Stephanie Pratt formally charged with DUI

October 29th, 2009 // 30 Comments

Seen here conveniently riding a bike yesterday because attention whoring is in her blood, Stephanie Pratt has been formally charged with DUI despite her protests that she was barely drunk. TMZ reports:

Pratt’s two breathalyzer tests registered .08 and .09 — the legal limit is .08 — so she was arrested and held on $5,000 bail.
If convicted, Pratt could face up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

As someone who has driven home many times thinking the glove box was the steering wheel, I feel for Stephanie Pratt because she just hit the legal limit. Then again, kids, you roll the dice anytime you get behind the wheel after drinking, and sometimes you lose. (Except in my case because I stick to the cornfields.)

The More You Know….


  1. First You Bastards

    First you bastards!

  2. Wilks

    because I stick to the corn fields! LMAO.. 1st

  3. Pete O'file

    There wont be jail time, and the Lawyer will cost about 3500, they will bargain for the wet or dry reckless, then she’s back to Douching up our streets.

  4. kjack

    fish sweetheart…its FORMALLY charged, not formerly!

  5. Melissa

    an uncharacteristically funny post, fish

    thumbs up

  6. someonenew

    ya, I’m not a a celebrity and I never got any jail time for a DUI. not that expensive to get out of one. With her budget, she’ll get next to nothing in a plea bargain outside of court. maybe a reckless charge and a few hours of community service.

  7. biz

    best picture/title combo ever.

  8. Ouch

    I have no idea who this chick is, but .8/.9??? That’s a bad piece of luck.

  9. tom

    i, for one, will not be making fun of stephanie. as much as i hate the pratts, this weekend is halloween and i can only imagine if karma comes back to bite me in the ass. dui is embarrassing enough, but a dui while dressed as edward scissorhands is something totally different. they never buy that it’s really hard to steer when you have scissors instead of fingers.

  10. Phil

    Wow. Readers plead to stop posting stuff about Heidi and Spencer, and not only are there continuing posts about them, the coverage expands to even more uninteresting fake-celebrities family members. Add in all the mundane stuff about Jon and Kate and it’s a gigantic F. U. to the readers of this site.

  11. Gimmeabreak

    Hey Phil, why don’t you create your own website? Pretty sure the superficial posts whatever they want without regard to your feelings about the Pratts or Gosselins. You see all those adverts on the sides of the page? That’s how they make their money. It’s not coming from you, so who gives a shit if you’re pleased with it or not?

  12. Fuck You

    How dare she ride her bike, outside too! Fucking bitch! Can’t she leave the poor paparazzi in peace??!!!!!

  13. testington

    What an amature, I blew .211 and only ended up with a misdemeanor, with her money she should get off just fine

  14. Read

    the legal limit is not .08, it is .05. DWAI is .05 and DUI is .08. if you are above .05 then you are subject to arrest and that is it. the DA will eventually charge her with DWAI and she will get a slap on the wrist for her first one.

    but people, realize that the legal limit is .05 and not .08.

  15. Cant say that I give a shit

    She should have BLOWN the cop.

  16. They cropped the photo to leave out the family of file she just ran over and the beer bottles she left behind.

  17. I have no clue who this woman is, but I feel obliged to reaffirm the notion of, “I would hit that”. Even if she likes to steal her shoes from hobos.

  18. Hershey Highway

    She’s cute. I’d like to drill her in the starfish.

  19. shoes

    does anyone know what version of chucks those are? or prolly not chucks.. whatever those shoes are?

  20. don

    Was she also charged with being a dumb vapid cunt? Fucking mouth-breather…

  21. dk

    So she got charged for being a Dumb Useless Idiot?

  22. Eh. Nothing new here. Celebs always get a dui.

  23. Stephanie is also charged with “most obvious hair extensions of the week.” Congrats!

    For natural-looking hair extensions, check out

  24. It’s hard for me to understand that your DUI-limit is so high, and still you’re exceeding it all the time…

  25. bmose

    She will probably get Lindsay’s judge who will be “rooting for her”.

  26. If we replaced Spencer with Stephanie that’d be some cam-whoring you could live with.

  27. Rough intentions

    Shes a bore with clothes on….

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  29. Wow. Readers to stop posting stuff about Heidi and Spencer’s request, and there are not only about their release positions, the more dry fake celebrity coverage is spread by family members. Jon and Kate all the mundane stuff about ADD and the readers of this site is a huge fu.

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