The Most Retarded Criticism of Stephen Colbert You’ll Ever Read In Your Life

While tons of headlines were written yesterday about Rush Limbaugh predictably accusing CBS of declaring “war on the Heartland of America” by choosing Stephen Colbert to replace David Letterman, former Breitbart editor Ben Shapiro fired off a piece on his Truth Revolt blog accusing Colbert of – wait for it – political blackface. I’m not even going to be cute here. If you don’t get why equating a racist caricature that dehumanized human beings so they could continue to be subjugated with satirizing rich white people who control and/or influence every level of government is intellectually bankrupt with a moronic shitbag sauce, you should be repurposed into a chair so someone smarter than you has something to sit on while advancing us as a species which will be easy to do because you’ll be a chair and no one listens to chairs.

Conservative Writer Calls Stephen Colbert “Political Blackface” – Gawker

Photo: Comedy Central