Stefani To Continue With No Doubt

gwen_stefani_thumb1.jpgI remember this one time me and the devil were walking along, enjoying the day, and he told me he’d give me one wish (He also mentioned something about ‘soul forfeiting’ and a bunch of other stuff but he was kinda rambling so I’m like “hey devil – just get to the goddamn point already”). So he asks me what my wish is and so I asked for world peace. And he’s like “you sure you wouldn’t rather have No Doubt get back together?” I wasn’t sure, but then he promised to throw in a slushy. Anyway, it appears that my wish will eventually be granted, because it says here that Gwen Stefani plans to make another album with her band No Doubt once she gets more time on her hands.

That’s the plan. I really didn’t know that it would take so long to make Love Angel Music Baby. Then we ended up putting a greatest hits record out and that took up time. We went on tour. It was amazing. I never intended for this record to take so long, but I want to ride this wave while it’s out there.”

You can thank me later.

Stefani Still Has No Doubt Plans [ContactMusic]

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