Stephanie Seymour in a swimsuit: Mostly still hot!

December 21st, 2008 // 82 Comments

Here’s somebody I had completely forgotten about: Former supermodel Stephanie Seymour. Back in the day, Stephanie was up there with the likes of Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer, and she was one of the original Victoria’s Secret Angel. You might also remember her as Axl Rose’s girlfriend who he beat the shit out of then tried to sue for $100,000 after they broke up. In case he forgot, I included two pics just for Axl (Here and here.), so he can cry a little bit harder the next time he fails to bang Kelly Osbourne. Merry Christmas!

NOTE: Added the classic Guns N’ Roses video “November Rain” featuring Stephanie and the greatest Slash solo ever after the jump.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Omar


    The greatest solo was by Brian May in “Bohemian Raphsody”…. GN’R was gay at best…

    Of yeah… and i’d still hit it hard….

  2. Slash

    I’d still hit it again (and again). My Solo did rule. Queen is gay (just ask freddie)…

  3. Bro bro

    top ten… just like stephanie seymour

  4. Fan

    She has slender figure and is so hot…I’m a hip chick and interested in exotic things, I have my photos on ***INTERRACIALLOVING.COM***. If u want to chat with me, just find me out.

  5. lori

    She is a very beautiful, sensual woman and looks happy in these photos. It’s so nice to see a natural, classy beauty for a change. Hey, here’s a thought. maybe if you stop posting pictures of fake, plastic, grotesque train wrecks, we won’t have to all get dragged down into the mud with them, and can instead be inspired and uplifted by people like Stephanie Seymour.

  6. she still got it! I dont see any cottage cheese on that azz in pic 7 and most importantly shes a mom with mams…

    *nothing last forever, indeed*

  7. 2.0

    she is a plain american woman…

  8. dave

    Estranged has a much better guitar.

  9. @yourmoms

    Nice ass for a mom! She’s just skinny, though. Upper body is no match for Sarah Maclachlan’s gun show!

  10. @douchie: if she is a “mom with mams” does that make you a fag with a supressed gag(reflex)?

  11. jessi babi

    go stepaniee, she looks good y’all

  12. I'dHitIt

    Axl is dumb f@ck and Chinese Democracy blows. I got $5 bucks that says she gives up the balloon knot with a smile on her face. What a sexy little MILF.

  13. tromba

    “Sorta Still Hot”

    Ya Think? Please explain what would NOT be “Sorta Still Hot.”

  14. jt

    what do you mean sort of? i can hardly breath over here.

  15. She is my favorite. Just saw her on milllionaire personals site “”"” W e a l t h y D a t e r . c o m”"”"”" last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.Is she single again now?

  16. Rich

    Ya what the hell is this “sort of ” crap. This is a woman who looks better than today’s mousey looking so-called supermodels! I think your viewpoint is a little skewed. Hell I can look back through all of the posts and see the other women you crowned as “hot” – sick and wrong. Is that her kid? I wonder if the Father is ugly. At least it’s not another pic of cunt Canadian bacon Pamela Lee.

  17. amanda

    shes beautiful
    GnR is the best!!!!!

  18. mimi

    Yes! Gotta go rub one out.. thinking about motorboating that fine ass.. look, can’t you see it calling my name in pic 6? Yummmmm, here I cummmmmm

  19. DamnShesHot!

    Okay, maybe Claudia Schiffer at her bes was in her league, but not Cindy Crawford. Cindy Crawford was hot before people knew what real hot was. Stephanie Seymour could still rock Victoria’s Secret!!!

  20. Realist

    # 17, gimme a break. Stephanie looks great. I’d hit it. But only in bizzaro world is the 2008 Stephanie Seymoure hotter than girls like Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosia.

  21. Joe

    So “she looks great at her age” – who the fuck cares??? If you’re a balding pot-bellied middle age commenter then sure, she must be some sort of fantasy girl for you today, in comparison to that wadding pork-on-the-hoof you call a wife. But if you’re a guy who’s NOT over-the-hill? Take away this disgusting “hot mommy” pathetic sexuality display and show me girls in their prime.

  22. Matthew


    When she was young she was too skinny.

    Now she’s too old.


  23. Ted from Portland

    Joe, you’re a cunt.

  24. Rob

    What I don’t understand is that a peeping tom taking pictures of crotches and such gets arrested and labeled a sex offender but paparazzi can purposely take crotch and panty shots and post them all over the internet and get paid for them? Such a weird society we live in.

