Spencer Pratt: Mary-Kate Olsen needs me to get publicity

June 30th, 2008 // 103 Comments

Spencer Pratt has responded back to comments made about him on Letterman by Mary-Kate Olsen. I’m sure when he got the call he squealed “OMG! Me me me!” Then he pushed Heidi Montag in a puddle and kicked a puppy. I have sources. Anyway, here’s what Captain Oily of Anal Brigade said to Us Magazine:

“I don’t really get why she’d use my name to get press for her little indie film that no one’s going to see,” he told Usmagazine.com Friday. “She should probably focus more on not getting dressed in the dark than on me.
“I know I’ve made it in Hollywood when a famous troll is talking about me on Letterman. I forgive her, though. She’s had to go through life as the less cute twin, which must be tough.”

Okay, first off, Mary-Kate doesn’t need Spencer for publicity. Heath Ledger covered that check. Second, who the hell is Spencer Pratt to call out an Olsen twin? Those two had a billion dollar video franchise before they realized they hate solid foods but love opiates. What has Spencer done? Besides being the boy who wished hard enough for his sister’s Barbie doll to come to life. Horrible, vapid, man, he should’ve wished for G.I. Joe instead life.


  1. First

    First biatch. This dude is gay.

  2. yodolayheehoo

    I’ll be happy when I turn on the news and I hear that some awesome guy has uzi’d this asshole into the ground. Life will be complete. And I hope he takes that little tramp ho with him.

  3. Mos

    God, I loathe that douchebag. I’ve never gotten the animositiy for the Olsen twins, though. As far as I know, they’ve never been obnoxious whore like Lohan or Brittney. If they had big tits, everyone would probably love them. Oh well.

  4. Leslie

    Holy shit, a loser with a capital L!
    “her little indie movie no one’s going to see”!
    Dude, who are you!? at least she’s starring in one!

  5. Jenn

    What an idiot.

  6. Realist

    Bahahaha. He’s such a tool that I’m half concinved it MUST be an act for publicity. No one could be this bad. BUT everything he’s saying is true. Hysterical!

  7. sevenandaswitchblade

    I didn’t know “Douche” came in a shoe style.

  8. If this turns into an Oslen lovefest, I’ve either become Heath Ledger circa 7 months ago or my time machine is actually working…

  9. Realist

    # 4, no one hates the Olsen twins. They’re nice girls. We’re just a bit angry at them for giving a brief hint of being hot…but instead growing up to look like the lovechild of a troll doll and 80 yr old bag lady.

  10. norton

    What a total douche.

    Pardon me “Spencer”, but who has a billion dollar empire and who is staging photo ops for money?

  11. Mr.Peanut

    “I know I’ve made it in Hollywood…”

    Made it?? What in the blue hell has he EVER done besides bumping Brody Jenner for the title of “#1 DOUCHEFUCKER” Someone needs to please abduct this fag and strap him to a non-stop ball-kicking machine…something like that big boot in that old Herbie Hancock music video.

  12. Julia_NYC

    you guys are just jealous. Americans are the most hateful people.

  13. Ishi-san

    Who the f**k is Spencer Pratt anyway!?!?!?!?!?! I am so happy Europe doesn’t show them!

  14. britney's weave

    god, what a sleazy, self-possessed little bitch.

  15. Grunion

    No Spencer and fucktard in Europe? I may have to re-think my Europe bashing policy….

  16. shante mcnasty

    ….uh…what? this guy….killng me softly…..who is he?….compared to an Olsen Twin?….David Letteman is the one who brought this guy up in the interview…not the twin…DL was disgusted with him and called him ‘oily’…i mean…how funny is that? when you’re in Hollywood…there are many many leeches ….and this guy defines that…he has no skills but getting with ‘reality’ people…who do not live in reality. wow…how talented. how embarrassing…to be in ‘hollywood’ and NO ONE likes or respects you….how embarrassing.

  17. noneyobeezwax

    you would think with her money, mary-kate could just have him snuffed out. celebrities never use their money or power for the common good. what a shame.

  18. Bunnie

    “She should probably focus more on not getting dressed in the dark than on me.”

    Does anyone else think that this sounds like the words of a jealous, catty woman?


    Pratt: kill it with fire.

  19. spender pratt is ONE BIG LAZY FAGGOT!!
    The right words for this PROFESSIONAL-TRICKER!!

  20. Todd Pratt

    Spencer is a talentless hack. He is probably going to pimp Heidi to do Playboy and then some softcore porn.

    It sounds like Heidi must’ve left the dildo in his ass.

  21. I seen him working the Tuesday afternoon shift as the mall guard at my local Simon mall. Nice to see that he’s such a powerful man

  22. caitie

    I’d actually be happy if he died in a horrible and painful accident.
    Maybe thats taking it one step too far, but i don’t care. I strongly dislike him, which somehow justifies me wanting him to die horribly.

  23. sirrix

    Umm… @13… Maybe this website isn’t exactly… how should I put this? Up your alley (you flaming Scientologist)?

