New Orleans! I’m TOUGH AS NAILS and SMART. What else ya got? Bring it on!! Whatever degree or occupation fits, if I can’t make it up in my head, I’ll find it online!!! Take that you BASTARDS!! (pees pants from listening to own tough talk).

  31. KoT

    Rant all you want! Time and place! New Orleans! Corner of St. Charles & Broadway. Bring it on!

    Oh, and I’m billing this to one of my liberal clients, #30.

    Code Pink, buffoons!

  32. Liberal Douchebag

    Hey, I don’t care what you call me. Check out the 3 special elections that were conducted recently – 3 wins for the Dems in traditionally conservative Republican regions. All 3 Republican candidates used the standard stuff – terrorism, gay marriage, gay terrorists getting married – and tried to tie their opponents to Obama…and then they all lost. Meanwhile the incumbent Republicans are complaining openly that their party is broke and disorganized. Newt Gingrich’s warning is becoming a prophesy: the Republican party is split in two (fiscal conservatives vs. religious conservative) and will lose enough positions to return to the minority party for years to come.

    And back on topic: face it, O’Reilly and Limbaugh are DYING to become the voice of the minority, out-of-power party. They’ve hated being the voice of the ruling party, and with Republican majorities recently in the White House, Congress, governorships, and a conservative majority on the Supreme Court, their whining about obviously powerless liberals preventing anything good from being accomplished has sounded absurd. At least now they’re in the process of attacking and blaming their own people. It’s a necessary transition to saying, again, that nobody right-minded is in power, which is all they ever have said or want to say.

  33. KoT is Brave (ha ha ha )

    yeah bullshit artist I am gonna fly over to your neck of the sewer just to kick your ass. I can go to any inbred bar and do that for free, sweetcheeks. Oh. Just to let you know. You are a dullard. Your kind is through for a while. Unless your filthy breed does something REALLY lawless like get us in a war with Iran or declares marial law. This is all planned anyway. Not that it is necessarily going to happen. The future is a plan not an eventuality. Your future not ours.
    Liberals defend liberty. What do you fight for.
    France gave us that awesome statue, remember stupid and it was for a reason.
    Anyway, the only thing you are going to beat up is your little meat.
    Defend you party and it’s destruction of this country the last 7 years, coward. Are you proud?

  34. Racer X

    I lol’d.

    /FOX news is republican lies

  35. open.your.eyes

    Here’s your liberals:

    Wealthy Hollywood or East/West Coast media types – because they can afford to be liberal;

    Poor uneducated folks – because the left keeps telling them (for decades now) how they’re gonna give what they “deserve” or “have a right to”;

    So-called Intellectuals – because they live in a ‘theoretical’ world and say things like “…we can’t ever infringe on anyones rights…” as the crazies are plotting in our own country to kill us all.

  36. KoT? Get off the ledge… that’s a gooood boy… no, don’t worry… we’re here to help… that’s right..ok, fine, I won’t come any closer… just remember it’ll be ok… that’s a gooood boy… I know, I know… I lost my job to a negro once too… I was furious… of course, he was my dad, but still, that shit was unfair… put down the Rambo VHS tapes and that crayon written law degree… it’s ok… people love you…

  37. open.your.eyes

    Oops, I forgot:

    The Political Left – who NEED an underclass in order to gain or stay in office, or to make millions off of class warfare (that means you Rev. Jackson).

  38. Clarification

    Liberals defend Socialism.
    Democrats defended Clinton – who was (and still is) the largest liar in a quite a few decades.
    Real cowards roll over and play dead = Democrats.
    Your real source of anger is all you have left is obama which in all reality has “no chance”.
    The trueth does hurt but you have been hurt before, get over it already.

  39. lori

    The worst thing about the republicans who post on this site (and well, republicans in general) is that THEY are the underclass they keep complaining about, but they delude themselves into thinking they’re not and they make up all kinds of shit like degrees and jobs so that they can tell themselves they’re not really white trash losers being kicked around by the elitists in government who keep pushing them further and further down into poverty. It’s kinda pathetic. I would feel sorry for them if they weren’t dragging the rest of us down with them.

  40. buy.a.brain

    “The Political Left – who NEED an underclass in order to gain or stay in office, or to make millions off of class warfare (that means you Rev. Jackson).”

