Stephen Colbert Destroys FOX News Calling Gabby Douglas’ Olympic Outfit Anti-American

August 8th, 2012 // 205 Comments
Gabby Doulas Olympics Gold Medal
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On August 2, 16-year-old Gabby Douglas became the first African-American woman to win a gold medal in individual all-around gymnastics while competing in the 2012 Summer Olympics. And if there’s one thing FOX News’ audience hates, it’s black people winning things for the first time, so here’s Alisyn Camerota calling Gabby’s outfit anti-American because it didn’t explode into red, white and blue fireworks as the ashes floated down in the form Jesus’s face. Via The Huffington Post:

“You know, Gabby had that great moment, and everyone was so excited, and she’s in hot pink — and that’s her prerogative,” Camerota said. Webb, who hosts a program on Sirius/XM’s “Patriot” channel, wondered, “What’s wrong with showing some pride?” He likened the uniform choice to a “kind of soft anti-American feeling that Americans can’t show their exceptionalism.” Camerota pointed out how other nations, like China, wore nationalistic colors.

Above, Stephen Colbert does a much better job than I would tackling this shit, so in the meantime, let me beat all the racists to the punch by posting a link to some black women criticizing Gabby’s hair on Twitter. Because a couple of catty bitches being catty is the same thing as a national news network pandering to its millions of viewers that, yes, most black people are strange, foreign threats who secretly hate America. Except the ones who shamelessy take FOX News’ money to deliver that message, am I right, David Webb? (For real though, don’t speak out of line or Roger Ailes will whip you. Blink once for yes, twice for you’ve seen the ships.)

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  1. Rico Jones

    Fox News panders to its audience. And the Fox News audience hates black people. They also demand everyone wear a flag pin on their shirt.

    • Bianca

      Not good enough! As Colbert stated, you must wear a flag pin *on top* of your flag badge while waving the flag.

    • Obamaglitter

      Yeah!!! Anybody that watches FOX News is a hick, a racist, and most likely is one of those “U.S. Constitution Lovers”. CNN is the best because the news anchors are gay and they don’t go on about stupid national pride. They also would NEVER make up a story or pander to the public. Anybody that doesn’t like CNN or Obama is a racist and a homophobe. They need to get a life!!!

    • mary

      as a black person myself, no Fox News is not racist. If you think they went over the top with their Anti-American schtick fine. But they went to bat for Juan Williams (a black liberal who always fight the Fox dudes) when the ever so tolerant NPR sacked him because he admitted that he gets nervous when Muslims/Arabs get on a plane with him. Williams’s wife said NPR was more intolerant than the folks at FOX and I believe her; Fox will always be in the spotlight with everyone looking for bad. NPR will always have cover, so they can be ugly without much criticism.

      And Colbert? Big deal. Just like Stewart he’s another big mouth in the echo chamber of a FAKE NEWS PROGRAM.

      Gabby, congratulations and welcome to fame. It may be a rough ride at first with people picking on silly stuff, but you’ll make it like Mary Lou :)

  2. Ayn Rand (taking a break from sucking Satan's cock)

    American Exceptionalism in the 21st Century means we have the best soup lines in the world. We don’t? Fuck!

    • Rico Jones

      To some American Exceptionalism means wearing red, white and blue while you bomb the piss out of AND invade sovereign nations. Oh and don’t forget the drones that regularly kill civilians. Now THAT is American Exceptionalism! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

      • pfk

        You do know that Gabby’s dad couldn’t be at the Olympics because he’s an Air Force Staff Sgt., right?

      • War is only ok when Democrats are in office. Anything else would be racist. Plus, everyone knows that bombs are less death and destructiony when we have a black guy as president.

      • Marc

        Shouldn’t you be out protesting the wars?

        Oh, that’s right, those wars became perfectly acceptable once Obama took office…

        Why wasn’t Sheehan in front of the white house 24/7 protesting?

        Liars, all of you.

  3. What a load of bullshit. She was absolutely amazing and she LOOKED phenomenal.

    Why is everyone hating on this girl so hard? Comon’ now.

    • Cock Dr

      You know why they hate on this girl.
      They hate her because of her race, only now in the 3rd millenium it’s frowned upon to come right out and say “Darkies quit taking white girl’s spots on the team” so the hostility manifests itself with ridiculous commentary on hair & uniform.

  4. Susan

    Congratulations Gabby. I do like when our athletes wear the red, white and blue uniforms though.

  5. nicole

    Its the same damn outfit Nastia Lukin wore four years ago when she won. Of course she’s white so no one cares. idiots.

  6. Clueless

    The Simpsons said it best.
    “Fox News: Not racist, but #1 with racists.”

  7. WTF?

    Oh for God’s sake. There are real problems all over this country. This is called BANTER. Even the NBC commentators had negative comments about her SILVER outfit the other night. Stop making so much out of a few comments that mean NOTHING. And guess what, Fox News viewers don’t hate black people or their accomplishments. That’s what liberal media want everyone to believe. It just isn’t true. Have you ever watched Fox News? Doubtful. You are probably too afraid to leave your Hollywood bubble and learn that you have been fed lies of all sorts. Scary, I know, but try it. You might like it.

    • Rico Jones

      The majority of Fox News viewers are fuckin racists.

      • ChaCha

        Yes, according to the leftist definition of racist (conservative leaning person who doesn’t support Obama), the majority of Fox viewers are racist.

    • cc

      FYI, I gave you a thumbs up but only because I think you’ve got one up your ass.

    • Mama Pinkus


      • Nate

        There’s no liberal media mama? Where are you located at, I wanna crawl in whatever hole you’re living in and put my hands over my ears and sing really loud and just leave reality completely too. Sounds fun.

      • Libtards don’t believe the media is liberal because its not AS liberal as they’d like it to be. But even Media Matters can’t find much to complain about outside of Fox News.

    • Capitalist Pancake

      Someone’s got their right wing panties in a bunch…..

    • Seriously, fuck you. Questioning the patriotism of someone who’s trained to the exclusion of pretty much everything for 4 fucking years and is competing for their country because she’s wearing a pink suit that’s been seen before in the ’08 trials is NOT “banter”. Questioning ANYONE’S patriotism, from ANY country, who’s sacrified what these atheletes have to get there is about the lowest, shit-eating thing you can do, and for this mindless cunt to sit back smugly and throw that out there for her equally fuckwitted dicksmack acomplice to lick up and concur that it proves Douglas must have “soft anti-American feeling” is a fucking disgrace. If you want to whine about “problems all over this country” in an attempt to deflect from this, wake up – this sort of shit IS the problem.

      China, in case you and these morons didn’t know, wore blue and pink, and black and pink. Guess they must have “soft anti-Chinese feeling”, too, huh?

      If you find this sort of commentary “fair and balanced” then I’m pretty sure that the “liberal media” would much rather you and your equally petty mindset actually stayed away, and continue to remain under the rock.

      Because I’m damn sure the next line out of this cunt’s mouth – or yours – will be to question Douglas’s birth certificate. And of course, it won’t be because Fox is racist. Oh, no, perish the thought.

      Yeah, she looks pretty soft to me, too.

      • JK

        I want to give a thumbs up but you had to go and ruin all your great points by playing out the blatant lie Fox is racist and the right in general wanting to play the anti-black hate card. Dude, grow up. You made a fantastic set of points and ruined it in the end.

      • If they aren’t racist, please explain why other white gymnasts who represent the US have worn all sorts of colors in prior Olympics – including this little pink number – and no one has said shit about it until now?

        Yeah, Liukin also looks like she has “soft anti-American feeling”. Of course, this was four fucking years ago so it’s probably like totes metasticized by now.

      • [img]×300-236_300.png[/img]

      • Dammit, Fish…

      • Rico Jones

        Nastia Luikin can wear pink because she is white. When a black girl wears white it is suddenly a problem.

      • kimmykimkim

        Regardless of whether or not FOX News in itself is full of racists, narrow-minded, racist conservative Christians DO gravitate towards that channel. Example, my extended aunts and uncles that live in the backwoods shitholes of Texas and use the word “Mexican” as a a slur. I have watched FOX News. And it is fucking hilarious. However, there’s not actually any “news” or decent information that comes from that channel. It’s actually quite sad.

      • cc

        Have I ever told you I loved you?

      • kimmykimkim

        Who, cc? Me? Well, you know I love you, too, my darling. I think we were supposed to get married once. Or was I just supposed to be your girlfriend?

      • ChaCha

        I suppose one would have to go to MSNBC for serious, quality news.

    • David Webb, the person that , ‘likened the uniform choice to “kind of soft anti-American feeling that Americans can’t show their exceptionalism”‘, is also African American. Alyson Camerota DID NOT say that quote. So please stop reporting on political bologna especially if you can’t get it RIGHT. Get back to what you know and what we come here for- some good trash reading. As for the rest of you, pay attention before you explode about another misconstrued news story by yes, the liberal media.

      • Since Fish both quoted their dialogue and included the feed, maybe you should read it again, because he didn’t claim that she said THAT QUOTE. Camerota questioned Douglas’s patriotism by whining “What’s wrong with showing some pride?” In other words, she wasn’t being sufficiently patriotic by choosing pink – that’s what he meant by her calling the outfit “anti-American”. Throwing in the remark that it’s her perogative to wear it just means she made a CHOICE not to be patriotic.
        Go look up subtext, fer chrissakes, and stop repeat posting.

        And if you think that people who are black (sorry, “African American”) can’t be racist, or that Jews can’t be anti-Semitic, or that homosexuals can’t be self-loathing homophobes, you’re extremely fucking naive.

