Stephanie Seymour in a bikini and some nipple

March 17th, 2010 // 84 Comments

Here’s former supermodel Stephanie Seymour in St. Barts yesterday looking pretty damn good for whatever depressing age she is. (I’m afraid to Google it.) She also flashed some nipple which is exciting only if a blurry areola combined with the unsexiest face to make at the time is your thing. I’m more of a drunken vagina flash man myself, but that speaks more to my appreciation for fine showmanship.

Photos: Fame, INFdaily

  1. uncle Rough

    Id stick her up for her milf money…

  2. diggiddi dee

    She’s 40. Is that so bad?

  3. keijo

    awesome !!

  4. Jeff

    She has potential for a COCO butt (not a good thing)

    and to the comment “unsexiest face to make at the time” have you looked at her face any other time? that is like her blue steel man…

  5. All that stuff looks bigger than I recall. Looks pretty good though.

  6. mel

    Okay. I’ll bite. What’s a Stephanie Seymour?

  7. Nick

    @8 – synonym for MILF.

  8. oooaaahhh

    Steph was the BOMB in her day. Her body still looks great, but she better watch her rear. It’s actually nice and high now. Hopefully she saved enough model money to take care of that at any cost.

  9. Maudina

    She had a nose job :(

  10. Dufresne


  11. Jade

    DAYUM…………she look hotter than most girls in their 20′s. Like Kesha’s nasty dough looking ass…………….just sayin

  12. LorenW

    She looks good. Still a babe, only more scrumptious.

  13. SoloStroke

    I think I’m in love! Full but shapely. Thwap, thwap, thwap….

  14. FFF

    God I love that ankle tat!

  15. oWL

    She needs to lose 15 lbs, but not bad for 40.

  16. AD

    Hottest SI Swimsuit and Victoria’s Secret model EVER!

  17. EyesBuggingOut

    When the hell did she grow THOSE?? @22 hit the nail on the head. She is still damn smokin!

  18. your momma

    oh superfish who you so depressed about older ladies? its not like anyone of any age would touch you with a barge pole. we all know you spend your days drooling over pics of megan fox (and by “drool” i mean “masturbate” and by “megan fox” i mean “spencer pratt”.)

  19. Valerie

    It’s barely Spring, so its OK to have some Winter Chub.

  20. Aging very well. used to be smoking hot, now just “hot for her age”.

  21. Nameless

    She’s hot!!

  22. Hopkins

    I’m loving it. A nicely chunky middle-aged beauty.

  23. SO RIGHT

    She was and is the hottest! Great voluptuous body!

  24. IKE

    #5, Her ass is RIGHTEOUS!!!
    She’s hot for her age, for Tara Reid’s age, and for Lindsey Lohan’s age.

  25. flabergast

    Screw that blurry poor photo… She posed for playboy in ’91 & again in ’93. I’m sure if you google ‘Stephanie Seymour playboy’ it’ll come up and be far better than some barely there nip-slip

  26. Props

    For you Kelly Landry and Kate Winslett fans…this is a great example of an older lady who takes care of herself…no flab and unsightly cellulite…and she’s older!
    Kudos to Steph.

  27. James

    She’s my cock’s wet dream! Lookin’ great!

  28. Shut the hell up.

    Why don’t you shut the f*ck up about women’s ages. You never say anything about the age of any males on this site. How dare you base a woman’s worth on how she looks and/or what age she is. F*cking drunken piece of shit.

  29. The Laughing G-D

    Hurrah for milfdom

  30. Johnny Kill

    She’s nothing short of AMAZING looking!

    I could lose myself in that for the rest of my life.

    Anyone saying differently is a straight up homo.

  31. Gueibor

    Pic #8, God… damn!!!
    Jeez, I’m definitely old.

  32. Dave ain't here man

    @32 The phrase “straight up homo” seems like an oxymoron. But I agree, she’s gorgeous.

  33. Gueibor

    I’m old, with fire.

    (See? It works.)

  34. Busted

    #30 must be old…that sucks. I’ll bet she’s fat, too.

  35. Oh Nose

    Did she really get a nose job? Looks….not as good as the prior I think. She used to be so nice…something looks scrunched up now or something. Her nose was always one of her more interesting qualities. She looks completely different for some reason, not just because of the extra weight.

  36. yoyoma

    She looks great!

  37. Stephanie

    #36 is pasty white and blubbery with a tiny penis and a smaller brain, no job, no education, and no hope.

  38. asdf

    very curvy

    I LIKE !

  39. Nothing special, most 43 yr olds can look like this, if not better, only if they’re willing to exercise and keep in shape..

  40. It’s actually nice and high now. Hopefully she saved enough model money to take care of that at any cost.

  41. Her body still looks great, but she better watch her rear. It’s actually nice and high now..

  42. froufrou

    shes beautiful. always will be! good for her.

  43. LOL

    She actually looks better with some flesh on her bones instead of a borderline anorexic like she was back in the day when she was modeling.

    I’d hit that, oh yeah!

  44. Okay. I’ll bite. What’s a Stephanie Seymour? hoho

  45. Gotta love the nip. Just can’t beat that for pub. Right?

  46. captain america

    weird these things happen with those breasts?

  47. JustMe

    Oh Lord.
    I’m sure Axl Rose is looking on these pictures and things are starting to grow..
    She’s a BOMB. Always looked amazing.
    Axl, she’s now divorced, roll a dice!

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