  25. I saw kelly osbourne on Stern when she was younger,,,i thought she was going be hot,,,boy was i wrong…

    I guess shes going to lose the baby fat when she reaches 50, like her mom!

  26. Mal

    yo # 5 – Seymour has implants. She’s not a ‘natural woman’.

  27. Cartman

    She is a very fine MILF now.

  28. Yeah, she’s still gorgeous. I remember not being a huge fan when she did Victoria’s Secret and dated Axl/was in all their videos. Now though – she’s smokin’ at 40! Total MILF!

  29. agree, THE BISCUITS ARE WAITING, folks!!

  30. F-Obama

    Great ass for a MILF!







  32. Fernanado Narcos

    #32-Sorry about your anus.I understand all that negro penis has left you with no option but to wear half a box of maxipads in your pooper at all times.

    Yes,white women are much more attractive than simian Northern Arab monkeys.

  33. Jackson'shole

    She looks fantastic. She’s had like 4 kids too. I’m glad she’s wearing a one piece–it looks much more classy than a bikini at her age.

  34. Ballsack

    Her daughter is sooo fine I want to smell her bathing suit. I have to go wack off now!

  35. Yank and wank they rhyme for a reason

    she looks like sarah palin!

  36. Scrodo

    I would love to suckle her sweet breasteses.

  37. Humpty dumpty

    I like poster 5s comments as someone else noted… Stephanie Seymour has fake tits and her whole deal with axl n the 80s doesn’t meet the “great natural woman to look up too” who knows what she was on… Ne way breaking up with axl’s badass was the worst thing that happens to them because more novemeber rain. B no more Seymour nude pics. C axl forgot to call trent reznor to coach him up on Chinese garbage since he tried to reznor it but failed… But axls still a badass. Just not as badass as Trent and seymour a+ boob job bak n tha day

  38. Fernanado Narcos

    #38-Guys who beat women are badass?


  39. friendlyfires

    Damn you, Fish Al, you had to ruin the moment by including pictures of the kid in a bathing suit. Well, I HATE SUGAR COOKIES!
    Where’s the entrance to the batcave? Thank you, Claudia, mmmm, warm mouth, yeah, that’s better.

    Bad Christmas for you, Fish Al, you better make up for that slip up, big time!

  40. thatshot

    yea i think white boys r raised to be gay cause how can you prefer her over kim kardashian? the closer the girl looks like a skinny white guy, the hotter they are. don’t get it

  41. dan

    The only good thing about chicks like Kim is that you can wipe your dick off on their backhair when you’re done with them.

  42. Belowitall

    Um, hello…..wonder if she can pass on who did the superb job on her chest. Plastic ain’t half bad when that is the result!!

  43. Blancmange is really nasty

    Wow, Stephanie Seymour’s still around? Well, I guess she looks good for a man-stealing whore. Looks like it was a genuine “love match” between her and her married tycoon husband — er, wonderful older lover. So it’s all right to slam Angelina Jolie for being a slut and not Seymour? Well, I guess with all the four-eyed, pencil-necked geeks on this site, it’s all right to “slam” them both … but a hooker Stephanie Seymour was, and a hooker Stephanie Seymour remains. Nice crotch shots, though.

  44. WTF

    WTF – GNR were drag queens in the 80s and you’ve got to post a talentless 9 minute video based on the irrelevance of a washed up super-model who is happy living a life of a MILF in suburbia??? WTF??? What about some little hottie like Maria Sansone that actually has a career.

    Maria, I love you!!!!

  45. Dee

    Slash rules.

  46. She looks GREAT! And she’s a mom, too. Good for her!

  47. I whacked off to her enough in the early 90s… no one more dolphin flogging for you Steph!

  48. Sheva

    Man who knows that much about this chick to know who she’s married to?
    The fact that she married anybody other than the obviously demented Axl Rose shows a modicum of intelligence.

    She does look really pale out there on the beach. I remember she was really hot but she looks good, healthy and that’s a rear any woman could be proud of at any age.

    Shoot, more American women would do well to make note that this is the proper size of an ass, not three times larger.

  49. About 6 yrs ago she was promoting something at the Polo Challenge in Bridgehampton under the white tent and she looked around giving the intense sexy eye stare like she was still on the VS catwalk. She looked like such an ass.

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