      • rican

        If you bother to listen to the rest of the original conversation, and not just the comedy skit’s excerpt, you’ll see she followed that question with stating that it was the Olympic Committee who asked that the costumes be toned down, and that the Committee had expressed that it was not pleased with the excessive “USA” chants from the previous olympics. But of course, if you include that in the skit then it isn’t funny, right?

      • kimmykimkim

        He may be “African-American” but just exactly how “black” is he? I’m not talking about color either.

      • Yes, we know. Fish attributed his quote to him. READING COMPREHENSION: DO YOU SPEAK IT, MOTHERFUCKER?

  8. Monica

    I actually looked at my mom and said, “Really?” when the first words out of her mouth were, “Why didn’t that girl do something with her hair?” I pointed out I wrapped my fro all the time when I run track. It may not look the best but I got sh*t to do, I’ll do my hair when I’m not doing athletics.

    That being said: Oh Fox News. You’ll never stop surprising me. I don’t even get mad anymore–I just get popcorn.

  9. cc

    I will say one thing for Fox, when it comes to plumbing the depths of bias, fear-mongering, and bullshit, they never cease to amaze. I am not an American basher, I can assure you, but there’s something severely wrong with your country at the moment. You can accomplish amazing things, like the Curiosity rover, and right now you need to focus the brains you obviously have to get your shit straight.

    • pfk

      I don’t know who you think you’re kidding but you obviously do not watch Fox News so it appears your “amazement” is based solely on your stupidity. You may not be an American basher (yeah, riiiiight. Lol) but the left-wing progressives running our country and the entertainment /mainstream media (HELLOOOO. You’re on The Superficial!) sure are. This is just more of the same. I haven’t heard about this (manufactured) controversy until now, but apparently a black man made this quote and NBC said something similar about her silver leotard the other day. Btw, The Curiosity was a program that has been in the works for years so Obama could not stop it, but he has taken funding away from our shuttle program and turned NASA into a muslim outreach program. If you do not know what that means then let me explain: it means that all of those Muslim cultures living in prehistoric conditions because of their own belief systems are really the ones who contributed the math and science needed for our space program to have flourished as it has but we will not be wasting anymore money on it because it’s not fair that our free country is taking all of the credit. Besides, that money could be put to much better use when given to Obama campaign donors and as handouts to the free-loader parasite democrat base, the typical Obumbum voter. We will lift up the Muslim patriarch’s honor and ego if we do this, you see, while taking America back to the stone age. That’s what is known as Social Justice.

      • We use Arabic numerals. Ancient India (well before the birth of Mohammed, btw) gave us the concept of zero. If you think that makes NASA a “muslim outreach program” because those countries contributed the “math and science needed for our space program to have flourished”, the time to get the net for you was about 2500 missed doses of desperately needed medication ago.

        P.S. The keyboard you’re typing on is Muslim. Thought you’d really like to know.

      • Nate

        I read the comments just for you stupidity justy. Everytime its always just a little more incredible. Keep up the awful work.

      • El Jefe

        It never ceases to amaze me that people in trailer parks are able to get internet service.

      • cc

        pfk, I have to ask…was your post an exercise in creative writing by someone trying to make the right look like even more like crackpots and conspiracy theorists or are you really so far gone that you believe what you wrote to be true?

      • What makes that long paragraph even more impressive is when you realize that pfk can’t type and mouthbreathe at the same time.

      • Jill

        Sorry to jump in late in the game, but if you’re going to criticize someone for not having watched what they’re posting about (fox news in this case) you should probably try to practice what you preach, at least within the same post. NBC gymnastic commentators (the ones with specific knowledge of the sport who’s voice overs you hear throughout the Olympics) commented that her silver leotard might be telling that she was going to win silver that night instead of gold. Never once did they question her patriotism, not was this said by news anchors or reporters of any kind. To claim that NBC also reported/bantered about this ridiculous non-issue is complete bullshit. The excuse that NBC reported it, so it’s ok for Fox to , cannot be used to justify a national news organization calling a young lady’s patriotism into question bacause it did not happen.

      • pfk

        Were these Fox commentators questioning Gabby’s patriotism? I said in my post that this is the first time I’ve heard of this controversy. I only found out about details such as the NBC commentator/silver leotard business from other posts on this thread, posts I notice you didn’t bother to contradict or call into question. Only with my post did you bother to do that. I never said NBC was plumbing the depths of anything, and I never said it because I never saw it. “cc” said that Fox News plumbs the depths of all kinds of things. I watch Fox News when I can. If I chose to watch another news program I would be as ignorant as you. Because I watch Fox News I knew by cc’s opening sentence that s/he didn’t. The level of critical thinking exhibited by you progressives on this thread is truly frightening.

      • Jill

        So, the reporters on Fox news questioned why Gabby Douglas was not wearing red, white and blue when she competed in the individual competition. I interpret the fact that it was mentioned at all to mean that she should have been wearing red, white and blue, and by not doing so she had not fulfilled that expectation. As wearing a red, white and blue leotard would be considered as a more public display of patriotism, by not wearing it they are insinuating she was not being patriotic enough, despite having just won a gold medal for the USA. That’s why I believe they were calling her patriotism into question, or opening itup for discussion. The reason I brought up your mention of the NBC comments and no one else’s is becuase you asked someone else to watch the video before commenting/forming an opinion, then admitted to having not known what the NBC anchors had said as you used it to soften up/excuse what Fox did.

    • “I am not an American basher”


  10. Howie

    Hopefully this will be your only whinny political bullshit piece this week and you will get back to posting what your good at.. Like, chicks in bikinis, celebrity crotch shots and infantile boobs jokes that we all enjoy… Oh, and wasted Lindsey pictures.. Who the fuck cars about this shit except all the partisan retards arguing who is right and who is wrong in the posts…. We see enough of the battle of these idiotic parties on all the cable news shows and the networks.. Get off the soap box and post boobs….

    • rican

      It looks like Fish sold out – increasing amount of lame photos/stories & click throughs. Pretty soon you’ll see the irreverent style of writing be toned down and the site will look more like Perez Hilton.

  11. JK

    So Fox is at fault because one of its employees at a non-Fox radio program run on Sirius/XM made a stupid comment about patriotism with a uniform.

    Seems like more baiting to me. Rip the reporter, not one of her various employers for her stupid trap.

    • Since Camerota is a Fox anchor and is hosting “America Live”, which airs on Fox TV cable network, attempting to sideline this on David Webb by styling him as “one of its employees at a non-Fox radio program run on Sirius/XM” has to count as one of the clumsiest, lamest, thumb-up-the-assiest attempts at lying and distancing from the truth since Rosemary Woods did that little demo to show how the 18 1/2 minutes of tape got erased. Fuck, you guys really DO hate black people! Throw the black guy under the bus, leave the white chick alone!

      Congrats, you managed to tie with a 57 year old Republican virgin for believability. Mom and Rupert Murdoch must be so proud.

  12. Howie

    YAY, I got 3 thumbs down from the partisan retards!!!

    • Monica

      It’s a celebrity blog, he posted about Stephen Colbert, who’s a celebrity and Gabby Douglas who’s pretty much an overnight celebrity (not the Twista song). No thumbs down from me in particular–java doesn’t load the thumbs on my phone and it reminds me of the like button of f*cking facebook–but he could post about zebra penis if he’d like and he didn’t break the core of the site (e.g. celebrity stuff) from this post.

    • Mike Walker

      The thumb buttons are always fucked, but they’re downright rigged in this article.

  13. Oi

    I’m looking forward to the republibagger whining and foot-stamping about this one.

  14. kimmykimkim

    Fuck FOX “news.” Gabby looks way better in hot pink than she would in red.

  15. David Webb, the person that , ‘likened the uniform choice to “kind of soft anti-American feeling that Americans can’t show their exceptionalism”‘, is also African American. Alyson Camerota DID NOT say that quote. So please stop reporting on political bologna especially if you can’t get it RIGHT. Get back to what you know and what we come here for- some good trash reading. As for the rest of you, pay attention before you explode about another misconstrued news story.

    • The one who’s “misconstruing” things is you, so try to read with comprehension to get it RIGHT – and take your stupid finger off the “submit” button.

      • rican

        Look justifiable, go listen to the original conversation before you accuse anyone of misconstruing things, and stop thinking a comedy program feeds you the real news.

      • Maybe YOU should listen to it again. smi123 is apparently fixated on the idea that Fish is attributing Webb’s comments to Camerota, primarily because she is unable to read with any sort of comprehension. She sincerely believes because Webb is black this is some sort of salient point that bears repeating ad infinitem, as it’s clearly proof that Fox is somehow A-OK and totes lacking in any racist overtones.

        Now you’re trying to excuse Camerota because she’s now trying to lay the whole thing off on a Salon article, saying it wasn’t SHE that originally questioned Douglas’s patriotism, intent, or whatever the fuck. Oddly enough she didn’t actually mention the article in the broadcast. Not surprising, since it primarily dealt with hyper-patriotism, the jingoistic displays by spectators and host countries during the time the US hosted the Olympics in ’84 and Russia boycotted them, the Dream Team in ’92 as a nationaistic display in itself and the shortfall today of all the patriotic braying about the medals vs. the reality of how we stack up in health care and prison systems.

        Surprisingly, not one mention of toned-down uniforms appeared in the article.

        So naturally Camerota was …uh, just quoting, or something… when she said “some folks” “were noticing” that there was a lot less cheering and a lot of the uniforms weren’t displaying “stars and stripes” and then stated:
        “Gabby had that great moment, everybody was so excited, and she’s there – in hot pink.”

