Spencer Pratt’s machine gun birthday cake

August 16th, 2009 // 93 Comments

Dear NRA Enthusiasts,

Meet your new poster child. He’s all yours.

- The Superficial

(Thanks to Jonah Ray who’s packing an arsenal – of love. Ladies?)


  1. These two are completely ridiculous. And sidenote, what the hell is up with Heidi’s yellow striped hair? Did she decided playboy blonde was too natural? They are so gross and I’m sure she doesn’t even have sex with him.

  2. Slice

    I love how they’re still shamelessly promoting her playboy cover, even though everyone has already seen the pics and knows they’re terrible. If that girl was anymore airbrushed, they would have needed to bring Pixar in. The fact that Playboy would let someone so low on the totem pole have a no nudity clause AND let her assclown husband interview her just shows that Hef has gone off the deep end!

  3. friendlystoner

    i take it by the number of candles this used douche bag lover is only eight? it would explain a lot if he is.

  4. gil

    wish it was real so he could blow her brains out

  5. Joe Blow

    Why is Douchie McDouchebag still holding that copy of No-Nudes Magazine?

  6. I share the same b-day as this guy? not all leo’s are attention whores, sometimes attention just seek you out…

  7. Crocoduck

    @5: You beat me to it, though it would be nice if he used it on himself afterwards.

  8. Chet Heston

    As an NRA member for life, I just rolled over in my grave.

  9. Ronald Reagan

    Let me communicate this: Spencer, you know what you have to do with that gun. Heidi, show me your tits before he does it. (Can I go back to sleep now, Mummy?)

  10. bmose

    Please,Please No more of these D-bags, If you just ignore them, they WILL go away. Ditto for J&K+8. It worked on Morton Downey,Jr.

  11. Disgruntled

    Hey. What happened to that promise about not having to see their ugly faces anymore?

  12. norton

    What is with these two……. and why do you keep posting them?

  13. KC

    Wish he’d eat a real gun.

  14. Ted Kennedy's tumor.

    As dumb as he is, he is still smarter than Joe Biden.

  15. AmericanWhiteTrash

    People generally HATE these two fucks so why does the land of fruits and nuts continue to promote these clowns? They are either related to someone or fucking someone. No other other reason.

  16. zuzuspetals

    Moronic Republicans and guns- they just go together.

  17. zuzuspetals

    Moronic Republicans and guns- they just go together.

  18. chorcha

    Please tell them to die!

  19. Fritobandito


    “If that girl was anymore airbrushed, they would have needed to bring Pixar in.”


  20. @zuzuspetals

    you may want to check your attitude. they’re reality stars in Hollywood. the odds are they’re liberals like you. thanks for bringing politics into it assbag.

  21. Adam is Retarded

    @Adam, you may want to check your brain.

    These two cockhats campaigned for Palin and are self-proclaimed gun-loving Christians. Zuzupetals was making a relevant comment where as you, like most Republicans, made an uneducated comment based on bullshit that proved her point. Nice one.

  22. smkfsh

    stop posting these fucksticks, you’re giving them what they want and making me vomit. if she’s not showing tit then I DON’T CARE.

  23. fuckoffadam

    Couldn’t have said it better myself, #22.
    Fuck off, Adam.

  24. Jason

    Stop posting about Heidi and Spencer!!!!!

  25. Alicia

    I suppose the machine gun represents all those solid Christian values. Christ is weeping.

  26. He’s a creeper…and her face, I HATE IT.

  27. Mindy

    I think I speak for all gun in owners in saying that I’d rather shoot Spencer Pratt than have his kind in any way represent the rest of us!

  28. Hey Fish

    Does anyone–including them–actually like or respect or have any interest in them? No. So stop motherfucking posting about them.

  29. Galtacticus

    It must be their lucky weekend to be posted here twice.

  30. Gando

    Isn’t there really any other news!?

  31. Darth

    These photos were free!?

  32. Albin Bainbridge

    As dumb as these two are, there’s something kind of sweet and romantic about their marriage. Their mutual stupidity makes them compatible; it binds them together.

  33. GAH!

    No one yet noticed which of these two is wearing the pearl necklace???

    Goes so well with the pink shirt. Tres chic for a chick.

  34. Nanotyrannus

    She must have made that thing herself. It has two triggers, one in front of the clip.
    And this tough guy, that loves guns, MACHINE GUNS!, couldn’t last one week in the fucking jungle behind a parking lot surrounded by a camera crew without descending into the hysterics of a five-year old. SANJAYA OUT-MANNED HIM FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.


  35. #22 and #24

    I’m sorry I have a life and don’t follow these idiots as apparently you do. But for the record– HOW IS THAT A VALID POINT?

    Moronic Republicans— yeah. That’s relevant to a couple of idiots posing for a picture. As usual, liberal pricks making things personal and pushing their politics on everyone else. You’re both sad brainless fucks who unlike me are too pussy to use your names. Grow up.


    Dear Fish,

    Please stop posting about these two. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  37. circumcized jew boy

    spencer looks like somebody who has a group of kids locked up in his parent’s basement.

  38. Marie


  39. mr. rodgers

    Why? Someone please beat his face in with a rusty pipe that happens to have a shard of glass stuck in it that was, oddly, laying in a flame making it hot enough to melt the skin and get stuck in there as you beat him with it. Is that too much to ask? Heidi could stand by and watch, or, get raped by rabid badgers. Either way.

  40. Did he curl up and die yet?

  41. Mo

    Too bad he cant shoot himself with it.

  42. Heather who hates dumb people


    Lose the weight. Lose the attitude. Realize ALL Liberals aren’t stupid. Get a sense of humor. Maybe have some sex and if noone is willing, GO F***ING get off so you aren’t so angry. Obama ROCKS. You don’t.

  43. JD

    I genuinely have no idea what these two are “famous” for. All I know is that her nude pics weren’t nude, so they can fuck off and so forth.

  44. American Meatgoat

    As much as I hate them, I gotta hand it to ‘em. They love being douchy wastes of space and they’ve made a career doing what they love.

  45. norton

    I swear on my children that if I met this complete douche-socket on the street I’d fucking jack him so hard he’d pass into the next century.

    These two are a complete and total waste of space. And the worst part is they make money being cocknuggets.

  46. Annie Loves Anal

    I would love to see Spencer Prissy join the Marines or Army. He wouldn’t make it past the reception station. Most shit talkers don’t

  47. Annie Loves Anal

    P.S. The second trigger is for the grenade launcher I believe.

  48. Annie Loves Anal

    P.P.S. Please do not refer to it as a gun. It is a weapon.

    Thank you for your time.

    My rant is over.

  49. timmy the dying boy

    It’s occurred to me that Marilyn Monroe showed more in her pictorial nearly sixty years ago.

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