That Stephen Colbert/Daft Punk Fiasco Was Probably Staged To Promote The VMAs

Yesterday, you couldn’t spit without hitting someone sharing Stephen Colbert’s epic Tuesday night takedown of Viacom after MTV supposedly caused Daft Punk to cancel a Colbert Report appearance hours before taping. Which seemed awesome at the time, and God knows I was sitting there chortling into my arugula gypsum tea between Karl Marx essays, except it may have all been part of a setup to promote the VMAs, according to Billboard:

Daft Punk cancelled their appearance on Tuesday night’s episode of “The Colbert Report” due to contractual obligations to the MTV Video Music Awards… or so the story goes. However, new information suggests that the notoriously press-shy French electronic duo was never supposed to actually show up on “Colbert,” and that Robin Thicke’s “replacement” performance was a pre-planned event instead of a last-minute save.
Sources tell Billboard that Thicke’s “Colbert” performance of his No. 1 hit “Blurred Lines” was actually taped last Tuesday (July 31), when the singer was in New York promoting his new album “Blurred Lines” (Thicke also stopped by “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” last week to perform his single with Fallon and the Roots). On last night’s telecast, Colbert positioned Thicke’s appearance as a replacement for Daft Punk’s no-show, which he claimed to not know about until “two hours” before Tuesday’s taping. Instead of Daft Punk stopping by to perform “Get Lucky,” Colbert ran a pre-taped segment of various celebrities, including Jeff Bridges and Hugh Laurie, dancing to the hit single.

I posted Colbert’s “Get Lucky” video below which was clearly planned for something else because there’s no way in hell that was slapped together for Tuesday after just finding out on Monday that Daft Punk might bail. Unless Stephen Colbert has video evidence of Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, Hugh Laurie, Jimmy Fallon, Ashton Kutcher, Bryan Cranston, Charlie Rose, and the entire cast of America’s Got Talent all molesting children. Which, for the record, I’m not ruling out. Corey Feldman warned us. HE WARNED US ALL.