        See, it was part of the kicker, and was all in fun – couldn’t you tell? Yeah. Hyuck. Since the US costumes haven’t displayed really blatant stars and stripes for the last 10 years, OMG what breaking news!

        If Fox, or Webb, is really so concerned with anti-American sentiment, why doesn’t he ever take time to wonder whether the uniforms for competition were made in fucking China or not?

      • rican

        Justify, I am not talking about the article, I am talking about the original broadcast, unedited by Huff Po.

      • Which I’ve seen. I’m sure others have, too. I also heard the lame excuses that Camerota issued on Fox News Radio – where do you think I got the quotes I referred to? If you want footnotes, I’ll provide them, but be careful what you ask for.

        Claiming that Camerota is being railroaded because the of bad editing, that people haven’t seen the whole video isn’t gonna fly, because there’s nothing that saves her ass on that tape. They were looking for an issue, and to build it on the back of a kid who’s competing for her country because she’s wearing pink rather than patriot red and stars is pretty fucking shameful.

      • Fox and the rightscum are now going into damage control where they’ll say that this stuck up cunts words were “taken out of context” which is even more CONservative projection as we see them do that CONSTANTLY.

        James O’Keefe anyone?

  16. flying squirrel? wrong animal

    the flying monkey

    • Cher X

      I shall sleep well tonight knowing that I have more teeth in my head than you do.

    • kimmykimkim

      Yeah that’s a pretty stupid and antiquated way of being racist. But then again being racist IS antiquated.

      Here are facts for your dumbass:
      Monkeys have tails and do not usually recognize themselves as being individuals. Give a monkey a mirror and he will try to fight himself.

      Apes do NOT have tails and recognize themselves as individuals belonging to a group. Give a chimp a mirror and he will most likely check out his teeth and his nose and groom himself.

      Long story short, you’re a waste of space racist fuck.

    • “flying squirrel? wrong animal
      the flying monkey”

      How do you manage to type and fuck your sister at the same time?

  17. meh

    It’s been proven that people who watch Fox news are actually less informed than those who don’t watch news at all.

    And yeah, she wins a medal for her country so y’all piss on her.

    This is why the world despises and hates Americans.

    • Sliver

      Somehow I get the distinct feeling what you said above has absolutely nothing to do with why the world hates Americans. But I refuse to explain it to you.

    • ChaCha

      Really? Proven how, and by whom?

      • mismy

        Many studies have said this exact statement. Search it, does that mean solid “proof”, no, maybe not the best word choice. However, it’s no secret that you can’t get any real news from the media, watching the nightly mainstream news does more harm than good. Gotta go looking for the information you want to know.

  18. rican

    It is actually hilarious to see you idiots get offended by the content of a COMEDY PROGRAM, thinking it is news. If you really believe that was the actual context of that conversation, and that it proves Fox News is racist, you must be in the same group of people that make the Kardashians famous for that they are.

    • Inmate 12236969

      Thank you! I can see none of these dumb fucks has seen the video. I seen the vidio. They did not single her out and say she was less patriotic. They were talking about pass Olympics what people wore and what people wear today. Oh and you dumb fuckers it was a black man commenting in the video.

      • Did you really seen the vidio?

        Oh, well, then.

      • pfk

        He makes more sense than you ever will. Do you want to know why? Well (omitting the fact that he’s actually seen the video since those of your ilk KNOW that actually seeing the video has nothing to do with this story), he makes more sense than you ever will because you are an arrogant know-it-all narcissist whose world-view is based on vanity.

      • I’m sure you think he does make sense – then again, you also think that NASA is a muslim outreach progam.

        It’s amazing how people who are off their meds somehow manage to find each other, eh?

      • pfk

        Google is your friend you stupid idiot.

      • Go fuck yourself you inbred shit eating dickless cocksucker low I.Q. mongoloid fuckface!

      • It obviously isn’t yours – unless you’re now naming the voices in your head to help keep ‘em straight. In which case, yeah.

        FYI, “stupid idiot” is what’s known as a redundancy. Google it.

  19. Reggy

    “Americans can’t show their exceptionalism”

    Being the best on the planet at something doesn’t count if you wear pink doing it.

    • The Exceptables 2

      American exceptionalism, eh? He means the premise that the rest of the world is defective.

      Fox News sings a 24/7 lullaby to soothe the troubled consciences of those they pander to:

      “The 6.75 billion unexceptional, inferior inhabitants of the rest of the world are fit only to serve the master race, serve the master race, serve the master race…”

      Catchy tune.

      • pfk

        That’s not what American Exceptionalism means. America is exceptional because we have a Constitution that is built entirely on the belief that ALL humans are individuals born with certain inalienable rights. The only purpose of our government is to defend those individual, inalienable rights with a system of justice laid out by that document and defend our country with a military paid for with our tax dollars. That is what is meant by “the general welfare”. Our Constitution is meant to protect the individual from some mediocrity who calls himself a politician, and that’s why Obama and his commie czars HATE it. They’ve already shit on it few hundred times but I guess you didn’t notice.

    • The Exceptables 2

      By “He” I didn’t mean Reggy. I meant the Fox News douchebag who criticized a little girl who has accomplished more at age 16 than the Fox News douchebag ever will in his whole life…

  20. Eustace Haney

    What kind of a person caps on someone that won an Olympic medal for her costume while she’s performing ?
    A mental patient ?
    The sad truth is that these cretins probably don’t see their stupidity .
    At Atascadero state mental hospital, 6 out of seven patients don’t believe they are crazy. The homicidal maniacs believe their victims want them to murder them .
    What do the fox news folks believe about themselves?

    • rican

      I don’t know Eustace, but tell me, what kind of moron accepts as the truth a comedy skit from a comedy program in a comedy channel?

      • Eustace Haney

        I read the Huffington post excerpts . I did not listen to the comedy channel skit. I find the denigration of Gabby to be beyond belief for a costume choice .
        The stunning thing is the apparent criticism of Gabby hair style, which I have no issue with , by all kinds of people . Give this girl a break .

      • rican

        Ok Eustace, then I urge you to listen to the original conversation before taking Huff Post’s spin as fact. No denigration of Gabby was made and that woman made the question as an intro to what they discussed next.

      • “No denigration of Gabby was made” – rican

        “Gabby had that great moment, everybody was so excited, and she’s there – in hot pink And that’s her perogative…but, you know….” – Alisyn Camerota

        The uniforms haven’t been overtly nationalistic for quite some time, white athletes are wearing the same team uniforms, Douglas doesn’t get to bring her own personal choices in leotard to London, but there’s clearly no denigration here.

        Yup, still fair and balanced!

      • rican

        Shit, you’re right, we don’t have to see the original video. It is obvious how a marginal comment on the color of the uniform is a real denigration of her achievement, and even racist too because Gabby is black. You have to be a blind fanatic to believe that.

      • pfk

        I notice you have not one word to say about the black sistas who denigrated Gabby’s hair. How about the black male rappers who denigrate their sistas a lot more than that? And Fish gave a link to the catty FEMALE, lol. You people are obsessed with race. You are the ones who view everybody in categories with labels where they MUST behave according to those labels. You have nothing but contempt for individuals and individuality

      • The reason you notice I have not one word to say about the “sistas” is because they weren’t on Fox and that wasn’t the topic under discussion, but nice try at deflection. I think they’re idiots, but it’s also painfully obvious you’ve never been brought up with the onus that everyone is judging you as a general representative of your race, so you can’t ever just relax and be yourself. If you’re white, you can roll out of bed and roam around town without shaving, showering, combing your hair and changing your clothing and all anyone will think about you is that you, personally, are a filthy bum – and nothing more. But if you’re black, then everyone has a snide comment about how filthy they knew black people are in general, and you just proved it. Get it now? Satisfied?

        I don’t expect anyone to conform to labels, which is why I don’t think that Webb’s presence automatically absolves Fox of being racist because they have a black man in their fold, unlike you and the rest of the “but he’s African American!” knee-jerkers. I find his hyperbolic bleating about how the red that was left out of the leotard, which he seems to think represents the blood shed in patriotic struggle, to be mawkish and ridiculous in the extreme, especially when it comes at the expense of a 17 year old female gymnast who had to choose from a pre-selected line of leotards, but this is exactly the sort of overblown drumbeating that uber-nationalists like Webb go in for. I’d love to ask Webb what he thinks the “white” in the flag stands for, because the thought of his head exploding is sort of fun to contemplate, but honestly, you’d think that such a dedicated patriotic commentator as he should know that there was no actual meaning attached to the colors themselves when the flag was officially created in 1777.

        What was funny was your accusation about not having respect for individuality that started with “you people” – that’s a virtual laff riot of irony that you, in particular, cannot hope to appreciate.

      • pfk

        Btw, I was directing my previous comment to “justified” narcissist.

      • Sliver

        Justifiable, after reading past (sorry, I don’t have the patience to read all your prolific shit) all your posts, I have come to the conclusion you have far too much time on your hands for correcting other people. And I believe that the world’s most intolerant people are the ones who constantly harp to the rest of us about not being tolerant enough. (shrug). At the end of the day, I wonder, would you have defended Gabby if she were not a “minority”? I doubt it. So I guess the race discussions go both ways.

      • Wow, if I’m such a kneejerk intolerant that I’d automatically defend Douglas simply because she’s a “minority”, then…then…I should also be defending Webb, because he’s also – a “minority”! Uh, funny how that line of reasoning didn’t exactly pan out, huh? Seriously, step away from the logic train, you’re only gonna get run over.

