Stacy Keibler Married Her George Clooney Rebound

March 10th, 2014 // 36 Comments
Wait, Did You Say Kids?
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When Elisabetta Canalis got dumped by George Clooney, she responded by banging Steve-O which basically told Clooney he made an incredible choice by ditching a woman who’ll do terrible, terrible things for money. So let’s see if Stacy Keibler can do any better which if you already read the headline, you know she did worse. Much, much worse. Via Hollywood Life:

Stacy Keibler and Jared Pobre finally tied the knot on Mar. 8 with a small ceremony for friends and family. The entire event took place on a beautiful private beach in Mexico.

A woman who desperately wanted to get married slipped through George Clooney’s fingers?! My God, I don’t know how he’s going to be able to sleep at night. Except I do, and it’s soundly on top a mountain of vagina. Children in the womb aren’t that content.

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  1. How sad an desperate is she? My guess is her biological clock is ticking and she doesn’t want to be a single mom she hooked onto the first guy who said “Hi” to her.

    Didn’t think she was the desperate type, but you never know. This is why Clooney is a personal hero of mine. He smelled this rat and dumped her ass. You even mention marriage or kids around him and you’re out the fucking door.

    • Or maybe the rumors about him being gay are true? Sometimes you really have to wonder. And to call her a rat is unfair, if you are rich, famous and old, no young, hot woman is dating you because they love you, so if George is looking for true love, that ship has sailed a long time ago.

    • Most likely it was a tossup between her biological clock, and the first multimillionaire to say “Hi”. I guess she had become used to a better life style than a wrestling “Diva” on the road for 40 weeks a year.

    • According to another website, she had been friends with her now-husband for the last five years.

      • A nerdy multimillionaire fanboy who became husband material once she was faced with her age and finding a way to support herself in a manner to which she became accustomed.

    • Never Mention Kids or Weddings

      The best part is when George pulls the trigger
      it’s a text message, never in person or on the phone.
      Usually, he’s already out of town shooting something.
      When she goes “home” her shit is already in storage.
      He comps them a month at 4 Seasons (expenses paid).
      Done, done and done.

  2. If she wanted to rebound, she should have dropped me a line – I’m fat and bouncy. Plus, I have a winning personality and a great sense of humor, which interviews with Playmates has indicated is a definite turn-on.

  3. Stacy Keibler Married Bikini
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    I would need a stepladder to have sex with her, but I’m willing to give it a try.

  4. Stacy Keibler Married Bikini
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    Way to be cool, every single friggin’ person in the back of this photo.

  5. Stacy Keibler Married Bikini
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  6. Stacy Keibler Married Bikini
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    Mmmmmh very nice, two for the price of one(right one also). Looooong legs, wide hips for a couple of rug-rats, tall and nice boobies. The “George Clooney’s” of the world are very lucky that they can fuck and dump these fine ladies. (:

  7. Always been a buttaface for me – incredible body, very average face.

    Ah well… there’s nothing wrong with taking the Stephanie Seymour road, if that’s what you’re about. Have a nice life, Keibler.

  8. ace11

    This girl thought she could change George

    They all do, and that’s why they are out the door

  9. Rubick's Doob

    Behind every beautiful woman is some guy who is tired of fucking her.

  10. Josephus

    “Pobre” is Spanish for “poor.” Just saying.

  11. Stacy Keibler Married Bikini
    Deacon Jones
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    Did everyone in the background just recognize her all at once or something?

  12. sadly, this marriage will derail her porn career

  13. “FINALLY” tied the knot? They’ve been dating for like, 7 months.

  14. anonym

    she wants a baby badly

  15. Keeee-ryst, what a body!

  16. Stacy Keibler Married Bikini
    Dr. Badtouch, child proctologist
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    George Clooney is a stupid, stupid man.

  17. tlmck

    Jared Pobre will forever be known as the guy she settled for.

  18. Eve

    What do you think, was she waiting on the ‘come back to me call’ right up to the last minute?

  19. His last name means “poor” in Spanish. Hmm.

  20. Stacy Keibler Married Bikini
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