That Stephen Colbert/Daft Punk Fiasco Was Probably Staged To Promote The VMAs

August 8th, 2013 // 19 Comments
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Yesterday, you couldn’t spit without hitting someone sharing Stephen Colbert‘s epic Tuesday night takedown of Viacom after MTV supposedly caused Daft Punk to cancel a Colbert Report appearance hours before taping. Which seemed awesome at the time, and God knows I was sitting there chortling into my arugula gypsum tea between Karl Marx essays, except it may have all been part of a setup to promote the VMAs, according to Billboard:

Daft Punk cancelled their appearance on Tuesday night’s episode of “The Colbert Report” due to contractual obligations to the MTV Video Music Awards… or so the story goes. However, new information suggests that the notoriously press-shy French electronic duo was never supposed to actually show up on “Colbert,” and that Robin Thicke’s “replacement” performance was a pre-planned event instead of a last-minute save.
Sources tell Billboard that Thicke’s “Colbert” performance of his No. 1 hit “Blurred Lines” was actually taped last Tuesday (July 31), when the singer was in New York promoting his new album “Blurred Lines” (Thicke also stopped by “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” last week to perform his single with Fallon and the Roots). On last night’s telecast, Colbert positioned Thicke’s appearance as a replacement for Daft Punk’s no-show, which he claimed to not know about until “two hours” before Tuesday’s taping. Instead of Daft Punk stopping by to perform “Get Lucky,” Colbert ran a pre-taped segment of various celebrities, including Jeff Bridges and Hugh Laurie, dancing to the hit single.

I posted Colbert’s “Get Lucky” video below which was clearly planned for something else because there’s no way in hell that was slapped together for Tuesday after just finding out on Monday that Daft Punk might bail. Unless Stephen Colbert has video evidence of Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, Hugh Laurie, Jimmy Fallon, Ashton Kutcher, Bryan Cranston, Charlie Rose, and the entire cast of America’s Got Talent all molesting children. Which, for the record, I’m not ruling out. Corey Feldman warned us. HE WARNED US ALL.


  1. Deacon Jones

    lol, pretty good skit, definitely planned.

    I might actually watch the VMAs though if Daft Punk is going to be on

  2. everything on the television is a lie.

  3. That was just too much awesomeness. Anything with Hugh Laurie in it I automatically love, but the whole thing was awesome.

  4. Cock Dr

    Thanks for serving up a big bowl of silly to those of us who never watch the tube.

  5. JC

    It’s kind of hard to imagine who the target audience of such a promotion would be. If someone has enough brain cells to watch and enjoy “The Colbert Report,” it’s hard to imagine that same person watching anything on MTV’s current lineup without trying to give themselves an icepick lobotomy afterwards.

  6. I’ve watched the whole thing 5 or 6 times already (I love Colbert).

    He said he found out at 2PM the day before (not 2 hours prior to taping). I’m sure there’s some truth to what happened, just not on the timeline they claim it did. Charlie Rose taped on July 29th. But who cares? It was fanfuckingtastic.

  7. I can’t imagine the fact Colbert is hosting a satiric show on Comedy Central will prevent Fox and Friends from complaining about the liberal media in bed with the Hollywood elite.

  8. Actually given this article, I think that team Colbert was concerned about Daft Punk all along.

    The relevant portion I think is this:
    “According to three people who were briefed on the talks or directly involved in them, Daft Punk’s planned appearance had already been a source of stress for “Colbert” since the group was only willing to appear in costume, and not perform or sit for an interview. Then on Monday, while flying to New York from Paris, the group called producers to cancel, citing the conflict with MTV, according to these people, who spoke anonymously because of the privacy of the matter and the volatility of the personalities involved.”

    Here is how I think it went down.
    Daft Punk signed early with the VMA’s before Colbert (at least I hope for their sakes, afterwards would have been a douche move). They then sign to appear on Colbert which in turn starts to promote across multiple entities (I don’t think Cobert calls in favors for the America’s Got Talent and Fallon cameos along with guests unless he felt confident). You book them and being what you believe to be weird artists they won’t perform and they won’t interview but they will appear in costume. What do I do if I am Colbert, first I’m nervous. I need to fill a show so I go ahead and put together the montage maybe have some things there. They can sit there for all I care, they are not singing anyway. However, I go ahead and do the Thicke segment as backup because again nervous.

    Colbert starts ramping the promo then someone from MTV camp calls the band and says “What’s Up”. Daft’s manager believes they are covered because they will just sit there – see the above. MTV says no and puts the kibosh on them while flying to the US tells Daft, him or us. Capitol wanting the biggest possible audience (12M MTV VMAs vs 1 – 1.2M for Colbert) tells the band to do the VMAs thus Colbert gets the shaft.

    That’s my conspiracy theory.

    • JC

      “…since the group was only willing to appear in costume, and not perform or sit for an interview.”

      If I were Colbert, I wouldn’t have bee nervous–I would have been pissed. If they can’t be arsed to perform or even speak, then fuck ‘em. Book a different guest that might be interested in actually doing something other than standing around mutely in a stupid costume.

      Seriously, “artists”: If you don’t want to perform live for anyone, that’s fine–it’s your choice. But don’t turn around and then arrange for appearances during which you refuse to do anything–just stay at home and nurture your precious art or whatever.

  9. heh

    According to a thread on reddit made by some guy who works on the show, the original sketch they had planned involved DP showing up for the interview but refusing to play, causing Colbert to do the Get Lucky dance routine with all the guests. The bit with Robin Thicke in the audience was pre-taped as part of the sketch. DP cancelled the interview part, meaning Colbert had to fill the time with the rant against MTV and re-do the beginning of the sketch (when he stands up and goes into the audience). They also dragged in Ashton Kutcher who was in the studio to pre-tape the interview for the following day.

  10. Jon

    Maybe i’m dumb but I just figured they had planned to use this as a normal skit, and if Daft Punk really did cancel they decided to use this instead and use a different angle on it.

    • Yep. I’m not sure what made people think that he recorded EVERYTHING after they canceled, and all of those guests have been on the show over the past week.

      Besides, were they just gonna show these two jackasses in their helmets while the song was playing? No, they’d show Colbert dancing and having a good time.

  11. Jaime

    It was entertaining, ya gotta give him that. That’s what it’s supposed to be…. entertainment.

  12. Jonny Rocketrs

    It was not planned. They dropped out at the last minute. Everything else was going to be in the show anyway. Believe what you want.

  13. Rakis

    There’s also the issue that Colbert admitted on the next night’s show (last night) that the whole thing was an elaborate fake-out planned to promote Daft Punk at the VMAs.

    Viacom would never have let him spoil the surprise if they weren’t okay with it. The episode would haven’t aired.

  14. Jenn

    I don’t care, I looove Colbert.

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