Spencer Pratt: Mary-Kate Olsen needs me to get publicity

June 30th, 2008 // 103 Comments

Spencer Pratt has responded back to comments made about him on Letterman by Mary-Kate Olsen. I’m sure when he got the call he squealed “OMG! Me me me!” Then he pushed Heidi Montag in a puddle and kicked a puppy. I have sources. Anyway, here’s what Captain Oily of Anal Brigade said to Us Magazine:

“I don’t really get why she’d use my name to get press for her little indie film that no one’s going to see,” he told Usmagazine.com Friday. “She should probably focus more on not getting dressed in the dark than on me.
“I know I’ve made it in Hollywood when a famous troll is talking about me on Letterman. I forgive her, though. She’s had to go through life as the less cute twin, which must be tough.”

Okay, first off, Mary-Kate doesn’t need Spencer for publicity. Heath Ledger covered that check. Second, who the hell is Spencer Pratt to call out an Olsen twin? Those two had a billion dollar video franchise before they realized they hate solid foods but love opiates. What has Spencer done? Besides being the boy who wished hard enough for his sister’s Barbie doll to come to life. Horrible, vapid, man, he should’ve wished for G.I. Joe instead life.


  1. djsijsdsdlk

    low blow on heath ledger. didnt deserve that commet. RIP.

  2. #50-51 – Dude… It wasn’t a comet that killed him, it was ODing due to lack of understanding of his own sexual identity. Easy mistake…

  3. Jesus

    I saw “prayer” references. I figured I must be in the correct place.
    Spencer Pratt is becoming quite the adorable, ass monkey. He rips on an Olsen twin, yet his chica has the fucking face a horse?
    Mind you, he does not have room to talk ( nor should he), given that he has always reminded me of a Teletubie, you know….the one with the purse?

  4. Jrz

    AHAHAHA! Spoken like a true raging fag!

  5. rm

    Heh… well. That little indie film that no one cares about looks pretty rad, so well, good luck on all your endeavors there, Spencer. I know they’re going to be great…

  6. Yuristache

    Why is that I’ve never heard of this assclown outside of this blog? Is he really a celebrity? I’m confused because I thought celebrities were important people that were generally recognizable by the public…

  7. Tony

    “Why is that I’ve never heard of this assclown outside of this blog?”

    That’s the funny thing about it. Every other day more pictures of the two are put up here. I don’t really understand it, but I guess it gets hits… even if those hits are people being dicks to them.

    Didn’t Letterman technically bring him up? All I’ve seen is her clearly trying to give basic answers to get off the subject.

  8. eyepopper

    Spencer Pratt is one of the biggest prats [an English colloquialism] in the USA, and believe me, there are many of them.

  9. Scott

    Dear Spencer Pratt:

    Please fuck off and die. No, seriously, we want you to cease living.

    The World

  10. Angry Beaver

    Mary Kate, please don’t let this go unanwered. Please use your billions of dollars to hire mercs to rub this festering piece of afterbirth out. Of course, since he’s such a pussy, you could hire security guard Gary Coleman to beat him to death. I’m mailing you $20 (Gary’s pretty cheap) to cover half the cost of him punching Pratt in the vagina repeatedly.

  11. grobpilot

    Spuzz-eating fuckbag

  12. jcmjr

    The Olsen twins aren’t really offensive, I can take them or leave them; but this guy……he has got to be at the top of everybody’s “Who would you most like to see get punched in the face” list……who does this attention whore think he is criticizing anyone!? Let’s hear his list of film credits and about all the awards he has won…….oh wait…..NONE! …..well maybe one……. Douche of the Year!

  13. I don’t know where this guy gets off, I mean honestly is there a single person that likes this pathetic dick hole? No.

  14. boo

    Anyone with half a brain could see that Letterman was trying to get MK to say something derogatory about SP and she was trying to change the subject. Why isn’t this worm going after Letterman in his statement? Oh yeah, coz even a middle aged guy with a bad heart could wipe up the floor with him. Better to attack the 90 lb female.

  15. FCS

    #13″ you guys are just jealous. Americans are the most hateful people. ”

    Not true. Germans are the most hateful people. Just ask the Jews.

