Stephanie Pratt in a bikini

February 18th, 2009 // 55 Comments

Seen here in Hawaii with the cast of The Hills, here’s Stephanie Pratt who I mistakenly identified as Lauren Bosworth yesterday because I have a sense of dignity and a penis. Anyway, I also included pics of Lauren Conrad eating chips on the beach and not wearing a bikini. Just in case there’s any doubt she has the personality of a rock. Covered in boredom sauce.


  1. cleo


  2. pooper

    She looks like she’s pooping.

  3. pooper

    She looks like she’s pooping.

  4. combustion8

    poor girl, shes trying her best to hide her fat.

  5. p0nk

    Looks like Spencer got all the estrogen in the family.

  6. I don’t know who this is either.

  7. Long Time Reader, First Time Poster

    I don’t think Lauren is eating (fattening) chips; she looks more like a wafer or low-sodium, half-the-fat-baked-cracker type girl.

    And in the first pic it looks like she’s admiring the space between Stephanie’s tits. And wants to start nuzzling, or sucking.

  8. LongHairedMen Dot com

    i LOVE the 90s grunge/lumberjack look. Wanna jam?

  9. InvisibleFacial

    Wow…she has a blond beard too. Just as creepy…

  10. InvertedPenis

    Wow. She is really unattractive. WHY is she on here?

  11. Panthro

    I can smell her snatch from here or maybe i’ll just NUNCHUCK THE SHIT OUTTA Y’ALL

  12. Ali Knievel

    You know, MTV should bring back Laguna Beach but instead of centering it around a new class of stuck up high school kids they could follow Kristin Cavalieri and all the other losers from the 1st two seasons who still live in Laguna with their parents desperately trying to make something of their 15 minutes that were up 3 and half years ago. They could sit around and talk shit about LC and her band of no talent androids who have all become infinitely more famous from a show that’s not half as entertaining as the one that spawned it.

  13. InvertedFacialInvisiblePenis

    Wow..she has a really unattractive blond beard. What an ugly honkey.

  14. Deacon Jones

    Caption for Pic 6:
    “Whoops! I just crapped my thong!”

  15. g_girl


  16. ok go

    Is she related to Spencer Pratt?

  17. She’s famous? She’s ugly, but I do love her sunglasses!!

  18. julie

    whoa – lauren is totally checking out her tits!

  19. joine

    She is so beautiful and charming. She is my favorite. Just saw her on the millionaire & celebrity dating club ____MillionaireLoving. C O M____last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site. Is she single now?

  20. someone else

    This chick isn’t even D list. The fish might as well snapped some pics at a local walmart or better yet get some pics of random bikinis at Miami beach. Would definitely be better to look at than this chick.

  21. sneaky pete

    Lauren is zooooooooomed on Stephanie’s lil titties

  22. sneaky pete

    Lauren is zooooooooomed on Stephanie’s lil titties

  23. NxIxCxKxMxAxNx

    Steph’s titties are huge! Just like Kate Hudson’s, must be fake…

  24. Lauren is all about those tits… which is cool.

  25. whos this middle age looking chic with the sunglasses? you’d think superfish would post some nip slippage for my return…



  27. arkadas bu hatun dolu ya

    bikini seksi k?z ama

  28. Dav

    FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOME REAL TITS!!!!

  29. Dana

    It’s because Lo has chlamydia. I am 100% serious.

  30. Jin

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  31. Tom K

    Nothing worse then two ugly American Blondes! Why are these whores famous again?

  32. average girl on the beach. NEXT!

  33. Funeral GuyF

    For God’s sake, who are these broads? “The Hills”? Who watches this shit?

  34. Jesse

    White chicks are boring. They deserve the hairy beer bellied balding boring white dudes who stick their 4″ mini-penes in them. Let’s move on to some spicy chicks who put all the tedious vanilla ice cream to shame. One Kim Kardashian picture > 100 cracker chick pictures.

