Stephanie Pratt thinks she has a career

September 29th, 2009 // 36 Comments

Stephanie Pratt apparently thinks it’ll be a smart move to quit The Hills, according to Hollyscoop:

Audrina Patridge has already scored her own reality show on MTV with Mark Burnett, so where does that leave Stephanie Pratt and Lo Bosworth?
“I think Audrina, Lo and I are all going to leave after these 10 episodes,” Stephanie told Hollyscoop exclusively during our “Closet Raiders” segment, which airs on ‘Hollyscoop’ TV on KTLA this Sunday night.
“I don’t know how much more I can take of The Hills,” added Stephanie. “The Hills is very brutal.”
She adds, “We’ve all grown up. It’s not the original girls moving to LA trying to make it. Right now everyone’s fighting to be the queen or king of LA.”

Right. Because when I think of the king or queen of LA, I think about one of the vapid automatons from the The Hills. These kids are seriously delusional, and also the laziest fuckers I’ve ever met. Stephanie makes $65,000 an episode for doing nothing more than having the same last name as her brother. For half the price, I’d not only change my last name to Pratt, but create tense scenarios by randomly touching my cast-mates breasts. You can’t buy that kind of drama. (Except for the price I mentioned earlier.)

Scope Out More of Stephanie Pratt in a Bikini

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  1. Gorgon

    well what do you know

  2. sean

    i’d plow her, now that she isn’t fat.

    seriously, i’d leave a mess all over her…now that she’s attractive

  3. KIKI

    They published a list of what these retards make and lets just say it will make you ill. Boycott the HILLS! Run FROM the HILLS!

  4. Delgo

    You give her her career Fish so

  5. hooo hooo sexyyy

  6. See Alice

    Do you think her farts stink ?

  7. Randal

    Stephanie, you’ve been a star on The Hills for long enough and I agree, it’s time to spread your wings and get more experience on other shows. You certainly do have talent, so finding work on another show should not be a problem.


  8. corn is the enemy

    Yes #6, they smell like Audrina Partridge

  9. turd the third

    Me thinks there might be one hell of a camel toe there with a decent bathing suit bottom….

  10. SOS

    are these pre or post plastic surgery pics? Her lips look thin but I dunno

  11. Clamhammer

    No but they taste funny.

  12. OK, I’ve never seen “the hills” and really have no idea what is.

    Still, if not for the stupid tattoo above the bikini and the de riguir belly button piercing, I’d h i’d hi t it.

    F r o m Behind.

  13. Amy

    a career on “Biohazard Bitches”? And I thought they had standards.

  14. Dave

    I’ll give her a career… polishing my knob. Once she leaves The Hills how long do you think it will be before she realizes that she’ll never find work again and agrees to come work for me for $1.56 a day?

    I suppose it’ll take her some time to blow through her Hills money… I give it three days.

  15. The first pic looked good but then…

  16. phil

    Ugh. What a fatso.

  17. minx

    $65,000 an episode?? that’s more than i make a year! now i hate those useless dumb bitches more than ever. what the fuck makes them so special to be worth $65,000 for less than 20 minutes of doing nothing on tv?

  18. Uh…Audrina has a reality show? Gross…

  19. I don’t know why so many people like that sexy picture…

  20. JADE

    How old are you idiots? I am guessing you still type with your hand on your d*ck.
    Good morning Mr.Cow………

  21. buuuuh

    When I first read this headline I thought it said “Stephanie Pratt thinks she has cancer”, which would be way awesomer

  22. Peter Pumpkin Eater

    More proof that the world is a horrible, cruel, unfair place…

  23. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    These Pratts all think they are talented. Who gave them such delusions of grandeur?

  24. seriously

    Instead of complaining how it’s not fair get off your butt and sign up for a reality tv show. She ought to ride this out for as long as she can and invest the money but she probably spending it on stupid stuff.

  25. barron

    Where else is Stephanie going to make 1.3MM a year (assuming she does 20 episodes) a year. Is she deluded? She better hang onto that job for as long as she can and save her pennies.

    Where can I sign up to make that kind of coin?

  26. Darth

    Aren’t they gone yet?!

  27. Nero

    We don’t really care if they stay or go or take a drug overdose or whatever.Because we’d never watch.

  28. Gando

    These low gened people posted here should praise the search engines.
    Otherwise we wouldn’t know who they’re.

  29. Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD resciinded

    If this dumb bitch wants her own show, maybe she should try constantly looking upward, like that other dumb bitch Orangina. Worked for her…..

  30. ….nice move.

  31. Honcho

    I hope she doesn’t quit. She is cool. Plus Stephanie Pratt has the sexiest feet in showbiz.

  32. LOL

    I swear I read career as Cancer. I had to backpedal after reading it.

  33. Glad to see she has lost some weight, I hope she is able to stay a healthy thin, but she was clearly the biggest girl on the show and I could have seen that leading to issues down the line for her.

  34. Martina

    Thinks she has a career?
    Let’s see: young blonde ‘actress’ + bikini + casting counch = career”
    Any other questions? I didn’t think so.

  35. They published a list of what these retards make and lets just say it will make you ill. Boycott the HILLS! Run FROM the HILLS!

  36. Hmmmmm.. man she is looking too hot in that pink panty . She has got truly awesome figure. I am really impress by her body . Thanks for sharing such a nice pics of her.

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