Spencer Pratt’s parents disowned him

May 14th, 2010 // 99 Comments

Seen here standing guard outside his home yesterday in case his frail, middle-aged mother-in-law returns after calling the cops on her, Spencer Pratt has reportedly been disowned by his own parents, according to Us Weekly:

“They noticed him changing two years ago and stayed by his side. But now it’s too much,” a source tells Us Weekly. “They even took the pictures of him out of their home.”
Us Weekly reports Spencer, 26, and Heidi, 23, have become virtual shut-ins at their $7,000-a-month rented L.A house, which is filled with framed covers of magazines on which they’ve appeared.
“No one ever visits,” a local tells Us, and the couple rarely leave. “Heidi sits and stares in the mirror, while Spencer plots and schemes on his projects all day,” adds a Pratt source. “He sits on the Internet, watches TV and tries to get press. That is all he does. It’s totally sick.”

On top of all these shenanigans, Spencer Pratt is openly keeping a Marine in the guest room under the pretense of helping a soldier. But if finally coming out of the closet gets him a People exclusive, he’d melt Heidi down to a candle and drip the wax on his nipples in front of a stadium full of paparazzi before noon. “Haha! She never even had a vagina! *tsssss*


  1. Mike

    What is he holding?

  2. Que

    Que unexpected.

  3. Alyssa

    OMG! Is that one of his crystals that he’s holding??? What a nutcase, he’s really fallen off the deep end. What’s with the fatigues? He’s never been in the military. I think he needs help, he’s looking more and more a like a paranoid schizophrenic.

  4. OJ's Mom

    Jesus what a Douchebag. He even makes douchebags say ‘goddamn, that guy is a fucking douchebag.’

  5. OJ's Mom

    @3 – It’s not a crystal, it’s crud that he scraped off Heidi’s cooch.

  6. Malea

    Would someone tackle that douche and shave the pubes off his face, they’re creeping me out.

  7. Superficial Writer, I thank you for an endless supply of masturbatory material.

    I just woke up, cock at attention as usual, and immediately refreshed The Superficial knowing that I would soon have something to jerk off to. And YES, several photos of Spencer Pratt appeared before me!

    Anywho, I printed off a couple of them, dipped my hand into the tub of Anal-Eze I keep next to my bed and began to stroke my trousersnake to Spencer. I am straight, but I really like a little gayness when I jerk off and Spencer is as gay as it gets for me. Tom of Finland has nothing on Spencer. After a minute of long strokes I got on to my knees and blew my load all over the photos of Spencer, making sure every last drop landed across his queer little beard.

    As I type this I am printing of all of these photos of Spencer so I have some material for the rest of the day. With that I say, thank you Superficial! You really help me start my days right.



  8. ad nasuem

    LMFAO, why in the F uk does he have binoculars?

  9. my life on the ROUGH list

    White hunter, black heart?

    will you stop it FIsh…

  10. Alyssa

    @5…HaHa I bet!

  11. Molly

    What a piece of shit…glad his parent’s left him out on the curb like the piece of garbage he is.

  12. chupacabra

    I think something really bad will happen. No one will notice we don’t hear shit about them for a week or two… then the neighbors will call because of the smell…

  13. Dave

    This is the one “celebrity” (I use that term casually here) that I wish would OD, go down in a plane crash, or get eaten by a rabid mongoose.

  14. havoc

    Yeah, but it got their pics published didn’t it? It got them the daily press they so desperately create. You might as well post stories about my neighbors dog. Its just as relevant.

    Murder-Suicide should be next.



  15. HeyHey

    Nobody has yet learned that, when it comes ot this particular assclown, everything is fake and made up. Everything. Everything he does is a publisity ploy. He thought playing the villian would get him everlasting fame. Now everyone just wants them both to go away.

  16. michelle

    Is someone actually shocked by this? As long as he gets press he will be around so stop giving him press.

  17. justifiable

    DISOWNED? Tell his parents it’s just not fucking good enough.

    When they have a retroactive abortion, THEN we’ll talk.

  18. Legal Bullshit

    Um, there is no such thing as “disowning” an adult child.

    Stupid. The parents could cut him out of the will – that’s it.. But you can’t disown someone who is legally emancipated – parents can’t “own” an adult.

  19. otto

    Seems perfectly healthy and normal to me.

  20. Joe Bunda

    Spencer is one major league douche-bag and complete waste of air.

  21. Vit

    This douche nozzle even wears 2 watches?

  22. Findangle

    I want to know the dealer this guy and obviously Joaquin Phoenix go to..

  23. Bres

    Is this guy serious? I hope he looks back at himself in a year and see’s what a moron he is!!!! Crystals all over the house?!??!?!?! What a waste.


