Stella McCartney throws Gwyneth Paltrow a baby shower

February 17th, 2006 // 236 Comments

stella-babyshower.jpgBritish designer Stella McCartney threw a baby shower for Gwyneth Paltrow last week, treating her and a group of friends to an afternoon of pampering courtesy of London spa Aroma Me. According to In Touch magazine, the spa’s owner, Kirstie Garrett, came along to personally ensure that everybody got the very best aromatic treatments. It’s too bad they didn’t go with my idea, which was an afternoon filled with taking turns punching Gwyneth Paltrow in the stomach. You know, because pregnant people love it when you do that.


  1. manunited

    I don’t have it in me to argue again. I do, however, have it in me to go up to my dearest co-worker who is pregnant and see what reaction I get out of her if I try to punch her stomach. I am guessing her reaction will be something along the lines of “Bitch, you’ve been reading the Superficial again haven’t you? That’s hilarious! Go ahead, punch away!!”

  2. mamacita

    Whoa. Did #30 seriously just speak on behalf of all humanity (anyone who’s had a baby, has a wife who had a baby, or who has a mother……gee that’s pretty much everyone in the human race) and say how trashy that joke was. Geez!!!! Gimme a break here!! No, it’s not as funny as the usual stuff, but if it’s that offensive, then don’t read it! Is this really that complicated? I can’t believe how everyone is getting so bent out of shape about that comment. Did we seriously just go from a joke about Gwyneth Paltrow to an abortion debate? I have my very staunch opinion about abortion, but is all of this commentary on that particular issue really necessary?

    LaydeeBug-I have to agree with you on both points-he IS a genius and apparently, people ARE too easy.

  3. PapaHotNuts

    Even though I didn’t want to comment on the “punching in the stomach thing”, I do realize it’s a fucking joke. So I suggest to all the people who are trying to preach and pass some kind of legislation because the Superficial made a joke they don’t agree with, PRIVATELY email the editor and let him/her know your feelings. Otherwise, let people have a good time.

    PS- Check out my post on the Michael Jackson pic about me selling my kids into molestation. It’s in really poor taste but funny!

  4. mamacita

    #51-You are cracking me up! Just make sure you drink a Red Bull or a Double Shot or something first so you can both get the full effect.

  5. This is all comment #1′s fault. Thanks a lot, Jerk Face.

  6. manunited

    I’ve already had about 3 red bulls and am about to rip a line at my desk so every pregant woman in Soho better watch the fuck out!

  7. mamacita

    Did anyone else notice this?

    #1 says

    “I’m all for making fun of celebrities. Even the repetitve to the point of tiresome jokes about druggin models put a sinful smile on my face. However, when it’s about causing a miscarriage, essentially murdering a kid who hasn’t done anything entertainingly stupid yet, it’s bordering on either: really soulless, or having such bad writer’s block that you could find nothing else to write about but a baby shower and a one line joke about killing an unborn baby.”


    #17 On the Michael Jackson comments says:

    “I’m all for making fun of celebrities. Even the repetitve to the point of tiresome jokes about druggin models put a sinful smile on my face. However, when it’s about giving fat ugly ex-nurses $4 million dollars, essentially making her rich, it’s bordering on either: really soulless, or having such bad writer’s block that you could find nothing else to write about but a divorce settlement and a one line joke about a quadriplegic mute.”


  8. LaydeeBug

    Is it wrong that this is turning me on?

  9. LaydeeBug

    I’d hit it! Bwa ha ha ha

  10. manunited

    “Unborn fetis’ are Hot” – Paris Hilton

  11. #56 Take that global over population! Twins require the old 1-2 combo.

  12. PapaHotNuts

    #60 actually forced me laugh out loud.

  13. Muffin

    #50 comes here to goof off, I come here to see the funny posts and if there’s something interesting brewing in the comments well there’s something interesting brewing in the comments. If you want to see the “superficial” side of things, you can stick to the pics and the editor’s posts. If you want to see what people might have to say behind the posts, why the hell not? So talk a bunch of silly talk about drinking red bull and punching pregnant women in the stomach, and yeah, great, somehow you’ve said something really funny. Life is just a big joke I guess. But you’re free to say that, aren’t you? Then I should be free to invite anyone to tell me why, if it is wrong to punch a pregnant woman in the stomach, is it not wrong to suck the contents out of her stomach by sterilized instruments? If no one has a good answer, which apparently no one does, then my inquiry has been answered: there isn’t a good answer.

  14. msjenn

    its a joke, people. isn’t that why we read this site? for the sarcastic humor?

    get over it.

