Star Jones is an inspiration


Star Jones was scheduled to speak at an event in Detroit for the non-profit organization Full and Fabulous in February of last year. The organization helps low-income overweight teen girls and their mothers work on self-esteem and their weight. However, Star Jones failed to show when the organization couldn’t come up with her $25,000 asking price. Instead she ran wild with what money she did receive, according to NY Daily News:

Jones took their $17,000 deposit, two air tickets she upgraded to first class on their dime, and a suite in a five-star hotel – but never showed up for the event at Detroit’s Martin Luther King Jr. High School when Full and Fabulous couldn’t come up with the rest of the cash. Instead, she went to the Super Bowl (which was being held in Detroit) and a fashion show, and arranged her own book-signing at a Borders.

The girls and their mothers frantically tried to make up the difference and even hit up Super Bowl parties requesting donations. But Star Jones wouldn’t budge. When the news finally surfaced last week, she tried to defend herself in the media:

Jones defended herself last week after TMZ blasted a video across the Internet of her saying Full and Fabulous broke a contract when it didn’t come up with the money. But a Detroit judge decided that Jones should pay the group back. “We have a judgement against her for $20,000,” Dumas-Pugh told us.

TMZ is also saying that Star Jones “didn’t get ‘the level’ hotel that she requested when she went to stay in Detroit, nor was any ground transportation provided.” Well, when you put it like that, then hell yeah she deserved to bail. I mean, c’mon, just because these girls are poor doesn’t mean Star Jones has to stay in a mediocre hotel and, I dunno, pay for a taxi. Everyone knows you don’t do charity events for free. That’s Assholery 101. Even Paris Hilton gets it. And she’s half-retarded.

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