Spencer Pratt calls out Ashton Kutcher

April 20th, 2009 // 73 Comments

On the heels of his Twitter victory over CNN, Ashton Kutcher has received a new challenge by Spencer Pratt which raises the question, Is there an “ignore” button on Twitter? Us Magazine reports:

“Ashton had a huge head start, but I believe in my Twitter family,” Pratt, who currently has 194,048 followers on the social networking site, tells Usmagazine.com.
“From the moment Ashton accepts my challenge, assuming he’s man enough to do so, whoever adds the most new followers in 30 days wins.”
What are the stakes for their May 17 deadline?
“If I win, Ashton and Demi [Moore, his wife] have to wash my car,” he says.
If he loses to the Twitter pro, who now has 1,093,794 followers, Pratt adds that “Heidi [Montag] and I will clean their house.”

If I were Ashton Kutcher, I’d accept Spencer’s challenge knowing full well I’d crush him then rent a pack of donkeys to shit all over my house. But that’s just me and my devotion to good sportsmanship. I should coach little league or something. Mold me some young people.

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  1. Newcastle

    Yet another Incredibly douchey way to further self-promote his sorry persona.



  3. daguz

    Why do you make my eyes bleed?

  4. Darth

    Yeah that mouthshot of her looks great. . . Though it’s just not there.Maybe some more exercise? She’s head to head now with Paris Hilton.

  5. Captain-Insano

    Looks like the paps caught Heidi in mid “whinny” again.

  6. dee

    i got nothing

  7. Crabby Old Guy

    Wait, is this like a math problem?

    Douche Bag A x Douche Bag B = 0 Douche Bags

    If so, I’m there. Although in this case you’d have 2 remainders: 1 Young, stupid female and 1 Old, stupid female.

    In that case, would they convert to Jennifer Aniston?

    I never was any good at math.

  8. wtfDude

    Sucker bet. Kutcher has already maxxed most of his follower pool. Let that doucebag get up to a million, THEN take that bet.

  9. Jeezy


  10. Gando

    HellO! And cheese!

  11. Photoshop Police

    M0T#3R F^@&3R!!!

    Dammit Fish! Stop Showing these vapid Douchebags!

  12. Rachell

    When will she learn that the gaping open mouth is not sexy/beautiful and that she looks like a huge douche? Spencer’s another type of tool entirely….isn’t he a member of the Log Cabin Republicans?

  13. pos

    dude needs to befriend nick hogan and cruise around town with him for a while

  14. uh… spencer doesn’t even have 200k in twitter? Why am I reading about him then?

  15. No matter what anyone says… I would still watch Heidi and Spencer f*** and jerk off madly to it! SHIZ HAWT!!!!!!!

  16. Turd Ferguson

    I think the only challenge Sir Douche of Nozzleton wants is the challenge of a “swordfight”.
    “Lets leave the women out of this”, he insists.

  17. Handjob Mcguilicutty

    When is their sex tape coming out?

  18. Fuck U

    194,048??? Just goes to show how many retards actually follow Twitter.
    Spencer is the biggest douche of all time,and that skank is right up there with him.
    God, Will these two assholes ever die?
    Please for the love of all that’s holy, someone shoot these two asswipes!

  19. Kndza

    Heidi = Mr.Ed

  20. missywissy

    I think the challenge should be called ” Who is the biggest media whore?”

    I can’t believe Spencer Pratt thinks he’s that influential that he thinks Ashton Kutcher would take him up on this, let alone, let the guy into his home. This is so stupid. Why does Superficial keep reporting on this clown?

  21. bone

    If Ash hole even dignifies this with a response, I would ask that everyone who reads this subscribe to his blog. Arguably the lesser of two evils?

  22. Scott

    What Mr. dipshit (aka Mr. 14:59) fails to recognize is Ashton challenged CNN with proceeds going to a CHARITY. Oh wait a minute, cleaning a ’73 Pacer would be considered a charitable act I guess. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle DUMB, get a real cause.

  23. Venom

    I would take that bet if I was Ashton, but change it to if he wins, he gets to bang Heidi in the a$$ for an entire weekend.

  24. jensmo

    Talk about trying everything possible to get/stay in the media limelight…might as well try and ride the coattails of someone that is somewhat successful. If I were Ashton I’d just reply with “who the ‘f’ is Spencer Pratt?”

  25. Kelley

    Now I know what Fishmeans by “Chins McJugs.” Heheh … nice chin, Heidi !! I’m sure that will be the next surgical procedure.

  26. Scott

    BREAKING NEWS….. Tests confirmed today that Heidi is Jay Leno’s love child. No DNA needed.

  27. mafme

    I’m sorry, but Spencer is a fucking retard. This is the dumbest challenge for so many reasons that it’s hard to know where to start. Ashton has, most likely, come near a saturation point– there just aren’t going to be that many more people who like him or would like him left on twitter who aren’t his friends already. Ashton is a sopping sponge and Spencer is a dry washcloth (or maybe he’s a sopping washcloth… I don’t know). Regardless, is there anything he won’t publicity whore about?

