Spencer Pratt is definitely gay

August 27th, 2009 // 71 Comments

Above is unedited footage from MTV’s The Aftershow which features a clearly embarrassed host Jesse Cruickshank at a club with Heidi and Spencer after the Miss Universe 2009 Pageant. Watch as Heidi tries to do a lap dance for Spencer who, after blatantly checking to see if the camera’s on, does the worst impression of a man who enjoys looking at a woman. It’s almost like he’s trying to smile, but a voice in his head is constantly reminding him there’s a vagina in those pants and he should run for his fucking life.


  1. mindy

    waste of space

  2. FUCK YEA!@


  3. Grace

    I don’t know what that was, but it was definitely NOT a lap dance.
    Also, his face was like one you give a child who is showing you something they can do and usually doing it poorly so you pretend like it’s awesome anyway so as not to hurt their feelings.

  4. kramden

    its funny but seriously heidi posts are only slightly less boring and lame than jon & kate ones.

  5. What happened to Spencer’s “Hooray for Jesus!!!” campaign?

  6. Sigfa

    So, that is how the worst lap dance of all times look like? Cool, good to know… (To do exactly the opposite, of course)


    I Hate Speidi (Spencer+ Heidi)!!!




  8. Fuck This Site

    What the fuck, NO ONE CARES ABOUT THESE TWO! Stop posting so much shit on them, there a billions of other people out there!!!!

  9. havoc

    At least he wasn’t reading her fucking Playboy again…..


  10. Racer X



  11. Joey Joe Joe Shabadoo

    He’s all icky and sweaty. Looks like he’s on ecstasy. Might have gotten over-stimulated by the flashy, plastic, golden jiggling thing moving in fast-motion in front of him.

  12. Dead Ted Kennedy's Dick

    I’d f### her, but then again that’s not saying much.

  13. Valerie

    5&6–ON POINT like a muthafuckin dart game.

    Fuck you, Fish.

  14. Jim Jones

    You assume there’s a vagina in Heidi’s pants.

    Also, why are you still posting crap about these two? I say a rule shoudl be made. If it doesn’t involve some sort of nudity (or murder), then nothing should be posted about Heidi or Spencer.

  15. Zee Brat

    Alright, you win. That was hilarious.

  16. Jesus is the man! the weeks disobedience will be all forgiven during mass on Sunday.

  17. Érico

    Most annoying couple ever.

  18. nysro

    I think the whole marriage and couple thing is as fake as they are. Notice in pictures when they are showing “affection” and kissing, they never actually kiss. They pose as if they were about to. That video didn’t do anything to disprove any of it.

    I think the whole thing was cooked up by MTV, they saw that someone idiots somewhere were interested in these two twats, so they paid them to continue the “relationship” into real life.

  19. Longducdong

    Well said #16, I’ll go get the kool-aid!

  20. Josh

    For fucks sake.

  21. DeviousJinx

    Typically I can’t stand seeing these idiots but that was fucken hysterical!

  22. JC

    Never before in my life have I wanted a single person, let alone two people, maimed and beaten to death. These two are a complete waste of space and oxygen.

    And I really hope that Spencer is not gay. Thats a terrible thing to burden the homosexual community with. Seriously.

  23. stupidass

    oh look, another heidi / spencer post that the superficial community unanimously rejects

  24. gotmilk?

    are you sure she’s not having a seizure?

  25. Captain_Insano

    If he wasn’t gay before that disgusting display, he is now. God she’s the fucking anti-sexy.

  26. Jamie's Uterus

    Perhaps she is epileptic and the flashing lights were too much?

  27. Randal

    Spencer certainly has a great wife and it shows by the big smile on his face. That’s a happy husband!

    Heidi, your live performance was amazing, it’s no wonder why everyone was talking about it the next day.


  28. grezzzzy

    Holy shit. That was the most all-around awkward thing I’ve ever seen. The dancing, the reactions, everything.

  29. grezzzzy

    Holy shit. That was the most all-around awkward thing I’ve ever seen. The dancing, the reactions, everything.

  30. grezzzzy

    Holy shit. That was the most all-around awkward thing I’ve ever seen. The dancing, the reactions, everything.

  31. David

    First of all, she sucks at lap dances. Second of all, she was trying to shake her ass but was shaking her chest and shoulders instead. Wow.

  32. Kelley

    I’m with #24 … and Randal ? What are you smoking ? Aparrently it’s good shit.

  33. jt

    snoozerooni. please. can we have a moratorium on these two zeros.

  34. ihaveaids

    I used to hate these 2 but now I think they are hilarious. Don’t fight it, feel it.

  35. JoeBlow

    Holy shit she looks like an epileptic pony

  36. DIxon

    HAHAHAHAHA … i didn’t know this site was for comedic relief. sure tits and ass but c’mon … this is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day. They are a perfect match … she can’t give a lap dance (unless it’s to some magic little elf sitting and bouncing on her chest barking orders) and he spends the whole time looking over her shoulder anyway dreaming of man C0CK. Hence, the smile on his face and the fact he immediately turns away when she is finished.

  37. sahara

    hahahaah the girl on the left looks like she wants the ground to swallow her up.. god love her.

  38. Ashley

    That is the worst lap dance ever. she looks like she is having a seizure. Shes the biggest idiot ever. thats how you know this marriage is a cover up for specer. no one in their right, straight mind would marry heidi

  39. K

    I love how she purposely catches glimpses of her “dance” in the mirror. And still does not improve.

  40. K

    I love how she purposely catches glimpses of her “dance” in the mirror. And still does not improve.

  41. ohmyword

    So THATS what an eplileptic on meth looks like .. huh who woulda thought it would come in the form on Heidi.

  42. trickydick

    Wow! That was pretty Bad. The worst lap dance I’ve ever seen. I think the girl with them thought so too. You could see it in her face. These too really are a complete waste of space and one day we are going find out it was all a shamble. The way they “pose” when they take their pictures says it all. FAKE,FAKE,FAKE!

  43. Rachell

    LOL that was funny, was she impersonating Chris Kataan from SNL? lol It looked more like a seizure than a lap dance LMAO.

  44. A. Soto

    I’d fuck her.

  45. me

    I took meth once at a night club, and I promise I danced JUST LIKE THIS. She’s either on meth or coke- mark my words.

    Either way, that was fuckin unbearable.

  46. That was… how do you say…RICH?

    Can’t join your facebook group but I do have my own Gwyneth Paltrow hating site, if you’re interested.

  47. Sarah

    In all fairness, if I had a woman attempt a lap dance in the same way Heidi did, I probably would have had the same look on my face. Ya know, the one where you’re terrified and confused but you’re also worried about how the person may react if you show your true feelings. Seriously, that’s her trying to turn a guy on? Imagine what kind of movements she’d make if someone told her she looked like…Well, her.

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