Star Jones is an inspiration

November 6th, 2007 // 86 Comments

Star Jones was scheduled to speak at an event in Detroit for the non-profit organization Full and Fabulous in February of last year. The organization helps low-income overweight teen girls and their mothers work on self-esteem and their weight. However, Star Jones failed to show when the organization couldn’t come up with her $25,000 asking price. Instead she ran wild with what money she did receive, according to NY Daily News:

Jones took their $17,000 deposit, two air tickets she upgraded to first class on their dime, and a suite in a five-star hotel – but never showed up for the event at Detroit’s Martin Luther King Jr. High School when Full and Fabulous couldn’t come up with the rest of the cash. Instead, she went to the Super Bowl (which was being held in Detroit) and a fashion show, and arranged her own book-signing at a Borders.

The girls and their mothers frantically tried to make up the difference and even hit up Super Bowl parties requesting donations. But Star Jones wouldn’t budge. When the news finally surfaced last week, she tried to defend herself in the media:

Jones defended herself last week after TMZ blasted a video across the Internet of her saying Full and Fabulous broke a contract when it didn’t come up with the money. But a Detroit judge decided that Jones should pay the group back. “We have a judgement against her for $20,000,” Dumas-Pugh told us.

TMZ is also saying that Star Jones “didn’t get ‘the level’ hotel that she requested when she went to stay in Detroit, nor was any ground transportation provided.” Well, when you put it like that, then hell yeah she deserved to bail. I mean, c’mon, just because these girls are poor doesn’t mean Star Jones has to stay in a mediocre hotel and, I dunno, pay for a taxi. Everyone knows you don’t do charity events for free. That’s Assholery 101. Even Paris Hilton gets it. And she’s half-retarded.

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  1. Skip Smith


  2. meyou

    blah blah blah

  3. Skip Smith

    I’m not a retard, you are! Retard.

  4. martino

    she’s classy

  5. Skip Smith

    Anyone who tries to post first and all they post is “first” is a retard.

  6. VG

    and by first i mean her skin is sagging.

  7. martino

    poor fat girls

  8. veggi

    They invite a stapled nig to DETROIT to meet with fat nigs who can’t hold jobs and their already fat and lazy kids. And she doesn’t show up for work. Shocking.

  9. D.

    #7. I agree completely. That’s why I added a question mark. You should be ashamed, #4.

  10. double entendre

    poor fat girls

  11. Italian Stallion

    What was she going to teach them anyway? How to get your stomach stapled………

  12. Clem

    It’s hard to contrive of a more odious person, but well done to Star Jones for making the nightmare a reality.
    She looks like a darker, fat, Nicole Richie.

  13. doodie

    i would fuck the shit out of her. can we take bets on how many weeks, months, years, it will take her to put her weight back on?

    has anybody listened to her talk? she has the most annoying wheez. even though she lost all that weight, her pathetic ass still isnt in shape enough to speak like a normal person.

    like i said, i would still fuck the shit out of her. and then eat it.

  14. Blondamnation

    what a selfish diva. Why do they want her anyway? She’s not “full” anymore, thanks to plastic surgery, and she sure as fuck hasn’t ever been fabulous.

    She has the most gigantic bug eyes I’ve ever seen (on a non-alien.)

  15. sicasso

    once a sow, always a sow.

  16. Tiny

    What a CUNT!!

  17. hegadeth

    Wow, she looks like she could be like one of those flying squirrels with all that excess sagging arm flesh. Or a money devouring, self absorbed, media starved giant bug-eyed Pterodactyl. As much as I hate the stupidly large sunglasses trend, it would work on her.

  18. Blondamnation

    #15 thanks so much for sharing how you’d ‘fuck the shit out of her and then eat it” ….(are you in 7th or 8th grade?) you’re hilarious, really, you should be a writer or, something.

    I can’t see you, but I have a pretty good idea of what you look like, and picturing anyone with Star Jones is enough to make me,……wait…..ugh I got sick.
    You’d probably sleep with her dog too. Go find a porn site please, I haven’t eaten that much today and I don’t want to dry heave when I read your next post.

  19. Riotboy


    /fo reals

  20. kpol

    Star is a bitch. Whoever was willing to pay $25,000 to have her speak to a bunch of kids deserves a seat on the short school bus or a straight jacket. Actually, the judge is the only person in this story I don’t want to slap. It’s a shame the judge couldn’t throw Star in jail for a few centuries.