    I don’t have a horse in this race, I hate twitter, and I would be more interested in what a washcloth and a sponge would have to say than either of these fuckwits… but Spencer is just the grandest fuckwit in this conversation.

  28. mafme

    AND– what the fuck, Fish? I thought you promised not to cover these goddamned wastes of carbon. These people are fucking useless. At least if I got stranded on a desert island with them, I could use their carcasses to fashion a canoe and leather sail.

  29. Vince Lombardi

    If one douche calls out another douche, does it make a sound?

  30. bud

    lol that was funny man. How come you can’t be funny more often nowadays?

  31. Frank Rizzo

    Dear Superficial Writer,
    I will pay you to stop writing updates about Hiedi and Spencer. I am serious. What sounds like a good price to you? I am thinking that for every article you write but don’t post I will give you one ounce of your humanity back. For every five articles you write but don’t post I will give you back one shred of dignity.
    Give me a call. I am sure we can negotiate some deal that will be mutually beneficial for all, and I look forward to working with you.

  32. sebastian

    The CHIN!!!
    The fucking CHIN!!!!!!!!

  33. sebastian

    The CHIN!!!
    The fucking CHIN!!!!!!!!

  34. suzeee

    So like even if you win you lose?? who would those two in your house for any reason?

  35. Spender Brat

    Stop posting these DWARVES!

    And yeah (sebastian) – the fucking chin – really would like to know if it can take a punch, or drop like Chuck Liddell!

  36. Matthew


  37. Hannibal Lecter, MD

    Dear Superficial Writer,

    I will pay you to stop writing updates about Heidi and Spencer. I am serious. What sounds like a good price to you? I am thinking that for every article you write, but don’t post, I will refrain from eating one of your organs. For every five articles you write, but don’t post, I will let you retain a limb.

    Give me a call. I am sure we can negotiate some deal that will be mutually beneficial for all, and I look forward to working with you.

    Hannibal Lecter, MD

    P.S. Yes, I know that your limited mind seizes upon the obvious, why not just devour the unctuous and obsequious Mr. Pratt and his equally distasteful concubine? Let me inform you I have a reknowned palate, and that nothing on earth could induce me to eat either of these two.

  38. Zed

    Riiiiight. Because, y’know… challenging someone to see how many people they can get to sign up to their Twitter page is SUCH a measure of manliness.

    This is yet another example of Spencer’s uncanny ability to make me consider skullfuckery.

    I think Aston would be more of a man if he didn’t accept this dickhead’s proposal.

    He wants to have a show of manliness? I say they should both wrestle to the death. Fucking pussy.

  39. Lisa

    What a complete dumb ass! Who actually follows these idiots?

  40. ObamaYoMomma

    Heidi’s seems to be fattening up a little… those thighs look a little flabbier than they used to.

    Heidi, get ready to write another check to the surgeon.

  41. ruesrowan

    they look pretty desperate to me…….can’t find any where else to have photos taken other than a furniture store?

  42. Delgo

    They should just fight to the death.

  43. Bobaloo

    Doucheboy and I have very different ideas about what it takes to be a man.

  44. Carolyn

    My god but she’s ugly, and he looks fruity.

  45. God, i hate him!
    always have and that will never change.

    Ashton would so win.
    And i would help make that possible, as would the MILLIONS of fans of his.
    (as opposed to loserface’s mere few.

    Dumb. i swear.

    at least ashton had a good cause.

    Plus, he challenged CNN.
    Spencers an ass.

    And btw, i also agree that ashton should respond with ” Who the F’ is Spencer Pratt?!”

    i love how almost everyone called them douche’s

  46. slice

    why would ashton and demi let these two retards into their house? i guarantee that if they do, heidi’s next music video will be shot in their bath tub.

  47. Hadrian

    Why should Mr. Superficial Writer (the 21st century Edward Gibbon) stop posting about Heidi and her douche? Because they’re superficial no-talent “celebrities” who are “famous” for being “famous”? What about all the other superficial no-talent celebrities, like Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, and Hulk Hogan’s daughter? Demanding that he stop posting about Heidi and her douche is like demanding that Stephen King stop writing about creepy stuff.

  48. Randal

    It’s amazing how technology has brought celebrities into the homes of normal every day folks with Facebook or Twitter and it’s going to be a brute of a battle. Spencer of course has Heidi and all of her fans and I don’t think Ashton Kutcher’s fans have it in them for a second round.


  49. sam

    #27 — You may be right about Ashton reaching a saturation point of people who will follow him because they like him, but you have to consider the people who, if he accepts this challenge, would follow him just because they HATE Spencer. The people signing up for just this reason could possibly cause the whole twitter phenomenon to implode upon itself in a mushroom cloud of toxic technology.

    Say what you want about Ashton, but next to Spencer, he is the most manly man, studly stud, cool guy on the universe. Spencer is truly THAT BAD.

  50. That’s Spencer’s way of getting publicity?! SAD!

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