Sporty Spice is pregnant

August 22nd, 2008 // 40 Comments

Melanie C (a.k.a. Sporty Spice) is expecting her first child, according to the Daily Mail:

The 34-year-old singer announced the news on her website today.
Mel C said: ‘Some happy news. Well, I can now announce that Tom and I are expecting a baby and we are very happy. As I’m sure you’ll understand we needed time to wait for results and tell our families. I will be taking it easy but am also excited to start writing for the fifth album. I will need to take some time off to be a mum but, before you know it, we’ll be back.’

What’s sad is this is the biggest celebrity news of the morning. I mean, finding out Sporty Spice is pregnant is right up there with finding out the cowboy from the Village People is having a baby – and it’s not even the construction worker’s! LAME.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Ted from LA

    She looks as “sporty” as Rosie O’Donnell.

  2. sixpack

    I thought she was the Lance Bass of the Spice Girls.

  3. Ted from LA

    Nothing says “I love Jesus” like a big gawdy cross tattoo.

  4. Dance Girl

    LOL… and the crickets are chirping with joy.

  5. rough daddy

    how? through vitro?

  6. Mercutio

    Before any of you pricks come on here and start talking about her healthy weight:

    - She used to suffer from anorexia when at the height of her Spice Girls fame. That doesn’t make her untouchable, but it is nice to see that in her thirties she’s filled out to a healthy normal weight.

    From what I’ve heard in news stories about her over here in the UK, her metabolism was such that she would work out far too much in order to stay slim (hence the tag Sporty) but it ended up making her look like an ironing board (so just right for some of you freaks on here, then).

    Ironing board look was not healthy, hence the escape from anorexia and today’s healthy Mel.

    Seriously – not everyone is “naturally slim” (ahaha) like Mischa Barton, Panitierre and co.

    So before you post your b.s. have a think, or maybe even glance in the mirror?


  7. B

    I didn’t know men could get pregnant!

  8. drew

    If al celebritied are pregnant? LOL she looks absolutely gorgeous in that picture. Does she have got marrid? I found some pictures of her at I am just curious~

  9. gobats

    Mercutio nobody said a damn thing about her weight before you opened your gay ass mouth

  10. CookieVanderbilt

    The Spice Girls are a bunch of IRRELEVANT nobodies!!!! Tell us something we care about: like, when is Sienna Miller gonna get knocked up with Balty’s baby???

  11. wanks

    wait i thought she was a dyke????

  12. Cookie


    @9. Celebritied often are pregnant before they have got marrid.

  13. Cookie


    @9. Celebritied often are pregnant before they have got marrid.

  14. Deacon Jones

    FISH just wants to go to happy hour

  15. Tapeworm

    Someone stuck his dick in that thing?!?!?!

  16. claire

    I thought she was lesbian

  17. manbaby

    WOW I didn’t know men could get pregnant. Good for you Schwarzenegger one of your hideously unfunny piece of shit movies actually inspired a miraculous scientific breakthrough. I wonder which celebrity dude will become pregnant next? Hmmm maybe David Beckham, I mean didn’t he have to turn in his cack and balls to the man police when he agreed to have a musical made about his life, I mean he’s basically a woman now so why not. He and the Skeletwhore probably want to try for a girl since they have 3 boys, and David we’ll be kind enough to carry the child because Poshbot is no longer able to have children since she had her uterus removed because it “made her feel fat”.
    Oooooh and I think Jessica Biel will get Justin pregnant soon, I can really se him bringing the pregnancy glow back, and then singing about it of course.

    P.S. Imagine a man in labor, that would be the funniest thing on earth. Or it will be 9 months from now.

  18. grosssssssssss

    #13-14 Yes it’s because they are all white trash and uneducated. Without Hollywood they would all be living in trailers.

  19. JimmyBachaFungool

    See what happens when a trip to the sperm bank with your lesbian lover and a turkey baster are involved? She’s totally lez. Nothing wrong with it but no man got in her.

  20. devilsrain

    Lol everyone thought she was a dyke? Why because she didnt get knocked up like the rest of the spice girls? With the exception of Posh theyre all single mothers, probably becaue nobody could tolerate their shit.

  21. Jay

    She looks like she’s performing for a Medieval dinner theater…

  22. Jay

    She looks like she’s performing for a Medieval dinner theater…

  23. Nicolena Petrakova

    Congrats to Mel C. She is very sweet and I wish her and her husband the best.

  24. vicky

    #24 i hate it when people congratulate celebrities as if they knew them…she isn´t sweet, she has no personality, just like all the girl and boy bands of the 90s, all of them prefabricated crap… i could´ve sworn she was a dyke…

  25. bosendorfer

    she best get back onto the incline alternate dumbbell curl schedule so as to keep those guns up for brawling, dildo-strapping, fisting herself, etc. hahaha, silly whore!

  26. simplicity

    she looks too much like a man these days.

    but grats

  27. simplicity

    scary illiterates on here today.

  28. scary

    What’s with that awful, ugly, nasty christian cross tatoo on her arm? A Sailor tatoo would suit her nicely. Like a big anchor, sailor girl, snake…anything but a x-tian cross!

  29. SORRY, can’t “SMELL” it so far!!

  30. i thought

    I always thought she was a lesbian. Who it is then? I’m pretty sure the others are straight. They have to have a gay one.

  31. me

    She’s a lesbian!

  32. LiLo



  33. ramona putz

    I agree totally with Mr. Fungool, no man got it in her. She is a lesbian.
    Fess up lady, your alluding to being straight is about as believable as Chris Kattan’s wedding picture.

  34. All Spice Girls are certified fuck ups now. Degenerate Power!

  35. Congrats to Sporty Spice and her partner. This must make it the 8th baby for the Spice Girls as a group!

    I’ve linked to this article on

  36. what a man! so baaad looking.

  37. mitz

    #25. yea see ur doin the same fuckin thing, sayin all of this about her and wat..
    YOU DONT EVEN KNOW HER. hippocrate

  38. mitz

    #25. yea see ur doin the same fuckin thing, sayin all of this about her and wat..
    YOU DONT EVEN KNOW HER. hippocrate

  39. zed

    I’d still tap it!

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