        The question is, would they have focused on her if she weren’t? Again, why weren’t white contenders singled out for letting down the viewers, the country, and the ranks of the bloodied patriot dead that somehow got dissed because she wore hot pink? And why the fuck does this kid need to be defended by me, or anyone, at all – except for the fact that a bunch of tools and fools decided that this a nice hook to hang their latest rant on?

        I don’t write this blog and I sure don’t write for Comedy Central, so I sure as shit didn’t raise the race question, but if I’m in the same company with Fish and Colbert, I’m more than fine with that. You can stick to not reading what I wrote and then come to more fun and accurate conclusions after not reading it.

      • ChaCha

        People on the left don’t defend black conservatives; they’re considered fair game for all kinds of vitriol because they aren’t good little pets, and don’t think and vote the way “real” blacks are supposed to.

      • “People on the left” don’t usually “defend” any conservatives – black, white, or hot pink – precisely because they’re conservatives and are therefore prone to come out with shit that “people on the left” find indefensible. Moron.

      • pfk

        What “shit” has Alan West come out with that you find indefensible? How about Meg Whitman or Sara Palin or Herman Cain? They left the plantation. That’s what you find indefensible. Not only did they leave the plantation, they did so knowing exactly who you people are. As I said before, labels and categories – little boxes people must stay in so you can find it much easier to understand the world around you, life much simpler to live, and human beings (usually the achievers) much easier to feel superior to.

      • So Sarah Palin and Meg Whitman done left the plantation? Damn good to know.

        As for Alan West, he uses his military experience to justify everything he does, and will shoehorn it in when it’s not relevant, but when it actually comes to doing something for the members of the armed forces other than posture and patriotically prate, he’s nowhere to be seen.

        You may have said “labels and categories” before, but since most of your rhetoric is about as lame and incomprehensible as the “logic” you just displayed above, it means fuck all.

        You truly can’t have it both ways – either blacks are a protected minority who cannot be criticized, or they aren’t. Because if they’re conservatives, you claim anyone who criticizes them is being a liberal bully who’s doing it solely out of enraged kneejerk reverse racism because said blacks aren’t conforming to the liberal playbook. But if blacks are liberals, then they’re attacked for being welfare whores and chimps and the left is accused of favoring them and defending them simply because they’re black. So in other words, the only black who’s not racially motivated and is therefore truly acceptable to the conservative right is the one who adheres to its own political views. Now tell me again how “they” left the planation and that no one’s pandering to anyone any more and how there’s no real racism in this country. If there’s anyone who needs a pet and needs to feel superior to someone, look in the mirror.

        Good thing he left the plantation and all that racism behind, huh? Tea? One moronic lump, or two?

      • ChaCha

        Nothing wrong with criticizing a black politician, conservative or liberal, the same as you would a white one; if you don’t agree with their position on something, by all means criticize it. What I take issue with is the suggestion that black conservatives are Uncle Toms or not really black or not authentic or house slaves; and I don’t think there’s anything “reverse” about it; I consider it straight up and down racism, plain and simple. People who call black people, liberal or otherwise, chimps or welfare whores are generally written off as racist; there’s much more mainstream acceptance of the “black conservatives aren’t good blacks” mindset.

      • pfk

        Okay. Let’s take this one step at a time. What has Meg Whitman, Sarah Palin, or Herman Cain done that you find indefensible? What specific example can you give where West uses his military experience to justify everything he does? When was he nowhere to be seen when it came time to do something for the military, and what was that something? Also, when we are talking about Alan West may I be allowed to bring up the name John Kerry? You know who he is, don’t you? The lying, posturing, Viet Cong dong sucking, gold-digging, military-experience-shoehorner little creep who looks like Lurch?

        Did I ever say I wanted it both ways? Did I ever claim that anyone who criticizes a black (or female) conservative is a liberal bully? I have never called anyone a welfare whore or a chimp in my life. Those are words – no, those are LABELS – that live inside YOUR head. You lefties are the ones who cynically believe that black people are incapable of controlling their own lives and destinies while making sure they will never be able to. That’s a ready-made voting block right there. The eternal ticket to insider-trading, making laws, making deals. POWER and WEALTH for the sociopathic mediocrities that don’t have the talent or intelligence to get those things for themselves any other way. But when a black man like Cain gets it through his own ingenuity and hard work… Oh. My. God. He might actually help black people see they don’t need the parasite liberals for anything except a small little life of dependency. He has left the plantation.The left does not favor and defend black people. The left USES black people.

        Go ahead and post the 2 signs some lefty photographer looked hard to find at some tea-party event. Those signs are the perfect example of your self-righteous, narcissistic, obsessive liberal mind. But even those signs can be interpreted differently by someone whose life is not defined by collective groupings of individuals and the obsession to label them. The one on the right can be seen as particularly astute. In my humble opinion, of course.

      • ChaCha

        No need to get all pissy and call me a moron; I was just agreeing that you would not defend someone merely because they are a minority. Save the name calling for people who commit the cardinal sin of disagreeing with you.

      • ChaCha, I don’t mind anyone disagreeing with me, just bring your brain and a decent argument when you do or stay the fuck home. I can see you probably meant your comment to be sarcastic, but it came out just the opposite, so mea culpa on my part. And you’re right, I wouldn’t defend someone simply because they’re a minority – I don’t give a fuck if you’re black, yellow, red, brown or white, moron knows no color. Or gender.

      • ChaCha

        Meh…I was being quasi sarcastic, but I do think you’re concerned with ideology rather than race or gender. I don’t expect anyone to defend viewpoints they disagree with; my issue is that many people on the left fancy themselves liberals without a racist bone in their bodies, yet if a black person has the temerity to be a conservative Rebublican they get labled as uncle Toms, accused of not “real” blacks and worse; to me this is way more offensive and disturbing than someone not liking Gabby Douglas’ leotard (which, by the way, I think is stupid, just like the hair nonsense); now, I’m not accusing you of actually throwing this stuff out there, but I do get the impression (and I fully admit it is only an impression) that you would not object to or defend a conservative black person against racism and/or mysogeny from the left (or are you going to say that this doesn’t exist?)

      • I saw the Uncle Tom and “not really black” comments here – and yeah, I also find it disturbing, so you are mistaken about my reaction. Of course bigotry exists in the liberal fold – it’s impossible that it wouldn’t. The left insists that the blacks in the conservative camp are mistaken in their groveling loyalties and that the right will never see them as actual people, and since there’s still racism in America only the left can truly appreciate the black struggle or experience or whateverthehell. The right insists that there is no racism because they say so, and that everyone is treated economically, not racially, so that the right is validating blacks by not insisting that they’re obligated to vote for Obama.

        Ever see the documentary William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe that his daughters co-directed? Big Bill K. was a whole lot more left than I was when he was alive, and when I heard his premise that we’re all bigoted and that we better realize it I was pretty scornful. Let me tell you that at the end of the film I was convinced and had a lot more respect for Kunstler, and how he’s one of the few people who actually sacrified and lived his life according to his principles, than I ever had before.

        So yeah, there are lots of people in both parties who fancy themselves free of racial prejudice, and others who claim it doesn’t exist any more simply because they refuse to discuss it (who knew it was that simple?), and they’re both full of shit. I think the left is less overt and just slightly better at denying their reality than the right is at spinning theirs. Institutional racism and unconscious biases exist, and it’s foolish to deny that they don’t. Sometimes it’s so ingrained you don’t even realize it, and when someone calls you on a slight you either totally don’t get it or just think it’s an accident, or else you go on the attack and accuse the person who was affected of being overly senstive and hide your embarassment by claiming you’re the actual victim because you’re being martyred on the altar of political correctness.

        What I rarely see discussed is the fact that minorities can be bigoted, too – but because minorities don’t usually have a lot power per se, then that prejudice usually doesn’t have a lot of impact, so it either pretty much goes unremarked on, or unnoticed.

      • Sliver

        I don’t think anyone has enough time to read everything you type, Justifiable. Including you.

      • Sliver, if only you didn’t have to painfully sound out the words and move your lips as you read, you’d be astounded at how easy it is for others.

      • electricgrl

        Maybe they singled her out because she is the one who won the gold medal in the individual all around competition. Just a thought.

      • The Colbert Report is a comedy program that happens to be better at reporting the news than Fox News.

        Fox News is a “news program” that happens to be funnier than The Colbert Report

  21. El Jefe

    Fox News, by fucking idiots, for fucking idiots.

    The funniest thing about Fox News to me is that its two majority owners are an Australian who is married to an Asian woman and the other a Saudi Arabian prince. Not an American in sight.

    Nice to see they found an Uncle Tom loser to get in on it. Clarence Thomas, Alan Keyes or Alan West were not available?

  22. Bringbackbabalu

    Funny how a racist person accuses a non racist of being racist, because they are seeing a reflection of themselves.

    • Mike Walker

      I love it when they create these complex narratives of what people are thinking, filled with racial epithets. Fox news is like a Rorshach test for posturing lefty blowhards.

  23. jo

    i thought it was a individual competition not a team event so why does it matter what she wears.

  24. Fox news being racist is like the sky being blue. It’s not suprising or revolutionary. It’s just the way it is. All we can do is call them on their bullshit and exposed them for the assholes they are.

  25. Nate

    I’m pretty much convinced now that the Superfical dork that runs this site doesn’t like the ladies. He’s pandering to the straights but there’s no way theliberal pile of mush that runs this website doesn’t love the penis. No real straight man would ever worry about this kind of nonsense.