  35. Why is this so special in america.

  36. :::::: Steph Pratt wants to be a skinny bitch ::::::

  37. lucy

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  38. Riley

    #34, Kim Kardashian IS white dumbass. She is Armenian, if you don’t believe me look it up. By the way, white guys have bigger dicks than asians and hispanics put together, don’t just base them on the oversized dicks of black guys. Once again, you can look that up too stupid,






  39. Riley

    #34 Actually she is half aremenian (father) and the other half is dutch/scottish decent (mother) she’s even whiter than you think she is…

  40. Oh gawd so The Hills idiots are in Hawaii. Once a TV show hits the road it’s a sign of the end, since the writers are scrambling for new material and too stupid to write something interesting so they just change the setting.

    And don’t tell me this is reality tv, it’s scripted horse shit. Instead of watching TV people should watch sado masochistic porn, with midgets. It’s better entertainment.

    PS: Lauren Conrad has an enlarged clitoris!

  41. ‘Frank’ from 16th floor : As Knee always say – Ok – So – I watch a few movie. And now Mr Binkwad is here on holiday and we here to rate a few movie.
    Binky : Hi Everybody. I’m over here at ‘Franks.’
    ‘Frank’ from 16th Floor : Right.
    So. Let’s – ‘Move it.Move it’ – as they say in the industry.
    ‘Get Smart’
    Binky: Three of us were watching and two of us fell asleep. Didn’t make it to the end. Sorry. I did notice the ‘Cone of Silence’ had been changed.
    ‘Frank’ : ZZZZZZZZZ. Whatever happened to Edward Platt ?
    ‘Slum Dog Millionaire’
    Binky : Ok. Remind me never to visit Bombay or Mom-Bye or whatever they call it now.
    ‘Frank’ : I thought it was quite cute – other than the murders and squalor.
    ‘The Wrestler’
    Binky : All the shirtless contact etc, much like the UFC – looked a bit ‘gay.’ , not that there’s anything wrong with that. Been busy. Not worth the download.
    ‘Frank’ : When’s that Rorake (sp?) guy getting a haircut ?
    Binky : No comment. (Oh. by the way Sean, you rebel, 9/11 was an inside job.)
    ‘Frank’: No comment.
    ‘Happy Go Likely’
    Binky : Turned it off after the apparent stolen bike.
    ‘Frank’ : Good move.
    ‘Benjamin Button’
    Binky : Whose idea was this ?
    ‘Frank’ : The USA needed a bit more ‘Geneva-cool’ torture at Gitmo.
    Binky : Oh.

  42. Justin

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  43. Luilu

    I want to squat over her face with her on the floor, and let loose; let that mildewy, chunky diarrhea splosh down and run into her nostrils, into her open mouth. Then I want to rub my penis over her face, diagonally. Then I want to tickle her eyeballs with my glossy pubes. Then I want to sprinkle parmesean cheese over her cunt and suck that shit off.

  44. kilalc

    Ok yo hills is the bomb , LOL NOT, ok enuff joking , Lauren ur a blow bag ur not even that good looking , Ok u havnt seen my pic but thasts ok because im not famous ,Stephanie Pratt ur that doosh bags sister il anal rape u no worries , from down under , aka kila. and wheres that hedi sjut shes da bomb her tits are mad , my point for this post is lauren , stephanie , hedi ur all sjuts and i wana slap u in the face with my jizz, i hope u enjoyed reading my comments now back to real life , working for 16hr au .

    Stephanie Pratt

  45. Candy O

    Blondes are so yesterday and have always been over rated.

  46. Gar

    Not enough milk engines.

    Fail !

  47. Spanky

    They chick looking at her in pics #1 and#3 is saying . I want to eat that pussy of yours.

  48. Mary

    The girl next to her looks like she is getting a tounge hard on.

  49. This Brooke Hogan look alike has the tiniest toes I’ve ever seen.

  50. dragons lair

    in pic #3, is that a bullet hole in her thigh?

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