Spencer Pratt has an unhealthy obsession with young boys

June 16th, 2008 // 67 Comments

Spencer Pratt, through some unholy alliance with Lucifer (He let him touch Heidi’s boobs.), managed to find himself as a guest on The Late Show with David Letterman. And, get this, the smug little douchecock has the nerve to check his watch during the interview! After that, Spencer rambles on about how he’s apparently found the next pop stars of the future which are really younger versions of pop stars of the past. I dunno, but it’s even more retarded than I just described:

“I live and breath pop culture. Right now I’ve got a partnership with the next Jay-Z. And he’s only 12. He’s better than Jay-Z at 12-years-old, so imagine him at 20…. I also have the future Michael Jackson. Duwann. He’s 23. You’ll be reading about him soon.”

Anyone get the distinct feeling Spencer Pratt stumbled across a time machine and is kidnapping the stars of today while they’re kids? I don’t know how else to explain why I saw him leaving Toys R’ Us with a young 50 Cent. Who Spencer then tossed in the back of a van while rubbing his hands together laughing “Children! I love children! Muhahahaha!” True story – which I know I say a lot, but, seriously, no bullshit; this one’s the real deal. Along with the time I said I had sex with Catwoman.

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  1. He is a small dick on a large gay man.

  2. CrackyJones

    This guy is clearly guy. He wears more makeup than his fugly ass bitch.
    He’s fucking gay.

  3. Right

    ewwwww, look at the last pic(the 4th pic) of him. He looks like a gay devil.

  4. jjdaddyo

    When is this douchebeast going to die in a tragic tooth-whitener explosion or something? America wants to know.

  5. How in the hell did this douchejerkey wind up on Letterman?? Wow.

    David, you just cost your show BIG TIME. I won’t be surprised if your show tanks in the near future. Next thing ya know, you’ll be interviewing homeless people who dance for change in the subway stations.

  6. Brian

    I’m just worried about how he apparently has pop culture “breath.” I’m guessing it has an aroma that puts it squarely between garlic and fresh douche.

  7. Let’s recap here in the first 6 comments…

    gay, gay, gay, douche, douche, douche

    That about covers it…

  8. Ro

    Can someone make this ‘thing’ go away???? This is the kind of guy we used to beat the fuck out of because of his cockiness. Hopefully, someone in Hollywood is like minded……..

  9. !

    I hope Letterman fired the douchebag that booked this asshat for his show.
    Its a joke if he thinks anybody is stupid enough to pay him $100K to show up…. maybe $100K to get the hell out, that I could see.

  10. Auntie Kryst

    Goddamn I feel sorry for Dave Letterman. I bet he’s really rethininking his 20 some years of sobriety after being forced to whore out his show for another Viacom TV show like that fucking Hills shit.. The water in his shower doesn’t get hot enough to rinse off the filth transmitted to him from any fucker that he talks to from MTV.

  11. farty_mcshitface

    damn, he sure is a creepy lookin fucker!!!

  12. #7 is an idiot!

    @7 You’re the fucking fag who want to act like that big earred, new york loser.
    Go fuck yourself. You’re already used to it, so it won’t be hard. Fag

  13. Cheese and Rice

    Heidi always looks so vacant in pictures, like she’s high as a kite or something. And Spencer looks creepy and controlling. He doesn’t deserve to be on Letterman. He needs to stick with what he’s good at, being a total assclown on a fake reality show.

  14. #12 is a fuckface

    #12 – go to hell you stupid cunt whore bitch

  15. Trust me, Spencer has never touched Heidi’s big fake boobs. They may “act” like a couple but everyone knows it’s an act.

    On a side note (speaking of big boobs). Click my link for sports and babes. Not selling anything – just a few bikini babe pics.

  16. Kingsley Amis

    He can’t seriously expect that Letterman would believe people would pay him $100K to show up. What a stupid cunt. One hight he’s going to get gang-fucked in a nightclub washroom.

  17. Corlyss

    I dunno if he was actually looking at his watch. Seemed more like a nervous twitch to me… and I doubt he can read a clock.

  18. Lola

    douchebag, i really hope jay-z sees you on the street and spit on you with his big ass lips….. then you run into michael jackson and he does to you what he’s done to little boys most of his life…. but you might like that since you’re a creepy white goatee lil boy lover yourself

    enough of these talentless asstards…. do the world a favor and die already dorks

  19. #12 – I bet you have a blue ribbon for mostest awesomest vocabulary by a special needs child.

