Stephanie Pratt in a bikini

July 1st, 2009 // 109 Comments

Following in the constantly mugging footsteps of her brother Spencer, Stephanie Pratt did some canned bikini posing in Miami yesterday. You might remember her from such posts as the girl who claimed starring on The Hills made her bulimic which puts me in sort of an awkward position here. If I say Stephanie looks good, I’m encouraging women to have eating disorders. But if I say she looks bad, then I’m still encouraging eating disorders. So how about I just push Heidi Montag down a well and we call it a draw? That work for you guys? Awesome.


  1. Nice. I like it! :)

  2. hmna

    And we were thisclose to NSFW.

  3. mikeock

    excellant love pillows! Who is this bitch?

  4. Kari

    Hate those bikinis, always makes boobs look smaller:(

    Also, I agree with the Heidi thing.

  5. unvmynutz

    This one will age in dog years…mark my word

  6. unvmynutz

    This one will age in dog years…mark my word

  7. gotmilk?

    from the side, she looks fine, but straight on, that is a terrible bathing suit for her shape. it makes her look like she’s got big ole birthing hips. and everyone knows those tops are terrible. try again!

  8. Deacon Jones

    Holy fuck is this girl beat…

    She looks like a meth head elf from Lord of the Rings in pic 8

  9. Snowpea

    NOSE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Has anyone else noticed this?!!?!?!

  10. pappy smeary

    The hills needs to make stephanie pratt more anorexic. :-D

  11. First thing first, is she obnoxious as the other two non certified professional wrestlers….

  12. marcus

    #2 looks like her vagina just took a dump. what the hell?

  13. Moto Rola

    Her brother gives off the scent of old cheese. I wonder if she does too.

  14. uh

    She’s like the slightly-off doppelganger of Brittany Snow

  15. Pat

    She needs to do a bit more puking.

  16. dink squeeze

    That is not a very flattering swim suit.

  17. misty

    Too bad for her…she looks just like her ugly-ass brother.

  18. Sardonic

    Beach diaper.

  19. guess.

    horrible bikini, nosejob looks good though.

  20. jilly

    what is NSFW?

  21. Justin

    I wouldn’t do her with Spencer’s dick

  22. chupacabra

    never play v-ball in that type of bikini top…unless


  23. Melissa

    What the fuck is canned bikini posing?

  24. Max Planck

    Famously related to famous for being famous.

  25. #21

    Nihil Salva Fortis Work

    I think it is Latin.

  26. pretty pink bikini……….yummy

  27. sperminator

    regardless of the poor choice of bikini,

    she looks good.

    now, if she only achieved it by working out instead of the eating disorder shortcut… it’d be better.

    in any case i think it’s stupid to blame people like her for eating disorders in everyday people.

    these people have a very special “job” which requires them to be TOTALLY scrutinized by the media and the public for their appearances.

    they also get paid obscene amounts of money for that; which may explain why they’d resort to abusing their body to match the expectations.

    now, unless a teenager who goes to school feels that she’s gonna end up on the cover of US Weekly in a bikini, she has no reason to become bulimic or anorexic. she can lose weight the normal way.

    so why blame the celebrities for kid’s problems? i say their problem lays in their stupidity in not realizing the context they live in – anonimity.

  28. Valerie

    Never seen The Hills in my life. However, she’s lucky to be long and lanky, unlucky to have such a wide-hipped bone structure as to all but dissipate her torso. That’s probably why she felt fat or something. She’s not.

  29. Valerie

    btw, WHO is she playing with???

  30. Funeral Guy

    Her body is ugly.

  31. Really? This is the best you got today Fish..?

  32. Valerie

    28–intelligent comment but people are fucking sheep, leave it at that.

  33. Holly

    She tweaked her nose – that’s for sure. Looks better.

  34. Initial_G

    Haha…looks like she grabbed that nasty towel material to dry hands at gas station bathrooms and made a bikini out of it. Worst part is the bottom looks more like a codpiece for her penis.

  35. hmna


    I’ll be nice.

    NSFW = Not Safe For Work.

    You may notice that she had fallen out of her top in the first pic.

  36. YoHighness

    She is pretty young to have boobs that sag that much, but it could just be that she is wearing a bikini that has no support, either that or she used to be overweight and the weight loss caused her boobs to remain saggy?

  37. BonnieBell

    Whoa! Horrid bikini for her body. Makes her look mannish.
    Accentuates her wide hips, makes her breasts look non-existent and droopy, and WTH happened to her butt?

    yeah, FAIL big time.

  38. PunkA

    Someone needs to introduce this bitch to the concept of exercise. Skinny is not sexy, fit is. Fit involves eating well (not bulimia) and physical exercise. Amazing what a little muscle tone in the legs, arms and abs will do for the sex appeal. Not body builder tone, just tone.

    Ohm an she is ugly anyway. She sucks Spencer dong.

  39. lola

    Her body looks great. I don’t see the wide hips. My hips are shaped like that after I had kids and it looks very womanly to me. Not a good swimsuit to play volleyball in

  40. Tom K

    #9. Just noticed the nose job I knew she was looking kind of cute in the face. The body is til a big fucking mess. She looks like a skinny Khloe Kardashian!

  41. Tom K

    #9. Just noticed the nose job I knew she was looking kind of cute in the face. The body is til a big fucking mess. She looks like a skinny Khloe Kardashian!

  42. Tom K

    #9. Just noticed the nose job I knew she was looking kind of cute in the face. The body is til a big fucking mess. She looks like a skinny Khloe Kardashian!

  43. rien

    wow, I saw the thumbnails in my feed and totally thought it was brooke hogan. The fact that I clicked on it anyway probably says something bad..

  44. pi


  45. blahblah

    We sould just say she is ugly and call it a day. Her body is odd shapes and it looks like she has the same head as her brother. not a good look. but nice beach ball. that looks fun.

  46. Carol

    Dumbass pose.

  47. Eva

    Wtf. Her waist line is as wide as her shoulders.

  48. Some Girl

    I think she looks great! Not chubby, not too thin… and her face looks a million times better thanks to the nose job. I like the bikini too. It might not be the most flattering style, but it’s still really cute.

  49. ERICA

    @40- lets keep in mind she doesn’t have any children

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