Spencer Pratt hearts gay marriage

To all the readers who thought Spencer Pratt is gay, give yourselves a big ol’ pat on the back. Turns out that, despite their staunch Republican upbringing, Heidi and Spencer are huge supporters of same-sex marriage. Especially Spencer. The guy loves it (I mean, LOVES it) and couldn’t help but share his feelings with E! News:

“I think it’s your own choice,” Montag said last night at the opening of Svedka presents Hollywood, DC: Lights! Camera! Election!, an art show at the World of Wonder Storefront Gallery in Hollywood. “I think, you know, whoever you decide to marry–boys, girls, whatever you like–it’s up to you.”
Pratt credits his girlfriend’s glam squad with his open-mindedness. “Heidi’s hair and makeup people are my favorite people in the world and they happen to be gay,” he said. “So if they wanna go marry each other, good for them.”

But don’t worry; they’re still huge supporters of John McCain who, surprisingly, hasn’t locked these two in Guantanamo Bay before he dives even further in the polls (There’s still time, Senator. Maverick their asses!):

They don’t think Colin Powell’s endorsement of Barack Obama will hurt Sen. McCain. “I think McCain is strong and great,” Montag cooed. “And, you know, who needs Colin Powell?”

Heidi Montag: a vapid, mountain of chin and funbags dismissing the career of Colin Powell. Only in America, folks. In the meantime, I included just one pic of Spencer on this post and the rest are all Heidi – which I now realize is like putting a birthday hat on a tumor: Cute, but what the fuck?