Stephen Hawking Has A ‘Big Bang Theory’ Cameo

March 12th, 2012 // 39 Comments
Stephen Hawking
'Where My Bitches?'
Stephen Hawking
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“Big bang dat ass.”

You can’t run your ho game without making a torrential downpour on them bitches, so Stephen Hawking has agreed to a cameo on The Big Bang Theory because it has science in the name and sounds like a pretty sweet fuck movie, so I can see the confusion here. Via Gossip Cop:

The world’s most famous theoretical physicist will have a “run-in”
with Sheldon, the scientist character played by Jim Parsons.
Their scene is reportedly part of the hit sitcom’s April 5 episode, according to TV Guide.

Let’s not pretend this wasn’t the entire point of this post. Bust ‘em off a tread, Big Wheel:

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  1. Richard McBeef, PhD


  2. Poop head

    dude’s teeth, wtf

  3. Dan

    Fish, Big Bang Theory is actually a TV show.

    • Dan

      Ah, by saying it sounded like a fuck movie I thought you were implying that Big Bang Theory was a movie.

      I’m a moron.

  4. armond the miniature horse trainer

    It’s sad that care-givers are careless, no matter your social standing. Hopefully they’ll figure out they need to shove his dentures back in his mouth before the shoot!

  5. vekfan

    This guys got a nice publicity thing going and it’s just started:
    1, get photographed with strippers at a sex club
    2, cameo on a shitty tv show
    So, the real question is why? What’s the point? What’s it leading to?

    • dooood

      no kidding, maybe if he could get ray j to pee on him, he could be a famous celebrity

      • Richard McBeef, MD

        Eventually it’s leading to long term mechanical ventilation and palliative hospice care, so let the motherfucker milk out this ‘make-a-wish’ thing for all it’s worth.

      • browny

        Dude is a famewhore… and wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t his real teeth and he’s just one of those spoiled handicapped people who expect the world to be handed to them on a plate.

  6. Maybe he can explain why this show is so popular.

  7. this toaster/human hybrid genius fucks strippers baby

  8. The Pope

    “speak loooooouuuuuuudly!”

  9. Spencer

    Televisions shows to watch if you’re a raging homo:
    The Big Bang Theory
    How I Met Your Mother

    • Is a raging homo more homo than a regular homo or is he just an angry homo? I’m just trying to get my homo’s straight, metaphorically speaking. I mean, once a dude dips into the inkwell, that pretty much solidifies homoness.

  10. modemscrotum

    say what you will, i wish i had this guy’s brain and knew one thing about Physics instead of drinking myself to death, and mindless making comments about some girl who likes to get peed ons’ fat ass and how some orange person, who is smaller than shit, gets knocked up and will have a poor baby with a fetal alcohol disorder

    ROFL, btw, if you google alcohol+pregancy, fucking snooki is the 3rd thing on the list…..HAHAHAAAA

  11. catch him ridin’ diiirrrty, ridin’ dirrrty!

  12. Poison Ivy League

    With them teefs he looks like the new security guard dog for Universal.

  13. pretty scary

    has he had his rabies shots?

  14. Wink

    Too bad he can’t smart himself out of that fucking wheelchair.

  15. I hope the show opens with Hawking somehow crushing Sheldon’s throat.

  16. Hank E. Ring

    Ladies, this season on The Bachelor…

  17. sobrietyisacrutch

    Roger Ebert’s way more fortunate brother.

  18. bill the hill

    believe it or not: HE WAS THE FIRST MAN TO CAST FOR ” American Gigolo”, folks!!

  19. york

    It’s a gay show, who really cares?

  20. The teeth

    Some guys got it all

  21. Schmidtler

    wtf do we need this bizarre looking freak to tell us all about the mysteries of the universe for? Couldn’t they find some smoking hot young broad with giant titties who can articulate all that shit on the sciencey shows so at least we’d be looking at something pleasant with a voice that isn’t disturbing and freaky? Maybe from now on they can throw a burka over hawking, chuck the hot bitch in his lap, and she can repeat whatever sciencey shit he has to tell us? I bet he wouldn’t mind one bit. If I were him, I’d insist on it.

  22. Clown Shoes

    How cute! I just love pugs.

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