Stephen Colbert Takes On #GamerGate

As some of you might’ve noticed, the Edit feature is no longer available in the comments which is all thanks to #GamerGaters and their inability to gracefully lose an argument without exploiting flaws to change other users’ comments. So to celebrate that momentous turn of events, here’s Stephen Colbert joining the month-long debunking of the wiener children’s temper tantrum over “ethics in video game journalism.” And if you’re wondering what the hell that even means, it’s a cry to go back to when gaming sites were basically the PR arm of game studios who blew their audience instead of telling them to grow the fuck up when they turn into violent shitheads. On top of that, Team Journalism here thinks the real corruption is coming from small, independent game developers with virtually zero resources, and not, oh I dunno, the publishers of AAA titles with vast marketing budgets who trot out the same shit over and over again. You guys really Edward R. Murrow’d the fuck out of that one. Well played.

And here’s his interview with Anita Sarkeesian who I’m clearly trying to fuck because that’s the only reason I’d agree with her attempts at basic academic discourse instead of siding with people who think she should be raped just for saying words. You got me.

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