Spencer Pratt, Jesus can see you

February 25th, 2009 // 113 Comments

Because a guy with a camera told her to, Heidi Montag bought Spencer Pratt a 68 Camaro as an early wedding gift. Like any douche worth his weight in high tops, he thanked her by pretending to have sex with her on the hood like that’s a normal part of their relationship. (It’s not.) Then again, it’s probably not a bad idea to practice for an inevitable career in porn. And by inevitable I mean minus Heidi add fireman.


  1. Denise!


  2. TUBBO

    That is waaaaaay too much car for that little scrotum sniffer.

  3. Deacon Jones

    Heidi – You’re starting to look old. I’m not sure what it is, maybe you should get a face lift or something.

  4. I hate media whores

    These two are the biggest douchebags alive!!
    I actually kinda feel like barfing right now.

  5. Matthew

    DAMN IT FISH AGAIN NO MORE MR.AND MISS DOUCHEBAGS! stop breaking your promise to the fans!

  6. I’ll condone drunk driving here. On an isolated road. Filled with light posts. And maybe a cliff or two.

  7. GI JOE

    i bet he tries to shift gears with his anus because he looks like he’d enjoy getting bent over and pegged by heidi – i know i would! ROWRRR!!!

  8. Brookey

    i love how they alwayssss almost kiss eachother on the lips, in pictures you can barely ever see their lips actually touching eachothers…pathetic

  9. Brookey

    the flamming pink bra looks awesome under that see through shirt…notttt

  10. freeside

    Is that the same Jesus Madonna is dating?

  11. Liar

    Superficial! LIAR! Unless this bitch is naked, she’s worthless. Stop posting their propaganda!

  12. sam

    1. That car is WAY TOO GOOD for him

    2. If you are fortunate enough to have a ’68 Camaro, you should be smart enough to keep your FAT ASS (or bony ass) off of the damn hood!

    3. Does that skanky wench ever shut her DAMN MOUTH?

    Sorry for the shouting but I am not having the best day ever and seeing these two ultimate douches just made it a bit worse. They just totally, completely, eternally SUCK MONKEY BALLS.

  13. ktb

    Ass Clowns!
    Stop posting their pictures.
    Some one in Cali, please find the fucker that takes these pictures and shoot them, many times.

  14. Smokeistmoonlight

    Where’s Mr and Mrs Douchebags fake….ummmmm I mean real wedding bands?????

  15. Photoshop Police

    Fish….. You are SO FIRED.


    that’s right! I went there. I said “stupidhead”

  16. Lex

    I’d race that dude in my ’81 Volvo, kick his ass, slash his tires, and bang his lady on the hood of his car while he watched.

  17. p0nk

    xrist what a waste of a good car.
    Fish, damn you to hell for posting these douchebags still alive.

  18. Douche bag – party of 2

  19. Darth

    A ’69 Camaro would be way more hot.Another proof that they don’t have really sex.

  20. Megan

    They look so happy. Good luck
    She is talkative and is very popular at the millionaire & celebrity dating club____MillionaireLoving. C O M____. I think sometimes she may feel lonely so she chat online.

  21. Michelle

    Why does this bitch have her damn mouth open in like 95% of all her annoying ass pictures???

  22. Chris


    This site is truly the fucking worst. I know that nothing I say will sway the millions of people who come here but this is just pathetic.

    Fuck you, The Superficial.

    I’m done.

  23. Shep

    I don’t think the camero is really his style though. I mean look at him spending a day out on his favorite bike?


  24. p0nk

    @23, Chris, please drop us a line once in a while.

  25. Hooper

    Heidi looks SO bizarre whith her mouth closed, totally unnatuarl. She’s obviously a mouth breather she probably just about passes out when the “paparazzi” tell her “close your dumb cakehole!”.

  26. Darth

    #21 Thank you for those heartwarming yuotobe clips! I think i need a drink now. . :)

  27. Michelle

    And oh yeah — Where ARE their fake ass “wedding rings”???

  28. Darth

    That Spencer Pratt guy looks like the kind of type who pulls ‘ wedding rings’ from local fairs.

  29. Tinner



  30. Darth

    Is that blond girl a mouth breather? Though she could be a good girl i think. . .

  31. meme

    She needs to do porn. Her mouth is always open anyway, so…

  32. I just had an orgasm looking at the 68 camaro! thats a nice gift..

  33. elphine

    I spent £500 on those shoes. And then she got them. Gash.

  34. Mercury '49

    Even posing next to that car does nothing to diminish his incredible fagness or her doucheness.

  35. Joe Blow

    Whew!!! I saw that car and was afraid they were going to be in a new TV show called Starsky and Putz, but then I realized it’s not the same type car.

  36. grobpilot

    I think she has a problem closing her mouth because of lockjaw caused by blowing SP’s tetanus-laden little string bean.

  37. Randal

    A leather jacket always adds an extra level of toughness but a ’68 Camero 850 SS strips that jacket right off as it zips on by.

    Spencer, make sure you drive that cute little lady of yours around California looking as good as she does with that brilliant smile. The car almost as beautiful as her. Almost.


  38. Joe Blow

    Jeez…. could Randal be more gay?

  39. p0nk

    uh randall, it’s 350 as in 350 cu in. you’re slippin, dude.

  40. Shannon

    Is she capable of CLOSING HER MOUTH!

  41. lucy

    They are so happy, and I heard that they met each other on
    _____ Millionaire Romances com____, I also met my Mr Right here. so, I feel so lucky. Good for you.

  42. ET phone home

    aww how cute Spencer got a jacket to fit the occasion…

  43. Joe Blow


    No, if he was wearing the jacket he should be wearing, it would be a heavy cloth jacket with sleeves that are restrained behind the back.

    Or just a leather one that on the back reads “Total Douche” and an arrow pointing straight up.

  44. Freeze

    You guys don’t get it. As long as you click on their link and comment….the runny pullback and gutter slut will be posing for pix.

  45. ET phone home

    #44 hahah my bad

  46. Barnops

    Spencer Pratt, I have one thing to say…I have two, read that TWO cars that are better than yours!


  47. LOismyBFF

    Let’s just really get down to business:

    Can someone please make sure some pharmaceutical rep is giving her free birth control and following up daily to make sure it’s taken.

    No, let’s get serious I’m a female that loves balls, but can we just get doctor to chop his off? I mean if they spawn you think the economy crisis is a problem, it would be the least of our worries.

  48. McFeely Smackup

    ” 47. Barnops – February 25, 2009 7:10 PM

    Spencer Pratt, I have one thing to say…I have two, read that TWO cars that are better than yours!


    HAH , mega FAIL you douche. Spencer is laughing at your inability to burn him.

  49. Ismell2douches

    Stop posting photos of these DOUCHEBAGS. You promise and then you post again. Let them fade into well deserved obscurity, and use the space for more deserving celebubags.

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