Stella McCartney throws Gwyneth Paltrow a baby shower

February 17th, 2006 // 236 Comments

stella-babyshower.jpgBritish designer Stella McCartney threw a baby shower for Gwyneth Paltrow last week, treating her and a group of friends to an afternoon of pampering courtesy of London spa Aroma Me. According to In Touch magazine, the spa’s owner, Kirstie Garrett, came along to personally ensure that everybody got the very best aromatic treatments. It’s too bad they didn’t go with my idea, which was an afternoon filled with taking turns punching Gwyneth Paltrow in the stomach. You know, because pregnant people love it when you do that.


  1. HughJorganthethird

    I’m more offended by the existence of Gwenyth Paltrow than I am by any abortion debate. Thats why I come to this site.

    I just checked and so far no one has punched G.P. in the stomach yet. Apparently 99.9% of the worlds (non-muslim) population understands what a fucking joke is.

  2. MystressJade

    At first glance at the headline, I thought it said “Stella McCartney throws Gwyneth Paltrow’s baby in the shower”, and wondered why there were 200+ posts on that topic.

    My bad…

    PS This is not the Bill O’Reilly show, so lets get off the politics.

  3. lysistrata11

    #176- That may have been one of the funniest things said yet on the subject. And it actually had to do with making fun of Gwyn instead of random abortion college essays worked into the site. Still laughing a little…

  4. St.Minutia

    Muffin was an abortion debater

    The Superficial posters did hate her

    She should be punched in the gut

    For posting such smut

    And then we could all get back to the real purpose of this site, which is to make fun of douchebagwasteofspacejizsuckingmoron celebrities and not waste time debating public policy


  5. Maeve97

    Susie Q- thanks for the help but i don’t have “comment display options” on my screen or on my work computer screen.
    or i could be retarded and unable to read?

  6. Zanna

    Good poing 195 (Tai Tai) I think they wanted to take the long weekend off and thought, what could we do to get them all riled up before we go? And for a “stupid” story (and I even commented on what a non-story it was at first)….now seems like a brilliant ploy. Oh the Lord worketh in mysterious ways….

  7. Zanna

    I don’t have comment display options either. I think Suzie-Q might be one of the various editors and has that option whereas we wouldn’t.

  8. zena marie

    Not that anyone cares, but I adamantly disagree with Muffin’s stance on abortion… however, she’s one of the few posting here who sound like they use their heads for something other than an anal suppository.

    I remember when this site used to be funny…hmmm maybe I don’t remember that. Teh misogyny the standard chow here is pretty lame and; like a lot of other initially good sites, this one has become dominated by a few regulars who are hugely impressed with their own “wittiness”.
    Actually, I think PapaHotNuts, LaydeeBug, and HollyJ are all the same person and he has a lot of time to post here because of a rather lengthy term in the big house.

    But hey… that’s just my opinion and you know what they say about opinion… now where’s my suppository.

  9. LaydeeBug

    209 – yeah we’re the 3-headed dog Cerberus only we’re called LaydePapaHollyNuts and we guard the gates of the Superficial website.

    I call threesome with Mistress Jade manning the video camera and jumping in now and then.

  10. maggixial

    I think I know what would cheer everyone up. Dead baby jokes.

    What is the difference between a baby and a onion?
    No one cries when you chop up the baby.

  11. Maeve97

    Zanna- i’m glad you don’t have the comment display option either. i thought there was something wrong with me. thanks for letting me know.

  12. M’kay, peeps, here’s the line that shows the person who wrote the story isn’t a mean widdle baby killer, in case y’all missed it:
    “You know, because pregnant people love it when you do that.”
    Obviously pregnant “people” do not like this, and this was meant as a joke… much clearer do you need this to be?
    Lighten up, it’s a site that mocks the foibles of celebs; if you can’t see that maybe you need to go back to your Bill O’Reilly fan club message board.

  13. Michael1

    Yeah Sefronia777 I totally agree! and
    lets ram an I-beam up yur flabby arse and watch you wiggle on it — you’d love it.
    AHAhahahhah oh hohoho That ‘s was so funny! C’mon Seffie that was a joke. or Maybe you need to go to the Howard Stern message board, babeeee.

  14. CelebGossipAficionado

    I hope you’re happy people. I was content masturbaing to David Hasselhoff photos until I read these posts. Somehow a dry prego joke managed to put a stick up some folks butt 200+ posts high. Well it stops here. Why the uproar over a written joke, when Britney Spears is ACTUALLY driving using her kid as an airbag? Or Michael dangling (somebody’s kid) over a balcony? Or better yet, the LARGE amount of people who will never be more than the residue on the bottom of America’s shoe but have 5,6 or 7 kids simply for the gov’t check that the kids don’t benefit from? You want to be a bleeding heart? pursue those situations that are actually happening and stay off these threads…. I sure hope Tom Cruise hurries the hell up with that time machine Lord Xenu made for me, cause I’m going back in time to punch Blythe Danner in the stomach just so we can avoid this Gwyenth Paltrow debacle. No need to thank me folks, just killing two birds with one stone. Ha! Get it?

