Spider-Man’s In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

For those of you with active sex and social lives (What’s a group dinner like? Tell me everything.), you’re probably wondering why the hell the Internet is flipping out over Spider-Man entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe because wasn’t there just an awful Spider-Man movie last year with Jamie Foxx? Yes. Yes, there was. And it was so bad that Sony opened up talks with Disney/Marvel to figure out how to get him into their movies, which are actually good, while still making an assload of money off of the character. And after what seemed like abandoned talks, the two studios reached an agreement last night that tosses Spidey into Captain America: Civil War followed by his own solo movie back at Sony. EW.com reports:

The deal means Spider-Man will appear in one of Marvel’s upcoming movies next, the studio said in its announcement late Monday. That will most likely be Captain America: Civil War, which is set for release May 6, 2016. Neither Sony nor Marvel specified a project, but Spider-Man was a key component in the comic book story line that inspired this movie—a clash between Cap and Iron Man over whether superheroes should be registered and monitored by the government. Spider-Man makes a critical decision about which side to take in the Mark Millar 2006-07 crossover series that pitted hero against hero.
After the webslinger does a tour within the Marvel Studios realm, Sony Pictures will release a stand-alone Spider-Man film on July 28, 2017, and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige—who engineered the concept of a interconnected superhero franchise—will help produce it along with Amy Pascal, who stepped down last week as head of Sony Pictures (following the fiasco of the studio’s infamous hacking scandal last year.) Will Andrew Garfield be back in the mask? Probably not.

However, the deal comes at a price as a chunk of Marvel Phase Three movies get pushed back to make room for the solo Spider-Man movie at Sony:

The announcement of the July 2017 Spidey film has pushed back the release of four Marvel Studios movies: Thor: Ragnarok previously occupied that spot, so it will movie back about to Nov. 3 of that year—a date previously listed for Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther film. That movie will now open nine months later on July 6, 2018—a date previously held by Captain Marvel, the first Marvel Studios film to star a female in the lead. Now that project, which doesn’t yet have a star attached, will come out Nov. 2, 2018. You can see a pattern here, of course. That date was when initially reserved for Inhumans, which will move back to July 12, 2019. No other Marvel movies have been changed.

And now for my nerd soapbox time which you’re free to ignore and go look at a naked vagina instead. This is a judgment free zone. Amongst my nerd cadre, I’ve probably been the least interested in wanting to see this move happen. I’m not entirely opposed to it, but part of the appeal of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been that it’s been built entirely out of second and third-tier characters (which is being extremely generous to Guardians of The Galaxy) and yet has been fucking great. That said, if you go back and watch The Avengers, they basically threw away Hawkeye and yet Captain America still felt crazy gratuitous. There was no reason for him to be there. Although, he did pull the best Marvel sequel to date out of his star-spangled butt. Anyway, my concern is there is only so much you can cram into these movies before they topple under their own weight, but at the end of the day, I’ll still be there cash in hand, so I’m pissing in the wind here. However, if Marvel really wants to get my attention – Because my mommy says it’s very important and the best. – they need to put their balls on the table and do Miles Morales. Peter Parker’s had two franchises to run into the ground, it’s time to switch things up. Plus the Internet butthurt will be delicious. Just delicious. I already bought those little umbrellas and a silly straw, so whenever you’re ready.

Photo: Marvel