Star Jones is an inspiration

November 6th, 2007 // 86 Comments

Star Jones was scheduled to speak at an event in Detroit for the non-profit organization Full and Fabulous in February of last year. The organization helps low-income overweight teen girls and their mothers work on self-esteem and their weight. However, Star Jones failed to show when the organization couldn’t come up with her $25,000 asking price. Instead she ran wild with what money she did receive, according to NY Daily News:

Jones took their $17,000 deposit, two air tickets she upgraded to first class on their dime, and a suite in a five-star hotel – but never showed up for the event at Detroit’s Martin Luther King Jr. High School when Full and Fabulous couldn’t come up with the rest of the cash. Instead, she went to the Super Bowl (which was being held in Detroit) and a fashion show, and arranged her own book-signing at a Borders.

The girls and their mothers frantically tried to make up the difference and even hit up Super Bowl parties requesting donations. But Star Jones wouldn’t budge. When the news finally surfaced last week, she tried to defend herself in the media:

Jones defended herself last week after TMZ blasted a video across the Internet of her saying Full and Fabulous broke a contract when it didn’t come up with the money. But a Detroit judge decided that Jones should pay the group back. “We have a judgement against her for $20,000,” Dumas-Pugh told us.

TMZ is also saying that Star Jones “didn’t get ‘the level’ hotel that she requested when she went to stay in Detroit, nor was any ground transportation provided.” Well, when you put it like that, then hell yeah she deserved to bail. I mean, c’mon, just because these girls are poor doesn’t mean Star Jones has to stay in a mediocre hotel and, I dunno, pay for a taxi. Everyone knows you don’t do charity events for free. That’s Assholery 101. Even Paris Hilton gets it. And she’s half-retarded.

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  1. stephanie

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  2. Feckless

    From the forehead down she looks like a rat.

  3. stephanie

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  4. Ivory

    Weird. Usually it’s easy to get niggas to a charity.

  5. Lysol

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  6. KamUK

    What a low down piece of shit bitch, she is no STAR. Can’t she be renamed TRASH JONES.

  7. stephanie


    Yeah!! I have my own little troll to abuse and be amused by!

  8. Duane Chapman

    Do you see now why I don’t want my son dating these women?

  9. cactusman

    You can take the nagger out of KFC but you CAN NEVER TAKE THE KFC OUT OF THE NAGGER!

    Oh and Star J. is a nagger.

  10. cactusman


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  11. I laughed at 10…

    I’m probably going to hell…

  12. gnipgnop

    Look at the size of the fuckin melon on that thing!!! Its enormous! How does her stalk-like neck manage to hold that fuckin punkin up? What a clown!

  13. isitin

    She is one ugly woman.


    Them bat wings are real attractive on you Star

  15. Star Jones

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  16. CJ

    Star Jones has had so much sunshine blown up her azz she really, really believes she’s all that. Her personality, through thick and less thick, has always been ugly and self-serving. She is a hypocrite, a liar, and no one anyone should look to for inspiration…please!!!

  17. weirdo

    I would’nt wipe my ass with that face. My shits too valuable.

  18. stephanie


    Yeah!! I have my own little troll to abuse and be amused by!

    Pass the shit, please.

  19. AmeriCanadian

    I’ve always hated that fat wheezing self-important whore. I didn’t like “The View” but I couldn’t even watch 5 mins of it cause I couldn’t stand the sound that beached fucking whale made when she inhaled…really, made me want to take an icepick to my eardrums.

    I hate that #%#$% bitch with a passion.

  20. i dont fukin know who she is

  21. Mama Pinkus

    That gal looked MUCH better when she was plus-sized

  22. AmeriCanadian

    OMG…I made the mistake of clicking on one of the pics…even uglier / more disgusting “blown up.” ick, ick, ick. WTF…nice roots! Makes it look like she’s got scabs on her scalp..or perhaps an infestation of some sort. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrffffffffffffffffffffff. She looks like a walrus or something.

  23. Lady Sin


  24. AmeriCanadian

    Lady Sin: Me toooooooooooooooooooooooooo…I have for years, though. I’m an “original.” :D

  25. sva1994

    God what a bitch.

  26. yep

    its ok
    what GOES around comes Around
    Star You’re F*cked now!

  27. ha8ter

    Formerly huge fat people should NEVER so sleeveless- those flapping underarms are gross.
    She is a pig, and a rude one at that.

  28. George Best

    Maybe they should have paid 5000 and gotten Nell Carter instead. What was Star going to tell them? How to get so fat that exercise is fruitless(just like their diets) so go get surgery to get rid of the fat and then other stupid black people will pay you money to tell them you took the easy way out?

    Then again, she is the perfect speaker for a black convention.

  29. Juliana

    Why you guys gotta hate on Jessica?

  30. IWONKY

    If they had gotten Nell Carter that would have been some event #79 – Nell had a heart attack and died in January of 2003…well, I think the exhumation itself would have cost more than five grand and they would have incurred even greater costs to re-animate her and deodorize and such. Still maybe they could have made their money back on the investment from the throngs of people who would pay good money just to see Nell Carter, once again.

  31. Shallo Val is a bitch, I know......w/e

    Not for nothing, but assuming that the “low-income overweight teen girls and their mothers” are black, I imagine they tried to get a formerly overweight black american woman who’s successful, and since they probably couldn’t get Oprah, they tried for Star.

    This is a lesson on not picking “high profile” people only based on their skin color because, (1) the poor women and daughters were duped by one of their own color, and (2) just picking a “formerly fat WOMAN” regardless of color would have still done the job. Star Jones don’t come from the hood and she don’t care about the hood.

    AND ON TOP OF THAT, she’s a fucking bitch and self-aggrandizing money-grubbing pig.

  32. bijou

    oh this makes me so mad. Precisely the reason those girls have low self esteem in the first place because their so-called “role models” are peck-nosed divas.

    I’m originally from Detroit and the last thing that city needs is someone who could bring some positive messages (I can’t believe I’m saying that about Star Jones, but I think that was the original intent) back out on account of the lack of luxury she is provided.

    She may have lost a bunch of weight but this makes her one of the ugliest people ever.

  33. elva

    her hairstyle is like the most popular one this year. i like her decoration on her waist. i saw she is on a dating site called once, maybe she is finding her friends. i know she is very good.

  34. thenobz

    big fat arms = bingo wings!

  35. Nice Person

    Star is the biggest cunt in the world.
    All the bad things said about her are true

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