    • Rico Jones

      And what is a macho red blooded conservative like yourself doing on a celebrity blog? Are you in the closet?

      • Nate

        Boobs Rico. This site shoule be about boobs. The WWTD dude is an actually meating eating heterosexual man. Same with egotastic.

    • Mike Walker

      I’m amazed that you even think a male gossip columnist might be straight.

      • Nate

        Tons of actual straight adult males focusing on hot female celebrities. Hollywood Tuna, WWTDD, Egotastic,….list goes on and on. A little nancy boy whining about politics doesn’t really grab anyone. If he’s going to gay, go gay with pride, not all passive agressively.

    • Don’t worry your pointy little head, Nate. I’m sure the Bieber stories you’re craving will be back soon.

    • Jill

      So Fish is gay because he reported on this issue? Which means Colbert is gay as well? Also the male reporter in the Fox news video? And any other male who reported on/discussed this issue? Just want to see if your “you must be gay becuase you have an interest outside T&A” argument (compelling stuff btw) goes beyond this website…

  26. Holy shit.

    When a conservative doesn’t agree = racist.
    When a liberal doesn’t agree = hero.

    I urge you each and all to look up those two words in the dictionary and then remove them from your vocabulary.

    Also – going forward, if someone says something that you dont like, dont listen to them. Just ignore their OPINION because yours is just as dumb.

    What a bunch of crying pussies in the USA.

    • pfk

      Correction: what a bunch of crybaby lefties in the USA. But they are crocodile tears, my friend. Lefties are always looking for opportunities to use people like Gabby in order to further their agenda. You should have seen what they did to the very black Herman Caine when he was running for the Republican nomination. They couldn’t use the race card against him so they hurled every black-man racist stereotype at him instead.

  27. Rico Jones

    Fox News probably wants to see Gabby Douglas’ birth certificate.

    • pfk

      I’ll tell you what Fox News wants to see. Fox News wants to see Obama’s Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard school records but they can’t because he spent 4 million dollars (or rather george soros spent $4M) in legal fees to keep them sealed when he was running in 2008. Nobody from those educational time periods in his life can remember him at all. And I’ll tell you what our Republican-controlled House wants to see – all of the records from that Fast and Furious debacle that our Attorney General has been perjuring himself to keep hidden and over which our awesome President has illegally issued an Executive Order to make sure it stays that way.

      Fast and Furious, in case you don’t know, is a program the Defense Department ran where ATF officials forced American gun shop owners to illegally sell guns to Mexican drug cartels and which resulted in the murders of an American border patrol agent and hundreds of Mexicans. “Why was this program instituted” you may be asking yourself. Well, you tell me. Since Holder won’t hand over the records the only logical conclusion is that the program’s main goal was to get idiots like you to demand the repeal of the Second Amendment after all of those murders committed with AMERICAN guns came to light. And to think Obummer has a campaign ad out right now accusing Mitt Romney of murder because some former union worker refused to pay for the insurance his family needed or even look for a job after his union bankrupted the steel company he worked at. LOL.

      • El Jefe

        Yep, because people that get into Harvard, and Harvard Law School, arguably the hardest law school to get into in the country, maybe the world, and become the editor of the Law Review, the most prestigious in the country and then become law professors, tend to have bad grades. Keep grasping at straws.


      • pfk

        Well, show me his grades then. Show me he got into those schools on merit and not as an affirmative-action foreign student being groomed to be “The One” – The Great Lefty Hope. Show me who paid his way. Show me what he’s published. Show me his fellow classmates. Show me his former students. Show me his IQ. You can’t, can you?

      • pfk, you’re a fucking idiotic pile of steaming shit disguised as a human being.

      • mary

        Colbert is not president of the US, fish. How does him having her back make her safe? What she really has to watch out for is her fellow “sisters” — the hair criticism started with them.

        As a liberal myself, I’m sickened by the simple minded drama queen attitude some of my folks have. They are prejudiced against Fox news: since it does not cater to Obama they have to throw the race card.
        also, hating the right blindly is so fashionable. Forgive me if I do not jump on the bandwagon.

      • Sweetie, let me remind you that George Bush wouldn’t release his grades, either – if someone at Yale hadn’t leaked Bush’s “C” average, we’d still be in the dark about that.

        And you know that even if they were released, you woudn’t believe any grade higher than a “D” and would claim they were doctored, bought or photoshopped, so really, there’s no point in pandering to you and the rest of the tinfoil hat brigade at Fox by making you feel more important than you think you already are.

        Everyone’s transcripts are sealed, it’s up to the individual to release them, or not. Quite frankly, unless every single candidate is required by law to do so from now on, and that includes Mitt, it’s arbitrary discrimination to keep demanding them just because you have “suspicions”.

      • pfk

        You again. I see you have nothing to say about the arbitrary discrimination exhibited by harry when he and his dead fish-eyes are on the Senate floor lying through his dentures that someone-who-will-remain-nameless told him Romney hasn’t paid taxes in 10 years even though Romney has run for President once before and was the Governor of Massachusetts and so wouldn’t be that stupid. Didn’t Obummer just show one year of his tax records?

        Anyway, you simple-minded folk are only thinking in terms of grades=intelligence but his higher-education records can show so much more. I don’t really care if he made all D’s (which would mean as far as liberals are concerned that grades do not equal intelligence. That only happens when it’s a Republican candidate, lol). To tell you the truth I don’t think he ever went to class. What I care about is who his mentors were, and I would like to see any papers he had published. Those are supposed to be public, aren’t they? Obviously there are some things that aren’t sealed. Why would soros spend $4M to keep them away from the electorate if it were otherwise?

      • pfk

        I would also like to add that I believe everything has been handed to Obama his whole life. He didn’t have to work for it or think for it or create it himself. Even his books most likely had a ghost writer, and even then a famous flaming liberal just came out with a book of his own that points out all of the lies within those 2 autobiographies. He is an incredibly incompetent and LAZY President besides being a Marxist (and probably an Imam of some sort).

      • Rico Jones

        Tell Mitt “The Conservative” Romney to release his fuckin taxes like every other presidential candidate. Mitt the conservative that forced a health care mandate on people and Mitt the conservative that banned assault weapons. Mitt the “conservative”.

      • pfk

        He’s released 2 years of them. Oh, and I was a Newt gal but Romney will certainly be getting my vote.

      • mismy

        We are a nation divided, and the majority of people getting so incensed about politics are fucking idiots arguing about fucking idiotic things. If I hear one more word about tax records, birth certificates or Chick-fil-A, I may throw a stapler at someone’s narrow skull. WAR, BANKRUPTCY, COMMUNISM= what’s about to happen to America if we all don’t pay fucking attention right away. We got distracted and we let some really bad people get a lot of power. Things aren’t adding up anywhere & a storm is brewing everywhere. This isn’t a fucking game, there is NO need to argue & bicker amongst each other about who is the most loyal to their party. We are Americans, we don’t need a label to tell us who we are, we despise labels anyway, so why are we so insistent on latching on to these creepy billionaire commie dickfucks?? We MUST take the upcoming election very, very seriously.

      • We’d like to move things forward but people on the right (aristocratic elites who want to RULE, not GOVERN!) stir up their low I.Q. followers with dumb shit like “fist bumps” and “flag pins” and other things they use to distract the rabble from how they’re fucking the country right in the ass and destroying our way of life.

      • CranAppleSnapple

        Wow, two whole years worth? Nothing suspicious about that.

      • Pfft, what’s eight other years and a few Swiss bank accounts between friends?

      • CranAppleSnapple

        *hearts Justi* :)

      • cc

        pfk, were you equally as demanding when it came to George Bush’s ‘proof’ that he fulfilled his obligations to the National Guard? I seem to recall his proof was a little thin.

      • pfk

        All I remember is that some irrelevant (but super respected among liberals) old news anchorman lost his job over of some ‘proof’ and Bush’s National Guard duty. I see absolutely no one who responded to my comment has anything at all to say about ‘Fast and Furious’, lol.

      • mismy

        Thank you for bringing this up, I have no idea why it is not being mentioned by anyone, ever. Both of these candidates should be disqualified, and America should once again be the example for the citizens of the world of true freedom and democracy.

        Keep spreading the truth brother, and ps I would’ve “liked” many of your posts but the button was broken due to troll “justifiable” bombing you down so quickly, see bottom of page lol what a life that guy must lead!

      • Yeah, I broke the button, it’s a total conspiracy, I’m behind all the “bombing”, it’s sooo not because the “truth” this fuckwit is spreading and you’re so enamored of is a total bag of shit. I must be every other commenter here who weighed in and told you both off, too, because really, who in their right mind would disagree with the blinding array of logic you both bring to the table? I must also be the Fish, too! Wanna demand to see my college transcripts next?

      • mismy

        dude it’s been 3 minutes and you already have a “thumbs up” STFU

      • Seriously, eat your tinfoil hat if you can’t figure out how that happens.

      • mismy

        I know exactly how it happens you fucking loser, you’re repeatedly liking your own posts, and you’re a liar if you say it’s untrue. You just did it on this post hahahha it is pathetic. I already know you’re a liar, racist, hateful, small-minded nazi who thinks that you are intellectually superior because you can quote
        Snopes relentlessly and claim it’s your own opinion. Gonna be fun calling you out in the future, and destroying any credibility you may have left with the readers here.

      • Person

        NOBODY makes Harvard Law Review with bad grades or as a result of affirmative action. College records are not “sealed” by a court; they are protected from disclosure by federal law–previous Presidents have not voluntarily made them public so why should Obama? And why do his academic grades from 25-30 years ago matter to you?

