1. Nooken

    Somebody likes their mom a bit too much. Can hardly blame him, she looks pretty good for 42.

    • LEB

      There’s some other chick standing behind his mom, who probably looks really good in her bikini. Still, a rather embarrassing picture.

    • Janice

      That’s not his mum you retards. Didn’t you see the other pictures where they’re all over each other? Like picture 7 and picture 4. I dunno about you, but most guys do not do that shit with their mums.

  2. Ricky Gervais

    Picture #22… wat? Is this Wincest?

  3. fap

    What is this, wtf, just…omg. Not one for the family photo album.

  4. Ismoss

    “Oh mommy its stiff again”

  5. Hugh Gentry

    and people wonder why kids have fantasies about fucking their moms….I guarantee that he’s jerked off to her several dozen times. Totally busted with the boner!!!! HAHA.

  6. Karina

    “mommy does it best….”

  7. Karina

    “Oh let mommy take care of that dear…..”

  8. jim

    picture 22
    “Mom. It happened again.”
    “Oh. Dear. Let me take a look. Might need a little more attention this time to stay down, don’t you think?”

  9. Funeral Guy

    Some things are just wrong. And popping a stiffie at the beach while you’re standing with your bikini clad mom is the wrongest.

    I see the next Norman Bates in the making.

  10. She should probably keep her creeping crone-hands off his waistband next time someone with a camera is nearby.

    • Steve O

      Stfu, seriously.. thats the best you could come up with? You’d ejaculate prematurely if her creeping crone hands got within 13 miles of your thimble of a cock. If youre going to try to insult, at least come up w something worth a fuck, Christ.

  11. Poor kid. If I were his age, and my mom looked like that, and she was fondling anywhere near my junk (as in anywhere within 6 feet of it), I’d get a boner too.

  12. XFX

    Pic #22:

    “Oh crap, I gave my son a boner!”

  13. OKOK

    Oh you dirty minded people. The son popped a chub for the hired help in the background. Mom is just running interference fixing the waistband.

  14. blank

    yeah i think the hired help is what caused him to get that packet of gum in his shorts. but his mother definitely gave me a chubbers.

  15. Ed

    If you think he’s popping a boner for the chick in the background then you obviously missed the pic where he’s grabbing mommy’s boob.

  16. james

    She’s obviously familiar with the big cock on that boy.

  17. Greg

    caption for pic 22: Oh, sweetie, you got your first boner. Here, let me help you with that!

  18. Bi Guy

    That ain’t no boner, check how tight his trunks are. That’s a bulge, the kid is packin’

  19. Incest Mommas boy

    He is young,and his mom is wet and built. I remember being that way. Its normal to be hard with nearly naked woman touching you.

  20. I agree. Really makes you wonder what must be going on at home! If she looks that way outdoors, she really must be showing it inside. He’s probably getting aroused most of the time. I went through a long period seeing my mother in bra and nearly flesh-toned panties. Was always excited.

  21. boner


  22. Jesus man…. =/

  23. bigboy

    Come on you all, any healthy boy that age lives with a constant erection. It not his mom nor anyone in particular. It is just a fact of life..

    Now if that was me! I probably have a heart attack instead of an erection

  24. don’t blame the little peckerhead

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