Star Jones and Al Reynolds fighting

*Star_Jones_thumb1.jpgStar Jones and hubby Al Reynolds had an angry screaming match triggered by rumors that he is gay. Insiders also say the bust-up has led to fears that their 15-month-old marriage is in crisis.

An insider said: “Star and Al had a loud fight that is causing the latest problems in their troubled marriage. “I think at the root of it all is the fact she wonders whether Al really loves her. Gay rumors have followed their marriage from the beginning. It’s probably caused her to question what’s really going on. He seems to be hanging with his friends at odd hours.”

Three tips for determining if your husband is gay: 1) his underwear is sexier than yours 2) he tattoos hair on your chest 3) his name is Al Reynolds. Poor Al. If riding with Star Jones to planet vagina doesn’t doesn’t destroy your heterosexuality, nothing will. Except maybe cutting off your testicles. But I repeat myself.

Thanks to Mandeena for the tip.