  15. And there you have it.

  16. manunited

    Muff: if you’re saying my life is a joke… guess what? YOU’RE RIGHT & life is grand!

  17. LaydeeBug

    OK THAT’S IT!!! (Takes off jacket)

    Muffy, honey, look in the news. The flipping avian virus is in Nigeria, and now Romania. It is s l o w l y creeping in our direction.

    So, knowing that I will be dead in a year or so from some disgusting bird disease makes it OH SO MUCH easier for me to laugh at Gwyneth getting punched, KNOWING, that it won’t actually happen.


  18. Muffin

    You know what? Some issues are serious and some are not. A finely tuned sense of humor picks up on this. Once you’re able to treat serious things seriously maybe the funny will fall in line… read C.S. Lewis, he was good for more than children’s fiction.

  19. Why would they suck the contents out of her stomach? Oh, she was OD’ing on alcohol and X…Good thing no one punched her, they might’ve hurt the baby.

  20. manunited

    you have to HAVE a sense of humor in order to finely tune it. Suck it Muff!

    damn it, I told myself I wasn’t going to get sucked into this today. Muff – you’re lucky I have meetings this afternoon or else… but I cannot speak for Laydee & she’s a finely tuned pro!

  21. PapaHotNuts

    Muffin, how old are you?

  22. lysistrata11

    #51-Still laughing my ass off (maybe this guy should be the writer since apparently everyone has such a damned problem with the other guy.)

    Ok, seriously people. IT’S A JOKE. Let’s not discuss abortion, politics, or religion on here…let’s just talk about ridiculous things and take a break from the serious. That’s what this website is all about and if you don’t like it, leave. You won’t win any debating trophies, if that’s what you’re looking for (ahem. not going to name names) Anywho, let’s all put on our happy faces again and not let a little off-color joke put us into crazed bipolarity. (I usually love your site but…)

    Laydeebug- I agree with you on the writer’s intentions. I mean, damn, I just spent how much time typing this crap?

  23. LaydeeBug

    mmmmm….muffins. Corn muffin, lightly toasted with butter and s littel schmear of jelly.

    I love muffins.

  24. Muffin

    Hey, why so personal manunited? I have a sense of humor. I mean, no one’s perfect, but we try, we fail, we try again. I’ll try harder next time but I’m still looking for a direct answer to a direct question. If it’s wrong, if it’s criminal to punch a pregnant lady, what is the difference (besides the legality of the thing) between that and in going about it in a controlled medium? The action is essentially the same, the pain the little one feels is no less diminished (maybe it is less painful to be dealt a fatal blow than otherwise, but that’s just speculation), and the end result, a dead unborn child, is the same. So you can tell me I don’t have a sense of humor but if you can’t answer my question just admit it. Personal attacks aside, cut straight through. You’re a man, I know you can do it.

  25. LaydeeBug

    Uhhh, Muff, you got a coupla things wrong with Man U. (don mess wit Man U)

    And one question…..Is this a personal issue with you? Did someone punch you in the stomach?

  26. lysistrata11

    You know what Muffin…you started the talks about abortion now how about if you end shutting up. No, really, it’s a funny website not a place to randomly throw in debates about pro-life/pro-choice.

    And leave C.S. Lewis out of it for goodness sakes. He had no idea that after his death, someone would use him as a reference in an illogical comment. The man was a good writer and doesn’t deserve that.

  27. manunited

    Muff: I have enough family, friends & co-workers to argue with over politics, religion and other serious issues. I come here to screww off with a bunch of strangers to bash a bunch of over-paid, waste-of-skin blowhard celebs because it’s fun and I love seeing what others have to say.
    But please take your self-righteous attitude somewhere else… I am sorry if you don’t have anyone else to try to brainwash into listening to you ramble on & on but that’s your personal issue not ours!

  28. LaydeeBug

    #74 – “So you can tell me I don’t have a sense of humor but if you can’t answer my question just admit it.”

    So what’s your question, Muffy?

  29. Muffin

    #75 yep it’s personal but not perhaps in the way that you are imagining. And you’ve shown that you have a very vivid imagination. #76 no I think that abortion was mentioned in a comment that came before I entered the scene. About C.S.: should no one ever use literary references for the rest of time? I mean what writer does think “oh, 50 years after my death…”? There goes the entire study of literature, interpretation and criticism. Just people you happen to disagree with should shut up? What?