        Why do you insist that our President is not qualified and feel such an intense need to denigrate him? He would not have reached such a high station in life if he wasn’t driven, ambitious, and bright. Is he perfect? No, but neither was/is GW Bush, Clinton, GHW Bush, the Gipper, you, or me. Has he done good things for our nation? Yes.

        Why do you spew such vitriol against a fellow human being who also happens to be a public servant? Do you think his job is easy? What has he personally done to you to make you hate him so much? I understand not agreeing with his politics (although many of them probably benefit you), but your mean and base insults just make you look like an irrational buffoon.

      • pfk

        Person – there have been many lawsuits filed by researchers trying to find out who Obama is. All of that money was spent blocking access to his medical records, his school records, his passport records, his Columbia records, his Harvard records, his Occidental records, his thesis, and his prep school records. His legislative and scheduling records from the Illinois State Senate have been ‘lost’. Researchers have found scrubbed websites, a doctored Selective Service card, and an obviously phony birth certificate his campaign gave to a pro Obama website in 2008.

      • pfk

        Oops. ‘Fast and Furious’ was thought up and run by the Justice Department. I accidentally put the Defense Department and just now noticed my mistake.

  28. Ollie

    While you guys are all going nuts – I can’t even watch this video because I’m from Australia :(

  29. Lots of self righteous indignation going on. I love it. Some people have a hard wired need to be feed their political animal. How exhausting. There’s a commie under that rock. Those words are racist, I just know it cuz I have my racist detector on. That channel is for the bad people and the channels I tune into are for the good people She hates the flag cause her face isn’t painted red white and blue. That guy thinks America is great…..blaaaaarghge spittle huff….he is ignorant and uneducated.

  30. Terri

    I get so sick of peope saying they were targeted because of race! If ANY criticism of a black person is voiced anywhere you can bet your sweet ass that there will be some big outcry that it’s “because she’s black”!! Then of course Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have to break their necks to get a little attention for ANYTHING they can latch themselves to in the name of equality. If the same criticism were aimed toward a white gymnast wearing pink rather than red, white, and blue, no one would’ve taken that as a racist remark. I don’t think they are hating on Gabby for being the first black woman to win the all around gold. It was just an opinion about a freaking outfit that had nothing to do with the color of her skin. I think she’s a gorgeous and obviously insanely exceptional athlete. I think criticizing her for wearing pink is rather lame, but not racist.

    • I think there is a definite agenda at Fox News to focus on potential negatives when non-white people succeed at something. Serena Williams wins the gold, Fox News focuses on her doing the “Crip walk” as a victory dance. Gabby Douglas wins the gold, Fox News is all about “soft anti-Americanism.” It’s not quite discrediting their accomplishments altogether, but it looks like a deliberate attempt to tarnish any good feelings about them.

    • CranAppleSnapple

      The point is, she did not choose the uniform, so why pick on HER about it? They all wore it.

  31. gregg

    pox news

  32. Bionic_Crouton

    Remember when the reporters would just report the news? Tell me what happened and go to the next story. no opinions or colorful commentary needed. If I wanted that, I would read someone’s blog.

  33. FOX is a propaganda channel for knuckle dragging fucksticks who would like to drag our society back into the fucking dark ages and if they had half a chance they’d be hanging blacks from trees and burning women at the stake for being witches while using Science textbooks for kindling!

    The worst thing about FOX is that the people who watch it are complete and utter fucking retards who don’t seem to understand that the network is a tool of aristocratic corporatist elites who would have the people that watch it living in abject poverty and Dickensian squalor if they could. These fucking simpletons have been brainwashed into thinking that not paying your taxes is “patriotic” because they’re greedy and stupid all the while not understanding that the ONLY people who benefit from CONservative tax policies are the rich.

    That brings me to the PROJECTION which is a CONservatives bread an butter. It’s like literally dealing with fucking children who say “I know you are but what am I?”. This is the GOP playbook, accuse your opponents of the things that you do. This is how these asswipes had the fucking nerve to say that John Kerry didn’t serve in Nam while it’s indisputable that George W. Fucking Retard sat out the war in the Texas National Guard because of his Daddy’s connections while Romneybot was living in France and avoiding the draft not to mention that he doesn’t see fit to send any of his five sons into the military to get their lily white asses shot off but Mittens is more than happy to call for more wars for other people’s loved ones to die in.

    And of course there will be responses to this post ala “See, you LIBS are so hateful blah blah blah….” because dealing with you fuckers is like having a fat bully slapping you in the back of the head and when you inally strike back you roll over and fucking scream and cry like the worthless little fucking pasy ass bitches that you are. This is the reason soo many of you cocksuckers want to own guns and have them on you. Not for personal protection but because you CONSTANTLY pick on those who can’t defend themselves whether it be the working/middle-class, women, children, the poor, elderly, gays and minorites.

    Basically you fucking hate everyone (except for rich, fat, white, bible thumping Redneck men) and are constantly scared by anythig and everything, most especially TIME because you’re ignorant, know nothing way of thinking has no place in civilized society which is why you fucking cheer on the Fox Propaganda Channel as they work 24/7/365 to dismantle everything we’ve accomplished.

    I’d feel sorry for you fucking morons if it wasn’t for the fact that everything you do destroys the lives of good, honest, hard working people because you think that voting for a bunch of trust fund babyGOP motherfuckers will take the USA back to the “good old days” when the truth is that they’d have you working on their fucking plantation and picking their cotten if they could.

    I fucking hate every single one of you CONservative cunts because you are small minded and can’t imagine a better world where we advance as a civilization through math, science and technology and this is because your fucking OWNERS know that an informed and well educated public capable of critical thought is hard to control which is why CONservatives/GOP/Republitards are tied soo closely to rreligion as that’s another fucking congame designed to keep people scared of superstitions that have no fucking place in our modern world.

    Knowledge is power, it’s the future and it’s the greatest threat to CONservatives who lose their grip with each successive generation who want a world without fear and hate which is all you have in your sad and pathetic little lives.

    FUCK!!! YOU!!!

  34. One more thing; I just LOVE how CONservatives blame Obama for the economic disaster that THEY CREATED WITH DEREGULATION and how he’s not fixing things fast enough all the while obstructing every effort to repair the damage that THEY CREATED!

    Like I said, dealing with CONservatives is like dealing with a fat stupid child, who is a bully, who screams to get their own way and when they do they fucking break everything only to cry that the adults aren’t fixing things fast enough all the while ensuring that nothing is repaired.

    Fucking sociopthic cunts!!!

    • Liberal Crack Whores

      Last time I checked it was a Democrat president that signed the repeal of Glass-Steagall. Yup, says Bill Clinton right on it. Send in the next idiot.

      • CreepyThinMan

        Except that the Republican’s had a VETO PROOF MAJORITY which is why Clinton had no choice but to sign it. Pretty fucking sad that I live in Canada and have a better knowledge of not only your fucking history but also how your Government works. Stupid cunt! Oh and I also know that Clinton signed 1993 stimulus that was one of the things that spurred the economic upswing of the 1990′s FYI. A stimulus that EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN COCKSUCKER VOTED AGAINST just as they did with Obama’s which would have worked better if not for the Republitards demanding tax cuts, WHICH DOESN’T FUCKING WORK, along with Obama being a pussy and not pushing for a bigger stimulus.

        Despite your fake patriotic bullshit you people fucking HATE the USA and your only interest is in seeing how much blood you can suck out of it you piece of stinking shit!

      • Mike Walker

        Clinton defended the GLB bill in a 2008 interview:

        and it was hardly a partisan undertaking in the house. The final vote was 343-86 (Republicans 205–16; Democrats 138–69. Clinton wouldn’t have vetoed it anyway.

      • pfk

        You are mentally unstable and an imbecile to boot. Read the book “Reckless Endangerment: How Outsized Ambition, Greed, and Corruption Created the Worst Financial Crisis of Our Time” co written by NYT’s reporter Gretchen Morgenson. She is a huge liberal who astoundingly decided to write the truth. Btw, there is not one Republican to whom she attributes even a smidgeon of blame. Also, Newt Gingrich is the one who balanced our budget back then and the bill Clinton had no choice in signing was the Welfare Reform Act, which he had vetoed 3 times before.

      • You’re utterly fucking clueless, but what the fuck, here goes:

        1) Morgenstern is NOT a “huge liberal”. I can only assume you think that’s a requirement for anyone who has a Jewish-sounding surname and who writes for the New York Times. Moron. In fact, she was Steve Forbes press secretary during his run for the Republican nomination during the ’96 presidential campaign. So, derr…not surprisingly, no one other than Democrats and minorities got blamed for the crisis.
        Nice lie, though, to make it seem as though this book is “fair and balanced” – sure you don’t work for Fox?

        2) Morgenstern and her co-author accuse Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac of piling risks onto the mortgage markets that resulted in the disaster.
        The FCIC disagrees, their members (some which were appointed by *gasp* Republicans) concluded that Fannie and Freddie were not the main causes of the crisis. Despite large losses, the high risk loans they either bought or guaranteed were too few, and were also acquired too late in the decade – during the important years building up to the crisis, from 2002 until late in 2006, Fannie and Freddie were losing subprime market share to private sector firms. More than 84 percent of the subprime mortgages in 2006 were issued by private lending institutions. Their bad investments in housing loans followed, rather than led, the crisis – their purchases or guarantees were made well after the subprime and housing bubbles had been expanded by private loans and were almost about to burst.

