Stephen Collins Fired From ‘Ted 2′

After recordings surfaced of Stephen Collins allegedly confessing to molesting children during a therapy session with his estranged wife, everybody involved with Ted 2 apparently realized, “Goddamit, there’s a pedophile (people know about) in our movie,” and quickly did something about it. EW reports:

Although the 67-year-old actor has not yet been charged with a crime, the recording of him admitting to the crimes (first published on TMZ) and the police investigation that has since been launched were enough to lead MacFarlane and Universal Pictures to immediately end his involvement in the movie.
Representatives for the film confirmed the firing, but the filmmakers declined to comment beyond that. (Reps for Collins did not immediately respond.)

In the meantime, there seems to be some confusion over when Stephen’s wife Faye Grant turned the recordings over to police, and it was immediately. She turned that shit in immediately. TMZ reports:

TMZ has learned … the LAPD actually launched an investigation into allegations of molestation involving Stephen Collins in November, 2012 and then closed it … and now we’re told the department is “revisiting” the investigation after we posted our story … to determine if they missed anything.

As for what the LAPD might have missed, oh I dunno, maybe the exact identity of the victim:

As TMZ reported … one of the victims is a relative of a neighbor in the L.A. area. As you hear in the audio, Collins confesses that one of the victims is the niece of an L.A. neighbor.

Of course, the even bigger question is why the hell would Stephen Collins confess something like this to his wife in the middle of a divorce, and the only possible scenario I can think of is to see how she’d react if he married a kid. Or he knew he was a monster and wanted to get caught. Probably that last one. Pretend I said that first.

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