Stephanie Pratt in a Bikini

June 15th, 2011 // 96 Comments

Two years ago when people somehow slightly knew who she was, Stephanie Pratt used to look like this and this in a bikini which makes me wonder why there’s never a middle ground between bulimia and whatever the hell’s happening in these photos. No, really, Demi Lovato‘s going through the same thing. You’d just assume the cure for eating disorders would be positive reinforcement followed by eating a sensible meal and not throwing it up. Instead it’s apparently, “Super-size those fries, or I’ll shoot you in the goddamn face.” Stop me if I’m making too much sense/never having sex again.

Photo: Flynet


  1. Squids

    Yes, clearly the tragedy here is the weight gain associated with recovering from an eating disorder. God, why didn’t she have the decency to maintain an appealing physique while recovering from a life threatening disease? She shouldn’t have the right to leave her house with that weight gain. Mr. Superficial, I have followed your website and considered it funny and sarcastic untill now. Post some photos of yourself please. I’m sure it would be way less challenging to apply the scrutiny you place on the female celebrities you feature on your site, to your own physical appearance. I only hope others can follow my lead and stop supporting this kind of blatent sexism.

    • toots

      The Superficial is run by a fat old bastard with potato chip stains on his underwear. I will continue to believe so until proven otherwise.

  2. Stephanie Pratt Bikini
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    i guess spencer got all the ass in this family

  3. Stephanie Pratt Bikini
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    She’s hardly fat is she? Jesus.

  4. Stephanie Pratt Bikini
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    she looks nasty….

  5. Stephanie Pratt Bikini
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    still a pretty cute girl, but oh, what a butt-ugly suit….only in hollywood fantasyland would this girl be thought of as less than cute

  6. Stephanie Pratt Bikini
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    just a bad angle

  7. Stephanie Pratt Bikini
    The Voice of Reason
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    I’d hit that. Hard. She looks great. IDK what these anorexic hoes are talking shit for…

  8. Stephanie Pratt Bikini
    The Voice of Reason
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    DAT ASS!

  9. Stephanie Pratt Bikini
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    Say, “please”…

  10. I think everyone’s confusing an eating disorder with a meth addiction.

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