    I love it, he IS wearing 2 watches while he holds his mighty crystal! This guy is a joke. Malea I agree, GET RID OF THE PUBS ON YOUR FACE AND COME OUT OF THE CLOSET!!

  25. Nelson

    @21 Holy shit I just noticed the two watches. What the fuck is up with this douche? I call mental breakdown in T-minus 20 days

  26. Obviously his parents are chagrined of what they have called into existence. I rue the day this man was conceived. The fact this guy is somewhat known reflects the state of society where we the masses, the peons, will sit back and allow utter piles of stinking fly-enshrouded feces to pass as entertainment. It’s pathetic. Am I the only person whose intelligence is insulted by the very notion that Spencer Pratt [and Heidi Manufactured-Jackson-Face] are in any way valid? The media disrespects and hates us and this is a direct reflection of that hatred.

    For shame.

  27. Tek

    On a more interesting note, LeBron James failed again! LULZ ^_^

  28. If you didn’t who he was you would think he looks like a homeless guy.

  29. Larry

    Ha ha! Looks like “The Weatherman” got the last laugh! I saw this asshole on Letterman talking about having the next “Jay-Z” that he was going to mentor and produce. What a fucking joke! Pathetic. Here’s the URL. Enjoy the laugh when Letterman asks him what his rate is to promote a club! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InH9mQ2Mw1w

  30. bratwurst

    Fuxyslot, you are not the only one whose intelligence has been insulted. However, since our society is going to continue its downward spiral down the drain regardless, we should all at least stand back and laugh as we watch it burn. It’s a great stress relief…

  31. amy

    clearly he has Schizophrenia. not sure why no one has caught on to this yet. and not being sarcastic.

  32. justifiable

    #18 “Um, there is no such thing as “disowning” an adult child.”

    Um, sure there is, since “disown” isn’t a legal term – it simply means you refuse to acknowledge the existence of your offspring. You can’t legally “own” minor children in the first place, as that douchebag in Washington who branded his kids is about to find out, so there’s no such thing as a decree of disownment. Disinheriting or legally declaring a minor child emancipated are different issues, but not what this is about.

  33. Fuxyslot

    bratwurst, all I hope for is solidarity with people who want to watch it burn as much as I do. Thanks =)

  34. Deacon Jones

    I just hope that flat-chested bitch gets a tit job before Spencer snaps

    YOU LISTENING HEIDI??! Stop fucking around and do it!

  35. OJ's Mom

    @21 / @25 – He wears two watches because he knows his and Heidi’s 15 minutes are almost up.

  36. Hefe

    This POS really is the scum of the earth when it comes to attention whore celebutards.

  37. bitingontinfoil

    He reminds me of a blonde Ted Bundy..on meth

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  39. Annie Loves Anal

    Hey 5. I did hear Heidi’s cooter makes a pretty decent cream cheese.

  40. mer

    Wow, I actually feel pity for them.

    Who are these people again?

  41. havoc

    Its because his “commando” watch goes with his nifty binoculars. The gold watch brings out the power of the crystal.

    It’s an alchemy thing……


  42. Parker

    I’d fuck his ass.
    All I really got folks. Just sodomy implications. A little shit on the dick and nothing else. Nope.
    I promise to consider becoming a Vagitarian in my next life.

  43. SO RIGHT

    He’s either losing it or pretending to lose it for publicity & money. Can’t figure out which one it is.

  44. friendlystoner


    thanks for the legal update. please tell me which bar you like to go to so i can look at the beer mats too and get a first class education as well.

    ps i`m so glad spencer pratt is on the other side of the pond, we`ve got enough f*ck-tards over here as it is.

  45. How about we all disown him (nobody cares – no need to keep us informed on this dweeb)

  46. Moosey

    Ewwww, becasue of the smell. Like they will go in there because the paper is all out on the driveway…that is a creppy prediction.
    Now what in the french is he going to do with that rock/crystal/schmegma thing? Is it going to shoot out laser beams or blind someone with its twinkly prisims? As for the “Marine” that is in his house, lets do a little digging on that one. Is the “Marine” the one in the Hot Topic shirt with the greasy hair and aviators because, he does not look like one of the Few and the Proud, He looks like one of the Many and Douchey. He looks like one of the guys you see on Jersery Shore (dont’ judge me, i had surgery and ended up watching it on a weekend pain med haze)-selling shirts on the Boardwalk.
    It he does have someone in that home, that someone needs his friends to come and get him ASAP.

  47. KRNY

    One can only hope that this pans out well. I feel sooooooo sorry for Heidi and Spencer is seriously a lost cause. He is crazy!!!

  48. Hotpants

    Shave that faggotry off your face already! Facial hair is for real men.

  49. justifiable

    #44 Sure you don’t want him? Yeah, didn’t think so. Pratt by name, pratt by nature.

  50. nikki6

    i think he’s on meth, i really do..he’s lost a lot of weight too

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