  30. Does this mean the good guys win?

  31. Muffin

    Question for #79: if you, or anyone on here, admits that it is wrong to punch a pregnant woman in the stomach because of the possible onset of fetal death, how is that essentially different from an abortionist doing the same? How is the one wrong, the other okay?

  32. PapaHotNuts

    I wasn’t going to join ManU and Ladyeebug on this topic. I wasn’t going to preach against them either. But Muffin is proof that punching some women in the stomach during pregancy wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

  33. manunited

    I think we need to start screening for teenagers who learn about something one day & start preaching on gossip blog sites the next. Muff: shouldn’t study hall be used for studying and not logging onto the S’Fish?

  34. lysistrata11

    I never said I disagreed with you about abortion. It is a cruel, horrible thing to do to an unborn child, however, you are on the wrong website to discuss (with absolutely no brevity) this horrible “procedure”. Just because you feel like saying something about a topic (and feel like going on and on and on about it) doesn’t mean that it is the right time or place for such a discussion.

    Find a chatroom that is specifically for this purpose and leave the superficial alone about it. Jeez. And yes, C.S. Lewis is rolling in his grave right now.

  35. PapaHotNuts

    Like her mother. 8 weeks into her pregancy with Muffin.

  36. Oh, abortion…I mentioned that the joke SHOULD have been about abortion…not a silly little punch to the baby-maker. Sorry for dragging you into this Muffin, you’re basically a cupcake without the frosting.

  37. LaydeeBug

    I think SoCalGal’s little sister showed up.

    Oh, and who’s C. S. Lewis? (JK)

  38. LaydeeBug

    Ooh, I love a good, juicy melee, cuz it was pretty boring here yesterday until Kid Rock showed up.

  39. Kate

    All these people complaining about the comment remind me of the guy in Good Morning Vietnam who hated Robin Williams’ humor but thought Henny Youngman was hilarious.

    Lighten up, people. These are the jokes that are told here. If they’re too off color for you, don’t come here anymore. Its really that simple.

  40. PapaHotNuts

    Muffin’s name in Greek means “A Whale’s Vagina.”

  41. Muffin

    Ouch you guys are mean!!! Sorry to ruffle so many feathers, well, not really, but to clarify: I’m 21. I graduated from college last May. I work full-time as an accounts manager. Well, when I’m not checking out the “S-Fish.” Muffin is the name of my dog. I couldn’t think of anything else for a screen name so that seemed as good as the next thing. I didn’t get fed a line about this issue when growing up. If anything, I stood in stark contrast to the rest of my friends at a New York public highschool. The issue was almost predominantly given to me from the other perspective. I heard about it and I thought about it. The “S-Fish” is supposed to be for the non-thinking portion of the day. Seems like plenty of people were thinking the post was terrible long before I jumped in. Anything else?

  42. iamboredatwork

    I will tell you what the difference between abortion and punching someone in the stomach is-one is legal and one is considered a crime. So all you bible thumping Bush supporters take it up with him to stop it from happening instead of wasting your time on a silly website. Use your time constructively. I think you all forgot that this website is called the Anyone who takes that too seriously needs to get a life.

  43. jugsgirl

    Hey Muffin Honey-

    If you need it, I’ve got some midol in my medicine cabinet -(its going to waste cause i’m knocked up).

    Feel Better Soon

  44. manunited

    I’d like to hear more about the Whale Vag.

  45. lysistrata11

    Oh, Good Morning Vietnam…such a great movie. It’s a shame that I see Robin Williams saying nanu nanu with a stripper on his lap everytime I think of him or his movies.

  46. LaydeeBug

    Oh, I remember being 21.

    My issue was Anarchy in the UK and legalizing pot and making sure I got to CBGB’s before 12:00 pm for the Sunday Hardcore Matinee.

    Oh, and beer and the getting to know Roe V Wade.

  47. ESQ

    I agree with comment #14 – my sister is having another baby and she even thinks having another baby shower is way overboard.

    As for punching a pregnant woman in the stomach, not good Superficial, not one of your better stories. However, if you made reference to punching her after the baby was born, that is a totally different story.

    Once again to all the haters out there, if you can’t handle this site may I suggest to you all “The O’Reilly Factor”

  48. LaydeeBug

    Hey, jugs, good on ya! How far along are ya? Stay away from the tummy-punchers, ‘kay?

  49. lysistrata11

    #92…Why did you have to go into Bible-thumping Bush mode? Can someone please reboot the non-thinking machine? Maybe it’s the batteries or something…

  50. LaydeeBug

    I hate Bush, but I love BUSH’s first album and I like my bush trimmed and neat.

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