        3) What Morgenstern and Rosner never mention, because it doesn’t support their premise that these GSE’s are to blame, is that their overall purchases/guarantees were much less risky than Wall Street’s since their default rates were one fourth to one fifth those of Wall Street and other private firms. Although they’re referred to as “Government Sponsored Enterprises”, they’ve been privately owned for over 40 years. They were traded on the stock market and were just as profit-hungry as any Wall Street firm because their executives’ bonuses were also linked to earnings per share – but by comparison with the rest of Wall Street their risk was positively restrained.

        4) Most of the sources from Rosner’s “original research” that they cite are anonymous, there are no footnoted references to check out their many assertions, and not surprisingly, there are no counterarguments. This is not only sloppy, but extremely one-sided, reporting. Many of their claims are flat-out erroneous, and their inept attempt to shit all over the ’92 Federal Reserve Bank of Boston study, which cited prejudice against minorities in the distribution of mortgages in the Boston area, actually makes fools of them. Since the study influenced Congress’s adoption of affordable lending goals, they need to claim it was deeply flawed, and that no bias really existed in mortgage markets. Unfortunately for them, the study passed an exhaustive economic peer-review, was published in the American Economic Review, .and a followup paper six years later – which they, uh, never mentioned – did a stringent review and found that the study’s conclusions were correct.

        5) The authors don’t really try to prove their point through any hard facts, nor do they in any way address the derivatives market. Derivatives, in case you don’t know, are highly leveraged securities based on other securities – they were at the core of all that excessive risk-taking. All they do is present a haphazard collection of examples of wrongdoing, and all their points have been made elsewhere, they don’t bring anything original to light.

        You need to realize when you’re being manipulated – the argument that the GSE’s are solely to blame is being used by lobbyists and politicians to deflect criticism of private businesses – just who do you think wants to diminish the financial restrictions and regulation under the Dodd-Frank Reform Act?

      • pfk

        Hey justified narcissist! You forgot the part where Bill Clinton had his pet bulldog (that would be Attorney General and Waco Child Killer Janet Reno) tell the big privately owned banks that she would bring their businesses to a screeching halt with audits and investigations if they did not provide these subprime mortgage loans to any deadbeat that wanted one. And you forgot the part where ACORN community “activists” (such as our dear President Barrak Obama) would give away free cigarettes to any bum they could scrounge up if the bum would pick up a picket sign with the word “Racists” on it and flail it around outside the banks that refused to give out these toxic loans. And you forgot about the part where the head of the House Financial Services Committee, who was supposed to oversee Fannie and Freddie because it was OUR money they were lending out, said under sworn oath that Fannie and Freddie were doing just fine when GWB tried to implement regulations on them. That would be Bawney Fwank. Oh, and both he and the boyfriend he got a job for at Freddie Mac made millions of dollars from this scam. Chris Dodd did, too.

        You know, there was a piece-of-shit book written by some liberal that supposedly exposed this financial disaster. All the libs were praising it. Then Morgenson came out with hers and all of a sudden we have people like you talking shit out of your ass about things that the piece-of-shit book never even attempted to explain, lol. Oh, and this should really blow your mind: the Dodd-Frank Reform Act, which was designed specifically to drive all of the banks that behaved responsibly through this entirely Democrat/liberal caused disaster out of business, actually has a section in it that forces banks to make loans to people who will never pay them back! Ha Ha. You people are LEECHES.


    “When fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped in the flag and waving a cross” – Sinclair Lewis

    “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” – Samuel Johnson

    • Marc

      Where is she being attacked because she is black?

      • Oh yeah, because they don’t come right out and call her a Ni##er that doesn’t mean they’re racist. Spare me your splitting of hairs because alluding to peoples race has been in the GOP playbook since day one. They questioned this 16 year old girls patriotism because she didn’t have a red, white and blue flag sticking out of her ass while they NEVER SAY SHIT about any of the white girls performing.

        So how about you go fuck yourself you worthless asswipe because despite how cute you think you are you ain’t fooling no one with your coded language which is constantly used by the right wing to make racial remarks without outright using slurs.

        In closing, eat me you fucking bitch.

      • When you didn’t hear Camerota say “Michael Phelps had that great moment, everybody was so excited, and he’s there – in gray. And that’s his perogative…but, you know….” that’s where.

        When the US team toned down the competition uniforms from I-cut-up-the-flag-to-make-this Mary Lou Retton era of 1984 over a decade ago, yet this is somehow now a disgrace that no one has ever noticed before Douglas put on a hot pink leotard, that’s where.

        When the entire American women’s gymnastics team showed up for the qualification round wearing purple uniforms with silver jewels, yet only Douglas is singled out for wearing hot pink in the indivisual competition, that’s where.

        While women’s gymnastics teams are required to wear matching uniforms during the team competition, the athletes can wear whatever leotard they choose for the all-around and event finals, because this allows them to showcase their personality and style in the individual competitions. When Nastia Liukin wore the exact same color four years ago in Peking because it helped her stand out from the crowd, and when she won gold didn’t say shit about her lack of American pride, yet singled out Douglas and questioned her choice four years later, implying that she didn’t have pride in her country when she also won wearing hot pink, that’s where.

  36. Liberal Crack Whores

    Take a long look in the mirror liberals. Only a racist sees racism where there is none.

  37. Cpm

    Colbert was speaking to an empty room. His ratings are lower than any FOX News program, so I’m not sure how he “destroyed” them. Apparently The Superficial lives up to it’s name, and apparently it is Colbert’s only viewer. If a tree falls in the forest does it make any noise?

    • The only people who watch Fox Propaganda are fucking retards who don’t know how to operate a computer. That’s why their ratings are so high. Meanwhile everyone else with more than two fucking brain cells gets their news from teh interwebz.

  38. Marc

    Yes but you shouldn’t be slammed for stating “And if there’s one thing FOX News’ audience hates, it’s black people winning things for the first time”.

    Ridicuously ignorant statement.

    Will you start attacking the African American community because 95%+ of them voted for Obama? I mean over 50% of whites voted for Obama… yet we’re racists?

    The Fox News audience doesn’t hate anyone because of the color of their skin, it’s irrelevant, people are judged on their actions.

    If you have no problem with a US Olympian not wearing the colors of their country then that is your right, others (who would fight for your right to think that) may not agree.

    • This 16 year old girl won a FUCKING GOLD MEDAL and all the Fox Propaganda channel could do is question her patriotism because she wasn’t wearing the stars and stripes. So how about you eat shit and die you lowlife cocksucking fuckface dickless inbred whitetrash motherfucker.

  39. That was awesome! I love Stephen Colbert!

    What I want to know is, how many of those a-holes at Fox “News” or anyone else hating on her because of her hair or the color of her leotard, are Olympic gold medalists? None? Yeah, that’s what I thought. I don’t know Gabby, but I’m sure she’s worked her butt of to get where she is today. She wouldn’t be an Olympic caliber athlete if she hadn’t. What have those others done, besides show the world how ignorant, hateful, and full of BS they are?

  40. Ed

    The moron that wrote this article doesn’t even know David Webb is black. Kinda blows the premise of the piece, doesn’t it? LOL

    • The moron who wrote the comment I’m replying to doesn’t even know the he missed the part where it says: “Because a couple of catty bitches being catty is the same thing as a national news network pandering to its millions of viewers that, yes, most most black people are strange, foreign threats who secretly hate America. Except the ones who shamelessy take FOX News’ money to deliver that message, am I right, David Webb?” [Hint: check out the last sentence. You've already posted so your ass is out there anyway, so take your time.]

      In addition to being a moron, are you really so simpleminded that you think that because someone’s black they’re automatically disqualified from being racist and that’s why there’s no premise to the piece?

      • Exactly, justifiable. CONservatives always have an Uncle Tom around to use as a human sheild whenever somone charges them with racism.

      • ChaCha

        Dare I ask if someone’s being a leftist automatically disqualifies them from being racist? (and no, I’m not accusing you of being a racist).

      • Nope. I’ve seriously been trying to reply to you, and I’m tripping a filter. Everyone’s bigoted, actually.

      • There are lots of people in both parties who fancy themselves free of racial prejudice, and others who claim it doesn’t exist any more simply because they refuse to discuss it, and they’re both full of shit. Institutional racism and unconscious biases exist, and it’s foolish to pretend they don’t. I guess the question is what do you do when you realize it’s there, deny it outright or accept it and deal?

      • What I rarely see discussed is the fact that minorities can be bigoted, and that includes against their own minority group – and I definitely include women in that group. There are a fuck of a lot of anti-choice picketers out there who’ve had abortions themselves but refuse to sit in the waiting room with a bunch of sluts and still honestly think that their termination was the only moral one, ever, which is why no one else other than they should be allowed to have one. I’ve also met anti-Semitic Jews as well as homophobes who I suspect are probably gay. But because morons like Ed, above, think that’s a totes impossibility, and minorities don’t usually have a lot of power, then that prejudice usually doesn’t have a lot of impact, so no one talks about those issues much.

      • mismy

        lol justifiable you are such a troll. I really believe that 6 people have made it all the way through ALL these comments and thumbed you up so quickly hahaha you manipulative shithead.

        Also, you are very incorrect in your statement “everyone is bigoted”. There is nothing true about that, many people only know love for their fellow brothers and sisters.

      • Sorry, I don’t manipulate the count, maybe Fish loves me or something. And just because you know only love for your fellow man and might never have used a racial slur, that still doesn’t mean you’re innocent and bias-free. Wake the fuck up, institutional racism and unconscious biases exist, and it’s foolish to pretend they don’t.

