Stephanie Seymour still wearing bikinis

December 22nd, 2008 // 72 Comments

Here are some more shots of former supermodel Stephanie Seymour playing with her daughter Lilly on Flamands Beach in St. Barts, France. And where exactly does fantasizing about somebody while they’re playing with their daughter rate on the old Creep-O-Meter? It’s gotta be right up there with slowly petting the mannequin at Sears while whispering sweet nothings in its ear. Which I’ve never done but, hey, the day’s still young.

Photos: Flynet

  1. Ted from Minneapolis

    Is it just me or do President-Elect Obama and Amy Winehouse have the exact same chest? I think a manzier would be the perfect inauguration gift.

  2. Akron

    Most of you morons wouldn’t know beauty if it climbed up your ass!
    Ms. Seymour was drop-dead gorgeous 15 years ago (GnR video/Victoria Secret) and still is today. Do a little research.

  3. #49 – The only status a fat chick of any color symbolizes is your ability to purchase and consume too much food. And you subsequent ability to be banned from one “all you can eat” after another. Isn’t that right Meems? Meems? What’s that? Well of course you can’t hear me, silly, you’re chewing on that entire bag of Doritos at once… take the chips OUT of the bag next time sweetheart…

  4. gotmilk?

    50, based upon your information, I can now forgive Axl Rose for beating up her sorry ass. dirty whore! i can sleep soundly tonight.

  5. melissa

    Hey just an FYI St. Barths is NOT in France, IDIOT

  6. huazai

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  7. Kristopher Umlauf

    St. Barts is in the French West Indies in the Caribbean. Actually not France.

  8. Deacon Jones

    Cool! What about facials sweetheart?

  9. kkumlauf

    Please remove Jimbo’s comments. We really don’t need Pedophile child molesters on here.

  10. Alyssa


  11. Where’s mimi? I have an entire raw hog here and no one to eat it…

  12. Homeless Person

    I’d hit that!

  13. dragon43078

    Nice ass.

  14. Ashton Moore

    I’ve hit that several times.

    So has Axl Rose….

    and he banged her?

  15. Dorito Man

    Pure sex. Rawwwrrrr.

  16. Insatiable Peter

    All I want for Christmas is 20 wallet-sizes, an 8 x 10, and my entire living room wall of pic #3.

  17. Deva

    I was in love with this woman when I was a teen. Now that I’m older, and I see how awesome (and I mean that) she’s aged is a great thing. I would’ve had 6 kids with her.

  18. Ava

    This woman is still amazing and she is still in her prime. Some people talk about her as if she’s old and done. Stephanie can eat some of these younger model’s for lunch, and spit them out without blinking an eyelash. She is absolutley gorgeous, and look at her stomach. She’s had two kids, and very happy. She still models, not that she has to, as her husband is a billionaire but does it cause she likes to.

    What made this woman want to look at the best part of this moron, Akel something? He’s so gross, even when he was younger. Well, we all make mistakes. She’s rich, gorgeous, married, happy, and he’s miserable, ugly and unmarried, but then, who would want to touch this guy anyway? Oh well..

  19. Ava

    Stepanie rocks!! She always will…If you want to read a good, mysterious, sexy story about a girl who’s going’s on in Apt9nine is quite interesting, then go to

  20. Ava

    Stepanie rocks!! She always will…If you want to read a good, mysterious, sexy story about a girl who’s going’s on in Apt9nine is quite interesting, then go to

  21. Bside

    She was beautiful physically in her 20′s and still looks great now but this woman has cheated on several of the men she was involved with, not just Axl Rose, but several others. If it’s true it took him years to get over her, I wish he would have considered that he was NOT the only one she did this to. She supposively cheated all the time! It appears she only thought of her needs first…….and yes, she was younger when all this happened, but guess what? Many of us were 20 something once and did not sleep with married men or cheat on our boyfriends………

  22. The woman I was in love with when I was a teenager. Now that I’m older, and I see how horrible (and I mean) she has aged a great thing. I barely get Ms. Seymour. She reminds me of a more innocent time.

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