Stassi Got Fired From Vanderpump Rules For Calling Lisa Old

Somehow this site has a sizable female audience except now I’m going to cut that in half by assuming all of them love reality TV because making women horribly regret showing an interest in me is my life’s work. So who’s ready to dish, girls?! Turns out there’s a reason Stassi Schroeder basically started marketing her sex tape on the Vanderpump Rules reunion special, and it’s because she’s been fired from everything for calling Lisa Vanderpump old. TMZ reports:

Lisa Vanderpump tells TMZ Stassi is moving on to less catty pastures, and both sides agreed it was the right time for her to go.
LV says Stassi is not only off the show — she’s also off the clock, OFF camera at Sur … and the rest of Lisa’s restaurants.

And the hilarious punchline is these are people we all took the time to read and/or write about. If anyone needs me, I’ll be cutting George Zimmerman off in traffic and letting nature take its course. *puts on blackface* (You can’t be too careful.)

Photos: Instagram