    P.s. I hate you

  16. #59


    Can there be a Bigger Douche then Spencer? Highly unlikely.

    Also, kinda bothersome how this guy thinks his chick is a goddess.

    Whatever, my bet is that he comes out of the closet within 3 years after breaking up with the bitch. Guaranteed!

  17. Tom

    Ha, this fucking tool is only famous because he’s Heidi Montag’s boyfriend, and that saying something, because nobody knows who Heidi is, and those that know don’t care.

    Fuck him!

  18. Harry Ballzack

    HAHAHAHAHA ….. I Wiki-ed Spencer Pratts name cuz I’ve never heard of him (MTV Blows) below is the answer ……

    Spencer Pratt: (born Aug. 14, 1983 in Los Angeles, CA) is a reality-television star known for MTV’s “The Hills.” He is well known as the on-again fiancée of Heidi Montag. He is the brother of Stephanie Pratt who also stars on The Hills. He is one of the most untalented and arrogant persons on the show.

    The other must be his sister ….. HAHAHAHAHAHA ………

  19. jennifer_hammond

    As much as I cant stand this guy and his cocky atttitude, everything he says about Mary Kate is absolutely right and I agree with him.

  20. jennifer_hammond

    As much as I cant stand this guy and his cocky atttitude, everything he says about Mary Kate is absolutely right and I agree with him.

  21. heidi montage looks like a freaky bobble head, but more fake. ........DAVE.

    this human being it a total waste of skin and his THREE SLOTTED PIGGY BANK aka HEIDI MONTAG has the weirdest shaped head and jaw in the history, yeah i said it, she is really fucking odd looking, LIKE A BOBBLE HEAD. but more fake. This guy is a total douche and he is done in life now, so can we stop fucking giving him the attention he does NOT deserve.

  22. Julia_NYC

    king kong, you are definitely jealous. #65, FCS, I take your hate and radiate love back to you. love is the answer, hate=fear.

  23. Rand

    god can they be less disgusting?

  24. Tinfoil Raccoon

    Kind of funny considering David Letterman brought up Spencer’s name first during the interview, not Mary Kate. AND the fact that it was David Letterman calling him “oily” and “wormy.” Mary Kate made one comment about him having a bad temper, then refused to discuss him any further…..even though DL kept pushing for more gossip.

    I guess it’s easier for him to go after Mary Kate with a bunch of catty comments that make him sound like a 15 year old girl instead of targeting David Letterman, the much older, A-list talk show host male who actually instigated the whole thing.

    Will this guy never go away???

  25. maeby

    well said.

    ps. i love the superficial.

  26. La4you

    I don’t understand why the public gives people like this attention. Yah, he’s a prick, ass, lil bitch, what-ever; but the fact that we take the time to read about them & comment on them makes them WHO THEY ARE! I don’t read any articles on Spencer or Heidi because they really are no body worth reading about. ” Like OMG, I went & got my nails painted today & there were cameras & like people everywhere!” That’s the depth of the level of entertainment I receive from this coulpe.

    I’m writing this because this guy really seems like a royal dick. But what I don’t understand is why, if he is so disliked, do we still feel the need to know what’s going on in their lives? Personally, if there is someone I don’t like, I don’t want or care what the fuck is going on in their lil life :)

  27. vtx

    Sad… I realized that this dude is the white Kanye West… except he’s not talented… just the douchebaggery mindset.

  28. Tinfoil Raccoon

    And another thing…

    “I know I’ve made it in Hollywood when……..”


    It used to be that people “made it in Hollywood” by having an actual career as a talented actor or actress. Nowadays you “make it in Hollywood” by being a tool on a scripted “reality” show and paying the paparazzi to photograph you in staged photo ops.

    My how times have changed.

  29. justifiable

    Spencer, you’re such a catty little bitch.

  30. Jesus

    Newsflash, Julia_NYC: accusing people of being jealous isn’t an act of love.