        Ever see the documentary William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe that his daughters co-directed? Bill K. was a whole lot more left than I was when he was alive, and when I heard his premise that we’re all bigoted and that we better realize it I was pretty scornful. Let me tell you, at the end of the film I was convinced and had a lot more respect for Kunstler than I had before.

      • mismy

        So….Fish is the troll, riiiiiight loser.

        You trying to convince me that I’m a racist? LOL think outside of the box bitch, plenty of people look to what is inside of a person, color of skin means ABSOLUTELY nothing in relation to someones character.

        You already posted that crap about this documentary that I will never ever ever watch, thanks for the constant disinformation you tool. If I wanted to read a long, boring diatribe copied directly from Snopes, then I would just go to Snopes for my opinion like you do, you fucking poser. You are the worst kind of person, how much do you get paid to spread hate & disinformation to your fellow countrymen?? You should be arrested for treason you fucking spineless traitor.

      • First, snopes doesn’t post “opinions”, so the fact that you think “diatribes” can be be found on it, let copied from it wholesale, pretty much speaks to your level of intelligence, you blithering fuckwit. Second, it’s clear you have no clue as to what “treason” actually entails, but then you’re a Fox viewer, so I’ll give you a pass since it’s clear you’re a room-temperature IQ acoltye who thinks it means anything that Ann Coulter doesn’t approve of. Of course you’ll never watch the documentary I mentioned, it’s far easier to condemn it as “hate and disinformation” because even though you haven’t seen it you already know what it’s about and it’s wrong – see, you don’t have to see things before you can judge them because you’re not biased, oh no, not you.

        Yeah, “fair and balanced” – you’re a Fox viewer, all right.

      • mismy

        hahahahahahaha you miserable pathetic person, I will not waste any more time trying to enlighten you, no hope OBV.

      • mismy

        That was rude, and I apologize. I don’t trust you or take you seriously at this point, I assume you are just another disinformation spy with a SuperPac contract. On the slim chance you are serious, and want to actually discuss, instead of simply bashing and manipulating the “thumbs” for your agenda, we can discuss whatever you would like, rationally and maturely. To be honest, we are all in this together, assuming you also want success for the human race, not just the elite…

        I won’t watch your documentary for a couple reasons- it wants to explain why everyone is biased, I simply don’t agree with that, and am not interested. Also, I can virtually guarantee that you have never looked up or watched anything that I have ever suggested to you, so you can see why I am less that eager to jump all over some documentary of some guy I’m not interested in. I have a list pages long of subjects to look up & documentaries to watch as it is.
        I said that you use Snopes to create your long boring diatribes. Also Snopes is not fact. Look into where the info comes from, nothing is sacred anymore man. Gotta just trust your own mind to lead you to the truth. Absolutely everything can be, and probably is, altered and created to fit somebody’s agenda these days.

      • If you can’t look at any other POV or dissenting opinion than the one you already hold because you already know what you know, then your mind is closed, end of story. As you’ve stated, you have no interest at looking at anything other than what you already agree with – so there is no room for discussion, it’s that simple.

        I didn’t agree with the premise of bias, either, because I wasn’t raised that way, I didn’t think it was valid, and I didn’t personally approve of Kunstler for several reasons. I was wrong, and I’ve since changed my mind. I actually do listen to Limbaugh, Fox, Al Jezeerah and other sources with a POVs that I oppose, which, obviously, is more than you can claim to do. At least that way if I have an opinion on something, it’ll be the most informed one I can come up with, it won’t be a knee-jerk reaction based on pure emotion.

        “Also Snopes is not fact. Look into where the info comes from, nothing is sacred anymore man. Gotta just trust your own mind to lead you to the truth.”

        Which means what, exactly? That the divining rod that is your mind will go with what’s “sacred”, with what sounds like “truthiness” – because it supports what “facts” you want to believe? That’s called circular logic, and is the worst sort of laziness – hey, let’s just make shit up that sounds like fact and believe that! Do you have brains in your head or a soft pile of shit? Because if you think that’s an intelligent attitude then you’re treating what’s between your ears as the latter – and shame on you for letting your gray matter lie fallow.

        Snopes will not post unverified conspiracy theories or anecdotal “evidence” as “fact” – and they do cite their sources, which is a fuck of a lot more than the people who claim they’re rabid liberals can do. No one’s infallible, but If you don’t agree with the investigation they do because it doesn’t square with your own political agenda, then bust a move, pull up your big-girl panties and find another neutral site that verifies its info, rather than pulling out the weak-ass lazy bullshit of “trusting your own mind to lead you to the truth”. Determining the truth of a purported set of facts should not be treated in the same way as a matter of religious faith, unless you’re bound and determined to hide from some knowledge you don’t want to face – in which case, you should divine away. Of course, you’ll be inaccurate and ignorant, but chances are that’s not your main concern at that point, amirite?

        As for the fact that the Snopes people are not-so-crypto-liberals, it’s my understanding that Mikkelson’s wife is Canadian, so she can’t even vote in US elections, which seems pretty fucking lax of her if she has such a rabid lib agenda going on. FactCheck.Org states that Mikkelson originally registered as a Republican in 2000. They also state their sources.

      • ChaCha

        Yes, I agree with both your points here; racism among and within minority groups does get ignored, and shouldn’t be since it can often result in violence. Heck, there are people most Americans think of as being the same “race,” but are completely different ethnicities, and DO NOT like each other. I’m pretty sure there will be bigotry, racism, bias, mysogeny and homophobia as long as there are humans.
        I think the pro life picketers who’ve had abortions and the homophobic (possible) gays are dealing with deeper psychological issues; I’m pro choice, and have never had an abortion, but it sounds like these women you speak of are being driven by extreme guilt and regret; also, with the gay homophobes, the hostility is more of a coping mechanism; still bigotry at the end of the day, but coming from a different place.
        I for one like to think of myself as some weird sort of mishmash of a feminist, but oh boy can I get catty and judgmental about certain other women; coming to this site really doesn’t help, but oh well.

      • When you’re making a value judgment that you are entitled to an abortion because you’re superspecial and moral simply because the condom broke, but every other woman who wants one is doing it in place of birth control and is also a slut anyway, totes unlike you, that’s what bias looks like. It really isn’t coming from a different place – when you say “psychological” I think you’re thinking about women who might’ve had abortions and regretted it and started picketing out of sheer reaction or regret, but I was referring to women who were picketing beforehand, had the procedure, and then back to picketing. Or else brought their daughter in, and went back to picketing.

        Bigotry or bias is claiming privilege over others and attributing negative characteristics to that group of people in order to justify your position. If you’ve ever heard a white person comment on how “well-spoken” a black person is, that’s bigotry based on a concept or stereotype, and it may be a bias they’re totally unconscious of.

      • ChaCha

        Yes, I was speculating about the former scenario; re the latter…uh, I got nothin’.

      • It’s kinda mind-boggling re the amount of hypocrisy and justification that must be involved, huh? Or not.

        I would be skeptical about it ever happening among anti-choice supporters, except that I happen to know of one instance in my mom’s family, which is big-time Boston Irish Catholic, where a cousin’s prospective marriage blew up and she went away to NYC to “get over it” – and an impending pregnancy as well. Yeah, it’s purely anecdotal and you can believe me or not, your choice, but to find out that people preach one ideology and practice another when it comes to applied reality is not something that should be big news to anyone – unless, of course, they’ve been in some sort of restricted compound for most of their lives.

        The statistics are purportedly that Catholic women have an abortion rate 29% higher than Protestant women, and one in five women having abortions are born-again or Evangelical Christians. The info comes from the Alan Guttmacher Institute, and while I’d love to get some independent verification from an institute that isn’t so heavily involved in Planned Parenthood, given the nature of the procedure I’m not sure that would ever be possible.

      • ChaCha

        I have to say, those statistics are far less baffling than your cousin, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re true. A woman, especially a teenager, with a strict religious background could be quite motivated to terminate an out of wedlock pregnancy; especially if she is less than sincere or just somewhat uncertain about her beliefs (which is the case with many young people, religious or not, as is getting all confused when the hormones kick in); women from strict religious backgrounds may be less savy about sex and birth control in the first place.

      • I should clarify that her mother took her to NYC, she didn’t go on her own – it was mom who told her that her future would be ruined and she’d never get married if she had the child. This was quite a few decades ago, too.

        What the statistics indicate is that Catholic women are probably less likely to use birth control than Protestant women, or at least use it less effectively, with the result that they have at least one unwanted pregnancy. Sadly, what women from strict religious backgrounds seem to have trouble with is both abstinence and a lack of sex ed – innocence and ignorance ain’t the same thing.

        Contraception was always the big issue in my mother’s family – my grandmother used it well before Vatican II and yet considered herself a devout Catholic. My cousin was told she would die if she conceived again and after her priest told her that she couldn’t use anything other than the rhythm method, or else she’d commit a mortal sin, she was in utter despair. A younger priest took her aside and told her that her duty was to the 5 kids she already had, that they needed a living mother, and told her to do what she needed to do – and to come to him for confession from now on.

  41. Ya’ll are being played.

    Alisyn Camerota doesn’t give a shit what color leotard Gabby wore. David Webb never heard the phrase “soft anti-American” until 30 seconds before he was on-air. Even the producers and writers who created this craptastic piece of so-called journalism don’t believe what they wrote. Olympic coverage is stiff competition and they’re all just looking for a way to get your attention.

    Mission accomplished.

  42. Sam

    You sound insanely ignorant.

  43. MB

    Didn’t Alexandra Reisman also wear pink or whatever color that is in the All-Around?? If she had won I wonder would we be having this discussion.

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