    “Go fuck yourself. You’re already used to it, so it won’t be hard. Fag”

    Poignant, insightful, succinct, pithy AND douchey. Well played Mr Hawkin, well played indeed…

  20. I know a young Yoko Ono, where will that get me?

  21. mixedsugar

    He is so fugly. And her face is so oblong. these 2 disgust me.

  22. mixedsugar

    ps. these 2 represent the real meaning behind this sites name….

  23. he looks creepy

    Doesn’t anyone else think that he looks like a wax figure? Specially in the second pic. He has so much make up on, it’s just creepy.

  24. he looks creepy

    Doesn’t anyone else think he looks like a wax figure? Specially in the second pic. It’s disgusting how much makeup he has on.

  25. debagger

    Heidi: “Spencer’s the man”

    Letterman: “For what?…”

    That about sums up his disdain for this cockroach.

  26. Jackson

    Fish, please post more pics of Kim Kardashian’s beautiful ass. I need my fix this morning, and coffee just didn’t do the trick.

  27. jimmy nordan

    Die, both of you!!!!!!!!

    These two clueless douchbags have no idea that Letterman ripped them both a new one. He booked them for one purpose: expose them and their Hollywood-ilk for the asshats they are. Give them enough rope and they’ll hang themselves. Spenser did a great job of it.

    Did anyone catch Heidi “Lantern-Jaw” Montag uncomfortably mumble “you’re funny” after Dave made fun of her?

  28. What an

  29. He looks A LOT like a Cabbage Patch Kid, only more plasticy.

  30. Leo Batfish

    He’s still a douche, but at least he shaved that ridiculous looking beard.

  31. Bufford T. Pusser

    You’re continuously posting about this guy. Maybe you’re the one with the secret obsession? You’re the lame one.

  32. Bufford T. Pusser

    You’re continuously posting about this guy. Maybe you’re the one with the secret obsession? You’re the lame one.

  33. Bufford T. Pusser

    You’re continuously posting about this guy. Maybe you’re the one with the secret obsession? You’re the lame one.

  34. Alex

    but he’s so cute

  35. Auntie Kryst

    @31-33 Good point but walk tall, carry a big stick, hit the post comment button once.

  36. Maloney


    i loved hearing the distain in DL’s voice.

    you are a douche, spencer. now, millions (MORE) know.


  37. To be short: THIS IS A PAEDOPHILE………………………………………………LIVE!!

  38. c

    i might pay a club $100K to keep these 2 douchetards OUT. i mean, seriously…does ANYone like him?

  39. c

    PS? i love love LOVE paul shaffer’s sarcasm. hilarious.

  40. Punky

    I can’t stand this douche bag nor can I stand any of the other douche bags on the show. They don’t deserve to be talked about, written about or photographed because they haven’t done anything worthwhile. I don’t understand why they are so “famous.” Everyone knows their show is fake. Maybe if people, magazines, and blogs quit writing and talking about them, they’ll go away.

  41. Dave


    my God, what a dick

  42. duh

    #40 why don’t we start with you?

  43. sharpeidude

    Remember the Kurt Russell flick “Escape From New York”? In picture #4, doesn’t this turd burglar remind you of the weird guy that followed Issac Haye’s character around throughout the whole picure?

  44. havoc




    I know its redundant, but there really are no other words.


  45. CindyC

    HAHAHA – funny that Dave said “what do you bring a pony and people take pictures of it”.

    I can’t believe he called Heidi a pony right to Spencer’s face!

  46. Campane Promisses

    Grape Soda gonna ON DA MENU at da White House!

  47. jzz

    he looks like a young richard simmons

  48. Randal

    Spencer, looking sharp there young lad but the older and more experienced David has you pegged for a few rounds of knock-out boy!

    Still, that doesn’t take away from your ability to cause a storm on The Hills or remove the smile that captured Heidi’s heart, which you both wear on your sleeve for each other.

    Wishing the two of you all the best. Hope to see a wedding in the future!


  49. I hear there’s even a chance he could beat out John Edwards for The Biggest Douche in the Universe Award this year.

  50. NY Ted

    That is one fucking weird dude!

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