  31. FCS sux German wiener

    How can you qualify that statement bitch. Apparently history is one of many things you are not aware of. Germany is where GERMANS come from. They did not like the Jews.
    In America there were already millions of people living there and we wiped them out. And we brought and had millions of African slaves here.
    Israel practices apartheid in Palestine but I guess that’s ok. They bombed Iraq. They are planning along with their bitchs (is the Americans) to invade Iran.
    Eat shit faggot.

  32. Danklin24

    Haha this guy’s a complete tool. Yeah Spencer, her million dollar self needs you for publicity, thats it. Christ, she didnt even want to talk about him but David Letterman, being the assclown that he is, wouldnt stfu and made her say crap. Pratt, i think your beef should be with letterman, not a helpless troll.

  33. Danklin24

    Haha this guy’s a complete tool. Yeah Spencer, her million dollar self needs you for publicity, thats it. Christ, she didnt even want to talk about him but David Letterman, being the assclown that he is, wouldnt stfu and made her say crap. Pratt, i think your beef should be with letterman, not a helpless troll.

  34. La Toya Jackson

    Mary-Kate was definitely always the cuter and nicer twin. Ashley is an ugly fucking bitch who never smiles. I have actually interacted with Ashley in person and she is a crazy bitch.. very mean, very unlikeable. She’s always trying to dominate MK. No wonder the poor girl had an eating disorder and acts the way she does.

  35. Kim Lardassian

    When I looked at picture no 3 I had an image of them lying with the same clothes and bag with their throats slit – it was beautiful but I guess you had to be there.

  36. mar.mar

    and i thought that MK was smart for not saying anything bad, yet somehow that assmuncher found a reason to start somthing.

    i cant belive he would stoop soo low as to say all that childish stuff.
    personally at this point these two Hills losers belong together/ they are like two kids in high school.

    well guys we know for sure that MK is wayy hotter then that blowup doll hanging off Pratts shoulder. at least the twins are real and have they personal styles.

  37. angela

    for the love of god…. stop posting about this morons. we are keeping them famous… so let’s stop talking about them!!!

  38. daisy


  39. Vane

    Spencer Pratt is such a douche. If there’s one asswipe I’d love to club in the face with a hammer — It is him.

  40. HumanWreckage

    Funny, this tool says “she should focus more on not getting dressed in the dark” yet he’s wearing shiny jeans with the bottoms haphazardly stuffed into what appear to be hightop skateboard shoes. If that becomes the next fashion craze, I have a bullet with his name on it.

  41. woodhorse

    Spencer Pratt has no idea that women are supposed to be wet during sex.

  42. Sweet Jane

    “Spencer Pratt” should live in fear of Mary Kate…
    Doesn’t he know that the Olsen twins have a control room with a button with everybody’s name on it? All it would take is one push of a button and he will implode.

    I can’t wait.

  43. Kakoy

    #28 “Hey Julia, ask your chinese friend if it’s really true that their vajay-jay’s really go sideways instead of front to back.”

    Your comment was uncare for! Its ok to disagree with someone, but what has the Chinese ever done to you for such a disrespectful comment.

  44. PATH

    When will these two overdose and die

  45. phoebe

    please, for the love of god superficial writer
    stop blogging about these to douchebags.
    who the fuck does spencer pratt think he fucking iss?
    the olsen twins are at the top of the made-it-in-hollywood chain
    i bet he spent all night after having cheesy posed sex with heidi thinking up a response for that, because it takes a clever mind to come up with something that “witty” fuck that, it takes just a mind to come up with that, and spencer doesnt have half. he needs to back the fuck off, the olsen twins dont do anything to get in the news, yet they still are in. meaning they dont pull publicity stunts or pose fake cheesy pictures. spencer is a low-life asshole who has no talent whatsoever and has a pretty gf but is just as talent-less and fake as he is. even people who hate mk and ashley on here are saying shut the fuck up to him. goshh i hate this guy with a passion.

  46. ahhitsjenny

    hahahah, the first thing I noticed was Spencer’s shirt
    Loose Lips Sink Ship
    I guess he’s an ACOP fan too :D

  47. He’s probably secretly thrilled to get the mention by two people who are much more talented and successful than he is.

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  49. even people who hate mk and ashley on here are saying shut the fuck up to him.

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