Spencer Pratt has an unhealthy obsession with young boys

June 16th, 2008 // 67 Comments

Spencer Pratt, through some unholy alliance with Lucifer (He let him touch Heidi’s boobs.), managed to find himself as a guest on The Late Show with David Letterman. And, get this, the smug little douchecock has the nerve to check his watch during the interview! After that, Spencer rambles on about how he’s apparently found the next pop stars of the future which are really younger versions of pop stars of the past. I dunno, but it’s even more retarded than I just described:

“I live and breath pop culture. Right now I’ve got a partnership with the next Jay-Z. And he’s only 12. He’s better than Jay-Z at 12-years-old, so imagine him at 20…. I also have the future Michael Jackson. Duwann. He’s 23. You’ll be reading about him soon.”

Anyone get the distinct feeling Spencer Pratt stumbled across a time machine and is kidnapping the stars of today while they’re kids? I don’t know how else to explain why I saw him leaving Toys R’ Us with a young 50 Cent. Who Spencer then tossed in the back of a van while rubbing his hands together laughing “Children! I love children! Muhahahaha!” True story – which I know I say a lot, but, seriously, no bullshit; this one’s the real deal. Along with the time I said I had sex with Catwoman.

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  1. don

    Spencer should have been a jizz-blast on his mom’s face if you asked me.

  2. Gahhhhhhhhh!


  3. wundersmack

    I don’t watch the Hills and I never really understood the whole Speidi thing, but I did see this ep of Letterman, and I can now go on record to say I truly despise Spencer Pratt and I hope he goes down in a shameful flameout of bankruptcy and humiliation. Die, you cockroach!!

  4. I’m going to buy a domain name called heidiandspencerareshitheads.com and all we do is to talk shit about them all day. Who’s in?

  5. malicious

    Ha ha! That was hilarious! Letterman got him on the show purely to take the piss out of him and did an A1 job. He looks at his watch about four times, can’t wait to get away when he knows he is being RIDICULED

  6. wet newspaper

    Now, I’m not completely sure, but I *think* Thpenther Twatt used to have pubic hairs sprouting on his chin. Since he has apparently shaved/waxed them off and gone brazilian, he looks like a 9 year old choir boy. Is it any coincidence that he happens to have a penchant for young boys? Huh!? I don’t think so!

    P.S. – in the last picture he looks like Chuckie. I’d like to Chuckie a rolled up wet newspaper in his general direction.

  7. Dorito Man

    Women shouldn’t date guys who are way cuter than they are..

  8. sharpeidude

    What a fucking empty warehouse this guy is. Too fucking stupid to realize Dave is clowning on him.

  9. Morgan

    those two must have the same make-up artist.

    I swear he is wearing just as much, if not more, make-up than she is.

  10. H. Jablome

    To be very honest, Heidi looks pretty good with the straight hair. Too bad she’s such a vacuous plasticized cunt who spends most of her time wrapped areoun a huge dildo. Yes, that one with the ridiculous pompadour.

  11. missywissy

    I love you Dave!!! Thanks for bringing out the douchery of this douchebag ever so cleverly!!! Dave rocks. Kick these dumb kids in the ass on national tv, that’s what it’s all about!

  12. Corinne

    I know how he got on the show – Letterman didn’t even need to make fun of him. He made himself look like a total idiot.

    No wonder his last name is ‘pratt’.

  13. C. Cunterson

    The douchiest thing about the lead-in photo is the Louis Vuitton case – what is that, a card case? Ugh. What would that card say, anyway?

    Eliminate him.

  14. Scorpio

    Looked at his watch on Letterman?? Well thank go we’ll never see him on that show again. I wish someone would punch him in the face un public, just to watch him cry like a little girl.

  15. Scorpio

    Looked at his watch on Letterman?? Well thank god we’ll never see him on that show again. I wish someone would punch him in the face un public, just to watch him cry like a little girl.

  16. sarah

    they are so f*ing ugly. Inside and out.

    and after hearing the story about his high school tempertantrums on Letterman (Mary Kate) it doesn’t surprise me in the least… at least Dave gave him some of it back (Oily)

    Her song is embarassingly tragic, her clothing line could have been bought at Forever 21 10 years ago and Spencer has to flash an LV waller (or whatever it is) at the cameras to prove his worth in this world. I can’t wait until this train derails.


  17. Delia

    Why…..is he….plastic? Seriously, every time I see a picture of him, I kind of long for it to be a wax statue. Because him being famous enough to have one made of him isn’t *quite* as scary as someone actually looking like that.

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