Spencer Pratt, Jesus can see you

February 25th, 2009 // 113 Comments

Because a guy with a camera told her to, Heidi Montag bought Spencer Pratt a 68 Camaro as an early wedding gift. Like any douche worth his weight in high tops, he thanked her by pretending to have sex with her on the hood like that’s a normal part of their relationship. (It’s not.) Then again, it’s probably not a bad idea to practice for an inevitable career in porn. And by inevitable I mean minus Heidi add fireman.


  1. netstarman

    #12, #42,#98 you need to keep your worthless millionaire date sites need to go , it would have been funny if you have been posting sites like on how Heidi and Douchebag spencer met on http://www.thesuperficial.com , or The met thru at a E3 convention promoting a video game called “Donkey Punch 360″ coming soon to PS3, also easy for donkey punching on the Nintendo WII using the WII board for easy Douche bagging on the WII board.

  2. bootlips


    thath’s MY themen you big thtupid ! you can’t justh let anyone thuck it out of yer asth ! gosh!!!

  3. yuck

    I want them to jump off of the earth.

  4. I just hate how he has his own papz following him everywhere and I can’t believe people pay for these pictures.

  5. Ummm...yeah...

    I hate you Fish. You’re a dam liar.
    No,#39 Randal could not get any more gay, him and Fish should hook up.
    That fucking bitch always has her mouth open because she’s hoping some guy will put his cock in it and she just wants to be ready.
    Get the fuck off the hood asshole.
    Spencer is a fucking cocksucking fool.
    Fuck Fish…Quit posting about these useless, lying pricks!
    Where the fuck are thier wedding rings…ummm…yeah

  6. Stephen

    Why is her mouth ALWAYS open in these pictures? And what has this bimbo and himbo contributed to society in general?

  7. These two are the worst two people in the world. I’d rather watch 6 hours of C-Span coverage than to see these tools one more time.

  8. Speidie Die

    #71 hahahaha good one…

  9. asspratt

    You know, I am delighted that the English language already understands and has predicted at least half of these two morons. One of the English words for ass is prat- (as in “prat fall” …)
    The British use this more frequently than we do, though-

    PRAT- Noun. A fool, idiot or objectionable person. Originally meaning the buttocks.

    Sometimes life just works out perfectly.


  10. J.

    @22 – Michele, you are so right about that!!! I think it is the reasons for air pollution and global warming!!

  11. asd

    do they hire press to take photos of them? i dont get it, who are they?

  12. Sonya

    i definitely just felt a little puke come up

  13. This is not a joke and I am sure you do not visit makes a real difference in the grand scheme of things, but I have principles and thought you should know.

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