Stacy Keibler Has No Clue Who George Clooney Is

Fresh off of kicking Elisabetta Canalis to the curb after daring to say the word marriage in the same sentence as him, and also using him as a springboard to get onto Dancing With The Stars (Way to dream big, lady.), George Clooney brought Stacy Keibler with him to the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of The Ides of March over the weekend where the following exchange took place. Via People:

Stacy Keibler could sum up what she likes about George Clooney in one word.

Really? Everything? Even his supernatural ability to break up with women at the drop of a gray pube? Because that’s a pretty important part of the package. You see, at some point roughly nine to 12 months from now, George Clooney will remember that other women have vaginas, too, and seeing as he’s George Clooney, it’d be rude of him not to have casual sex inside each and every one of them. “It’s not that I want to be with other women,” he’ll say. “It just feels really awesome on my penis. You understand.”

Photos: Getty, INFdaily, Splash News, WENN