Star Jones is fat and whiny

Star Jones is still grasping at fame and has it in her head that somebody is out to get her after it was falsely reported her marriage to Al Reynolds was over.

“These categorically false stories and their continuation are clearly being generated by someone for vindictive reasons alone,” the former View cohost, 44, says in a statement issued by her publicist. The statement goes on to say that the couple’s “legal representatives have been investigating the source and motivation of these boldfaced lies for some time now and are very close to exposing the individual who has perpetrated them. At which time, appropriate legal action will be taken.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if Star Jones leaked the story herself. Since leaving The View the only thing she’s got going in her life is lunch. And dinner. And the bucket of popcorn she has while driving to McDonalds.

NOTE: I don’t care how much weight she loses, Star Jones will always be the fat chick on The View that got knocked on her ass by a football.