    Man, you guys really are delusional. Money is concentrated in a very small proportion of the American population, due to strongly insulated, highly conservative factors (inheritance from wealthy parents, control of real estate, manipulation of financial markets). Poor people are an inevitable consequence, as is class warfare. You could kill all liberal political leaders right now and nothing would change – the rich would protect themselves, the poor would resent the rich, and conflict would ensue. The political leaders can make all the noise they want, but they’re largely irrelevant to the controlling influences.

  41. BEAM

    Let’s be honest, liberals and conservatives BOTH suck. They’re all so busy hating each other that nothing ever gets done. They’d rather complain and throw insults than actually work together and move forward. There is never any give and take. In their simple minds, their side is always right and the other side always wrong. It’s such a tired and pointless pissing match.

  42. squash

    Damn, guys. Maybe instead of arguing on the internet over who sucks more- Liberals or Conservatives (the answers easy: you both suck!) you guys should do something useful. Like get hammered and go to the zoo. That’s always fun, right? You guys do like fun, right? No? Oh my bad. Well then carry on, cause you’re doing a fantastic job.

  43. missywissy

    The fact is NOBODY is 100% bad, NOBODY is 100% good, and for everyone to be fighting about conservatism vs. liberalism is really sad. If everyone was one or the other things would fall apart in this country. Everybody, calm down.
    I think Colbert is funny and Bill O’Reilly is a hard-hitter. They each have their own opinions, but Bill does tend to try to shove his down people’s throats. He’s got a huge audience, so obviously he’s speaking to people that feel him. I don’t like him, but FOX is now the only news channel we have (DISH Family programming) and I watch him sometimes. I don’t buy the fair and balanced act, but I can think for myself. I don’t need Colbert or O’Reilly to think for me, nor am I going to get all riled up over something they say. Although, I am freaked out about the people that center their views on a celebrity’s opinion.

  44. Life is a Circus full of Freaks

    My favorite kind of person is the type that says they don’t get involved in politics. I doubt such a undeveloped kind even reads. They just don’t really care. Reality is an illusion. It will all go away and I will never get drafted or pulled over drunk and have to pay a scumbag lawyer several thousand dollars cuz I had one beer too many. Now I am fucked for 6 months and can’t drive and have to go to jail and do community service and go into debt YET
    A scumbag lawyer pofits thousands of dollars from my horrible crime of having 3 beers in 3 hours.
    Let’s see, we can still buy cigarettes which cause cancer. Why America the beautiful grow tobacco – a known carcinogen? Why? Why?
    Why are we always at war with the poor fighting and the rich dodging the draft. Ask Rush Limbaugh that one. He is on the cover of his little illiterate mag this month flying a fighter jet and Yet and Yet
    And Yet
    He couldn’t go to Vietnam cuz he had AN ANAL CYST !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wow how long did it take to clear up – several years?
    “Phony soldiers”.
    How much is oil per barrel? Food prices? Why did senile Ronnie boy Reagan (never served did he?) rip off the solar panels from the roof Carter had installed?
    Why did he have them ripped off? Is there any logic in that? WHAT was the logic? Tell me little dumb republican sheep. I am waiting. What good did it do?
    McCain now says 4 years to win the war in Iraq. How much more in debt will it take us. Why are we allowing ourselves to go into debt when we don’t want this war?
    Why are Republican wannabe losers so stupid?
    Clinton had us half a trillion dollars in the clear. He paid off the debt. Dubya spent it in a season. How far into debt are we now?

  45. supersoxy

    #43 – Love the sentiment

    You don’t need to be from a red state or a blue state to enjoy watching monkeys throw poo at each other. Although very reminiscent of the banter in this thread.

  46. Rat

    O’Reilly is the man!
    Colbert is funny but the reason liberals are SO STUPID is they get their news from Colbert and Jon Stewart (also funny), but they think it is real news and not satire.
    If liberals want to be educated on the issues read the Wall Street Journal,
    Stop getting you news from the Comedy channel.

  47. squash

    Oh no, I definitely agree. All I’m trying to say is that all these people need to stop getting into such heated, hate-filled debates on here. Go do something fun, people! So much angst, it makes me sad.

  48. beesknees

    O’Reilly is human, everyone has meltdowns.

  49. betenoir

    Hi, just wanted to introduce myself:

    I’m from the 57th state!

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