    Today’s stories are boring. Where’s Britney????

  21. gotmilk?

    wtf is going on with all that glitter? jesus christ take it down a couple hundred notches Star! and what’s up with her chest in the 3rd picture?

    and nice “2nd wave” arm fat going on there. everything about her is just blugghhhhghg

  22. Duh

    She’s SO GROSS!!! Bug eyes, flabby arms, bitch attitude…she’s a disgrace, seriously. Those girls are better off not having to listen to her stand up there and spew a bunch of BS about how she lost weight…she CHEATED and had SURGERY!!!

  23. sensitive guy

    Tiny (#18) i couldn’t agree with you more… IF you’re talking about veggi (#10).

  24. em

    if i remember correctly, star jones used to be a complete fatass herself.

    get a fucking clue, your nothing special lardass, or formal lardass

  25. em

    if i remember correctly, star jones used to be a complete fatass herself.

    get a fucking clue, your nothing special lardass, or formal lardass

  26. Jaba the Slut

    I thought only 16 year-olds wear that obscene amount of glitter???

  27. Bigheadmike

    Why is she a role model???

  28. Pedro McChang

    She still looks like a fatass, at least in her face.

  29. jane doe

    her marraige is a SHAM !!!!!

    gay al wanted to prove to everyone he wasnt gay, she is getting up in age and wanted a husband…its a marraige of convenience.

    who wants to bet their are not sharing a bed and have seperate bedrooms ?
    she knows the marraige is a lie and the truth will come out allways does.

    they will divorce when the contract expires…and you can bet she had him sign a confidentiality agreement.

  30. theShizaan

    cuz dats what niggas do!

  31. gotmilk?

    31, is that why she has so many wedding rings? to compensate for the fact that her husband is flaming?

  32. havoc

    Sign of the times……

  33. Ooba Gooba

    I can’t say anything more negative than what has already been posted. She is utterly useless and should just go away.

  34. pat

    “Everyone knows you don’t do charity events for free.”
    Whoever writes this stuff probably thinks he’s kidding, but really most celebrities DON’T do charity events for free. Reading Aaron Tonken’s book on the subject was a real eye opener. (He was “one of the most prominent producers of fundraising events in the country”)

  35. HateHer

    She just makes me sick!

    You can see in picture #1 all her caked on make-up…it’s even in her hairline.

    Speaking of hair, nappy nappy nappy. Trying to cover it up with a weave? wig? whatever…it looks terrible.

    Someone slap the crap out of her, please!

  36. fraskl

    What a ghoul!!

  37. Ted from LA

    Don Imus? Is that you???

  38. yukadoozer

    Call Kawamee. He’ll set yo ass up.

  39. Feckless

    How douchey would a Douche have to be to invite a Douch bitch like Star Jones to a Douche event like Fat and I’m Worth It?

    Anyways, I heard Star was in the hospital. She accidently walked in front of a high velocity fan and her arm wings beat her blue.

  40. flr

    Since when do fatties get to make demands?

  41. liz

    Her flabby arms are awful.

  42. Lisa

    What a bitch!!!!!!!!!!


    she should have just stayed fat. Her skin is sagging it’s gross

  44. Me

    doesn’t she have enough money that she could do it for FREE and out of the goodness of her HEART…oh wait, it’s star jones we’re talking about here, my bad!

  45. combustion8

    she looks like a walking turd.. mr hankys cousin even.

  46. steve

    She could be the Halloween Turd instead of the Christmas Poo.

    And I agree with #20. LOL

    Star….Stupid Bitch.

  47. doodie

    @ 20-Blondamnation

    so what if im in the 6th grade? i dont know how you have a pretty good idea of what i look like if you cant see me, but its probably because i paid you good money to eat your shit the other night and you gave it to me willingly.

    and why must you assume that just because i would stick it in star and eat her shit that i am some kind of dog-fucker? thats just appalling. seems to me that you have a personal problem that you are projecting on to others instead of dealing with it yourself.

  48. steve

    Note that she has “strategies” to cover up those nasty ass elephant skinned baggy arms.

    And is wearing enough glitter to power over twenty or thirty dozen strippers.

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