Spencer Pratt kicked off The Hills

March 15th, 2010 // 80 Comments

If you actually believed Spencer Pratt is taking a break from The Hills to fight cyber-terrorism, you should probably go ahead and cyber-terrorize yourself in the face for the good of humanity. Turns out he’s on an MTV-imposed hiatus for allegedly threatening to kill a female producer. Us Magazine reports:

The source explains that Pratt, 26, recently “flipped out” on the show’s set after a female producer made a request to which he objected.
“He got so crazy that he screamed at [her], ‘I should kill you for even asking me to do that!’” the source recounts.
“Very rattled” by Pratt’s outburst, the producer filed a complaint with the show’s top producers — who then threatened to kick Pratt off the show.
Pratt’s team went back with a compromise: “the show agreed that Spencer would leave The Hills for six weeks to do anger management training once a week at home. If he completes it, he can return to the show.”

So basically Spencer Pratt’s going to sit around a house full of guns pretending to be straight for six weeks while his “wife” blows her half of the mortgage on chin sandings. If that’s not a recipe for murder/suicide, God fucking hates us.


  1. Nemota


  2. PostmortemG

    When i click on a link in this site bearing the words “Spencer Pratt”, it´s not because i want to see this cocksucker. Where´s Heidi´s tasty big tits and ass?


  3. Kelley

    Yay !! Great post !!

  4. titsonsnack

    this dude sucks so fucking hard

  5. Danielle

    He is the creepiest looking man ever!!!

  6. matt

    The way he’s bug eyed and grinning makes him look like he’s holding an enormous chunk of crystal meth.

  7. Dank

    Rofl i love that this douchefart tries to grow a beard and fails epically. Looks like he went nose deep in his wife’s twat then someone threw some straw on him.

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  9. How about “Spencer Pratt kicked in the balls”. That would be good.

  10. What is he holding? Did a piece of Heidi come loose?

  11. Dank

    OMFG its Heidi’s ear!

  12. n

    So ugly! Horrific!

  13. lori

    Looks like a methhead.

  14. I believe in god again.

  15. hello, loser.

    he looks like he smells like pee

  16. Beer Baron

    He looks like Skeletor with hair.

  17. Rough-er Madness

    “I should kill you for even asking me to do that”

    You sure those are not lines from Tim Roth, in Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes?

  18. Dn

    @ 6

  19. Nameless

    Damn this idiot pulled a season six Drama from Entourage moment. Why waste the dough? Fire his ass completely.

  20. Dank

    My god stop with the fucking ads!

  21. Total Physco Douche!!!

  22. Does anyone ever check these shit ads in the comments? Anyone? EVER??

  23. datroof

    He looks like that bit from Jackass where they tricked someone into glueing pubes to their face.

  24. eatme

    spencer pratt is hilarious. he’s the only thing entertaining about the hills.

  25. Perfect Double Tapered

    Say what you will but the man has fashion sense. Tie dyes and pube beards are in this year.

  26. this idiot pulled a season six Drama from Entourage moment. Why waste the dough? Fire his ass completely.

  27. bob

    I can see this douches future now, the marriage will last another 3 months, when his Meth habit sends him batshit crazy and she resorts to C-grade porn to support her surgery addiction. Ahh life of the bitch and famous.

  28. What a douche

    So, he’s no longer his wife’s manager (which is a harbinger of divorce), and he’s blowing it (threatening someone on set = BAD) on the only thing he has going. Looks like the dude is spiraling down right now. Which is fine by me; he’s the douche-ist loser in hollywood…

  29. black jesus

    a form of narcissism? no, thats what everyone in california has

    this dude is a MEGALOMANIAC .. slight difference but yeh – ITS SO CALI!

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  31. Mama Pinkus

    I never realized he was so fucking ugly (disclosure: I am not young enough to appreciate garbage like “The Hills”

  32. louise

    Good! The little prick needed his comeuppance for a long time. It’s no lost.

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  35. ONna

    This douche bag looks like a fucking psychopath.

  36. justifiable

    Where the fuck is a ninja assassin when you need one? This douchebag already has a garotte draped around his neck and there’s no one around to tighten it!

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  38. Gueibor

    This entity (I don’t want to taint respectable terms like “guy”, “person”, or “douchefag” by applying them to it) terrifies the living shit out of me.
    It is a void, a point in space made up of human/intellectual anti-matter.
    Whenever I witness its vacant stare I feel like my brain cells are being sucked into it.
    Please kill it.
    With fire.

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  40. captain america

    you also reckognise resemblence with BIGFOOT?(without the hendersons)

  41. KATH

    I’m SOOO tired of no talent EVERYONE on televison.

    Reality TV needs to be offed.

    Anyone remember Talent?

  42. Umbrella

    He’s the biggest douche ever. I can’t stand Heidi either, but I feel sorry for her being married to this jerk.

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  44. Angry Beaver

    Ha ha…he’s pissed because he talked his wife into getting DDD funbags but her psychic is the only one playing motorboate with them…there is a God.

    and what the fuck is up with his pubescent manboy beard? Dude, if you’re already getting a receding hairline you cover up with your man-perm, then you should be able to grow a fucking beard. Shave that nasty shit off. Looks like Heidi’s vag before her waxing appointment.

  45. Jon

    Muahahaha this story writes itself.. look at those photos.

  46. havoc

    They’re just acting crazy to keep the attention on themselves. Much like the plastic surgery and walking around with a Playboy with your fucking mouth open all the time.



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