    Read Julia’s lovely comments on the Rob Lowe story, too. Deelish – a giant spponful of undeserved compassion in the morning!

    If Americans are really so hateful, then why are you still in NYC? I’d have thought you’d be extradited by now. Or at least peed on.

  24. Zukyia

    @7: 100% correct. He’s a total waste of space, BUT he’s right. I don’t know why she even talked about him in the interview in the first place. She could have just said,”Oh, we really didn’t hang out, so I don’t have any interesting stories.” That would have been true because the one she told wasn’t all that interesting, it just confirmed what everyone already knew.

  25. Zukyia

    @7: 100% correct. He’s a total waste of space, BUT he’s right. I don’t know why she even talked about him in the interview in the first place. She could have just said,”Oh, we really didn’t hang out, so I don’t have any interesting stories.” That would have been true because the one she told wasn’t all that interesting, it just confirmed what everyone already knew.

  26. huh

    As much as i dislike Spencer Pratt, he kinda hit the nail on the head and made some hilariously truthful comments. Good wit.

  27. huh

    Hey Julia, ask your chinese friend if it’s really true that their vajay-jay’s really go sideways instead of front to back.

  28. Spencer is dickhole.

    Oh, #1 your a douche

  29. English Bob

    The only time i ever see these pair of talentless, stupid, self obsessed fuckwits is on this site…….Tut tut Superfish……

  30. Lola

    Please, enough of these 2 idiots….. It’s getting out of control now and I’m so sick of them both or whatever they have to say

  31. Lancy

    He is a hollywood playboy. But I still hope their marriage can last longer. But I saw his personal ID on wealthy men personals site “”"”"S e e k i n g R i c h . c o m”"”"” last week. What is he looking for on that site? Looking for sugarbabe?

  32. veggi

    He needs to be anally raped using the sword strapon from “Se7en”.

  33. Kirby

    Never has the phrase ” legend in his own mind” been more appropriate.

  34. sirrix

    @7 and 25.. .Wait wait wait. Did you even watch the tape from Letterman? Dave Letterman was the one who brought it up – not the present half of the Olsen duo. She only responded to Letterman’s comments asking “how could someone be so oily at that age,” to which she replied “I don’t know.”

    What else do you want her to do? If it were me on that stage, I would have gone nuts! Plus.. it isn’t like we’re talking about the dude you didn’t like in high school. We’re talking about the guy who may very well be the biggest douche on earth. Frankly, I’m proud of her restraint. I may have projectile vomited at the mention of him.

  35. Julia_NYC

    I forgive you sirrix and huh. It must hurt to be so angry. You are in my prayers

  36. D

    this is one of the few ppl that if they died horribly, i wouldnt even feel bad….what a douche this guy is

  37. gb

    It is all fun and games until Spencer and Fake Tits McChin decide to procreate. We can only hope she is as vain as we all think she is and wont get pregnant because it would “ruin” her body.

  38. HuckyDucky

    She can do little Indie films that no one is going to see, because she’s a BILLIONAIRE you idiot. BILLIONAIRES can dispense with ambition for ambition’s or money’s sake. Oily is right.

  39. veggi

    #33- *waves* Hi fuckface!! You’re seriously gross my dear..

    I’d like to hear the story of how they met. At a Boyz II Men concert..

    Did I just reference the worst thing ever?? Gawddamn, kill me..

  40. natalie

    WHY has noone commented on Spencer’s clothes??? WTF is he wearing? 90′s style overly starched pants and retro Jordans? It looks like HE got dressed in the dark.

  41. sirrix

    @36 – Either you’re completely out of whack on this website, or you’re the funniest human being alive.

    I guess I’d be okay with either.

  42. FCS

    #27 repeating insults that were used 2 years ago by bloggers everywhere isn’t witty, or even funny. It’s unoriginal and lame.

    But hardly suprising.

  43. Expert on Everything

    did any1 see these inbreds on ‘the soup’ lastnight? they are talking about adopting an African child and naming it ‘Dunk’ because African children are “tall” and play basketball as a result.
    Ummm, am I having a terrible nightmare? Would someone actually give the 2 biggest losers of all time & absolute empty shells of human beings an African baby? -or any baby for that matter?? How ignorant and soulless can they be? JULIA from NYC, feck off ya crow! this site is for hatin’. how dare you bring your soft side bullshit here!?

  44. Thanks troll #29, I agree LOL

  45. asshat

    how in the hell does this little queef earn a paycheck? or have a woman? i’ve shat out more interesting things than this penis-nosed idiot

  46. lola

    the silliest couple ever


  47. Guy

    Suddenly I feel like sticking up for the Olsen twins, which a fucking bighead

  48. kingkong

    It cracks me up that without fail some moron always responds to critical comments with “you haters must be jealous” Maybe, and I could be reaching here, this Spencer Nobody is a complete jackass and none of us are jealous.

    Face it: “you must be jealous” is a tool of denial. I’ll pray for you.

  49. djsijsdsdlk

    low blow on heath ledger. didnt deserve that commet. RIP.

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