  15. zena marie

    Wow Talk about stick up the ass CelebGossipAficionado #215. Looks like peoples’ comments put one up yours.

    Gotta love it when people take offense to people taking offense.

  16. diamondprynzez

    Muffin, you fucking waste of space, stop trying to turn this lame ass post into an abortion debate. Your logic is laughable, so obviously, you don’t have the finesse of a debater. And do you really think you can really change a pro-choicer’s mind on the issue? I didn’t think so either.

    Anyhow, you’re probably one of those dumbasses who believe in the intelligent design theory and believe Darwin was an idiot. If thats not true, you would know that in matters of survival, a living being is judged at the level of the individual, rather than at the level of society. So some people get abortions so that they can survive. Some people don’t need to.

    Shut the fuck up and stop trying to “school” people who obviously just wanna come here and have a little laugh.

  17. jennyjenjen

    #179 you made me laugh out loud,probably not as loud as the superficial writers are laughing at all you asses who are taking this sight too seriously!

  18. MystressJade

    #210 Laydee…Tell me where and when

  19. vanya_k

    #210 & #219 better make it a foursome and include jennyjenjen because if she can suck **** as well as she’s trying to suck up to the superficial writers in #218 looks like you’re in for a good blow.

  20. gogoboots

    Gwyenth Paltrow shouldn’t even be on here, she barely controversial as is. She’s just extremely fertile and married to a shitty singer for a shitty band. Case closed.

  21. Hey, Michael One,
    No irony in threatening me with physical force when your panties are in a bunch about a post joking about alleged physical force against Queen Paltrow.
    Ummmm….So you are angry about the violence implied in the joke….and then scream at others you are going to harm them if they disagree with you.
    An ironic inherent contradiction at a Dull Normal level, I love it. Keep it coming.
    Er, I think you should go to the Howard Stern board…….he’s everything you are..crass, humourless and narcissistic.


  22. hey can’t we all get along and put our hatred to better use? like hating K-fed? look what he’s saying now, that tool!

  23. The Scarlet Bitch

    I haven’t commented in a while now, but this is getting friggin ridiculous.

    I can’t read one friggin post without a “oh no he didn’t!thats so despicable! who would write that?!” comment, and it’s driving me up the freaking wall.

    So he made a joke about punching her in the stomach while she’s pregnant. Is he actually going to? no. The whole point being? IT’S A FRIGGIN JOKE.

    Who’s to say what is and what isn’t good or bad taste, but if you don’t get the humour, or you don’t like it, promptly FUCK OFF and watch Oprah. Because some people like jokes about pregnant women being punched, and stores about ninja’s and cyborg hitlers, because THEY DON”T TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY, and can have a laugh at the stupidity and absurdity.

    Don’t come here and rant and rave and turn this into a debate about ethics. Because it’s not. This site is dedicated to talking about Gwyneth getting punched in the stomach, Britney eating cheeto’s like their going out of business and farting like a horse, and all that other trashy shit.

    As I said, you can’t deal with that, GO ELSEWHERE, don’t let it phase you that you have to stand there on your high horse lecturing about ethics and morals. People don’t give a shit, and carrying on because “omg, I was pregnant once” or “I have children” is no reason to not get a grip over a flippant comment. You people need lives.

    All my love xx

  24. Michael1

    Looks like you a-l-m-o-s-t got the point Seffie #222 but then it zinged right over your head. Not surprised — more amused, but only briefly.

    Wiggle hard LoL

  25. Cheyenne_1

    Y*A*W*N* Scarlet Bitch. is that the best you can do?
    The consensus here among our little gathering (7 people) is that you’re a transvestite (not that there’s anything wrong with that) with an overly inflated sense of your own importance and effect because you can make the other drag queens on your block cower.
    Can you confirm?

  26. jugsgirl

    This thread was funny last week.

    Hopefully, our superficial lord posts a few good stories this week –so maybe we can discuss more superficial issues like euthanasia, reparations, or maybe just maybe the kennedy assasination.

  27. meFailEnglish?

    So THIS is what the Thunderdome would be like if you filled it with bored housewives.

  28. ladyaliasbns

    I wonder if anyone’s even checking this post out anymore, but if so, for educational purposes…

  29. ladyaliasbns
  30. jennyjenjen

    whoa.. 220 chill.. anger issues??

  31. AyuChan

    You guys are a bunch of pussies, you know this site is offensive, don’t read it if you don’t like it. P.S. I kick pregnant women all the time, they love it.

  32. RP

    #125-i only registered for this site just so i could tell u that urs is the only comment that has ever made me laugh out loud!

    n this muffin character–holy crap CHILL, let’s not show off higher education in a forum where it doesn’t count for two shits.

  33. mia

    #218 jennyjenjen: spanderson, is that you?

  34. jennyjenjen

    Mia.. Nope.. Just Jen.

  35. i love reading those stupid comments

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