#BoycottStarWarsVII Was Trolling? So The Fuck What?

For those of you who live full, productive lives in the real world, on Sunday night, the hashtag #BoycottStarWarsVII started trending on Twitter and featured your normal, garden-variety Internet racism about black Stormtroopers and white genocide that’s been seen a hundred times over by anyone who’s had the god-awful misfortune to ever read a comment thread. As for the response it got:

The Internet spent an entire day mocking racism.

Except in a shameless attempt to latch onto this story by attacking people who latched onto this story, now comes the smarmy, serious journalist talk about the Internet being “tricked” into mocking racism by racist shithead trolls. Yup, that’s right. You see there never was an actual effort to boycott Star Wars: The Force Awakens (in broad daylight, at least). Instead, there were a handful of Twitter trolls replicating actual racist positions that people believe in real life in an effort to bait “social justice warriors (SJWs)” into “outrage.” And the response it got:

The Internet spent an entire day mocking racism.

Yet Esquire, Vox, Mashable, and others want to lecture people on “feeding the trolls,” and even worse, “outrage,” which is an absolute bullshit way to describe someone going, “Hey, look at what at these idiots are doing.” I reject the fuck out of that label being used for well-placed mocking, and wish seemingly intelligent adults who know better would nut up and stop running in fear from being accused of “outrage” by the cool kids on the Internet who take their social cues from South Park. We’re goddamn adults. No one’s going to stuff you in a locker because you rightfully made fun of racist shit-faces (fake or not) for being racist shit-faces. Especially some neckbeard on 4chan whose dick would burst into ash if it saw the light of day.

But in defense of “outrage” – and, again, fuck that label – let’s walk through exactly how these sad turd-shits “got exactly what they wanted” from the Internet spending an entire day mocking racism.

1. For fun and leisure, a group of Earth’s greatest champions come up with an idea for baiting SJWs – Read: Anyone who gives a fuck. – into reacting to known forms of racism regarding a popular movie franchise thus proving that SJWs are dumb because they… hate racism?

2. SJWs, along with wide swaths of the Internet, reacted by mocking racism.

3. ????

4. No profit even after everyone figures out it was a troll.

So to recap, racist idiots who think social progress is bullshit thought it’d be clever to trick everyone into rallying around social progress. Yup, they totally won here. Flawless victory. Except for, you know, this part:


U mad bro?

troll face

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