Spencer Pratt gets a manicure

September 19th, 2008 // 83 Comments

It’s official: Spencer Pratt has no shame. I can’t say it enough, whenever I look these two assclowns posing like they just won the Special Olympics, I say a little prayer that Heidi Montag is still a virgin. C’mon, what could be a bigger kick in the balls than being photographed getting a manicure then going home to jerk off in a sock while your girlfriend parades around the house in an “I <3 Jesus” bikini? If this is intelligent design, I’m warming up to it.


  1. eww


  2. usd33


  3. MightyD

    will someone kill that fuck’n douche already!?!?! FUCK! please stop, FUCK FUCK FUCK it physically hurts to hear/see that mother fuck’n douchebagsuckass peice of phony shitass fucktard!!

  4. Uncle Eccoli

    If everyone would only ignore them they’d go away.

  5. Judas

    Another ass-licking fairy who jacks off onto Genesis and wipes it up with Revelation.

    More disgusting ass munchers…

  6. Mav`

    Dude is stoned as fuck.

  7. Well its a tricky situation, women like guys who are clean, but in the process of getting clean you can look very gay….btw couldnt they block this guy out of the pics?

  8. Harry Clam

    I want to give her a perl necklace!

  9. minerva

    Can anyone explain why they’re celebrities again?

  10. Randal

    Not sure I agree with the Special Olympics comment, they deserve respect as any other athlete.

    As for you Heidi my beautiful little blooming orchid, I am so sorry I missed your birthday a few days back, so… Happy Birthday beautiful!

    I think it’s great that you and Spencer are finding more things to bring the two of you closer together and it takes a real man to go forward with a manicure. As the two of you are always in the media, it’s very important to look your best.

    Happy belated,


  11. veggi

    There’s nothing wrong with this – everybody knows fingernails can be damaged if you don’t do a proper manicure to remove the coating of another man’s rectal mucus.

  12. Rob

    He is the ultimate douche in the universe. Far greater than Jon Edwards…

  13. such attention whores. i see these two everytime i visit the picture frame aisle at Target, that generic photo that comes with the frames. and something tells me they both douche.

  14. fuck these douvhebags!!!!!

    Pair of god damned fuckin’ douchebags. I wish they’d go away, far away.

  15. whow, this guy give me the douchechillz, look at pic 7, what kind of guy does that?

  16. jo smo

    I’ve finally figured it out………. Randal is really Spencer’s on line name.. …

  17. Eric

    These people are famous because you (and others like you) opine about their lack of fame. Stop talking about them and they will go away. They pose for pictures because you post them. They say stupid things because you run their quotes. The exist because you look at them. Turn your head and let them die!

  18. leigh

    Remember the episode of the Hills when heidi had a pregnancy scare? She can’t be a virgin

  19. #15, rough daddy: you do. oh, but with dudes.

  20. havoc

    Its official. This man has no penis.


  21. McCain supporter

    Spencer is talented yet humble, like his fiance. They are also extremely intelligent, as shown by their preferences and choices.

  22. spencerisadouche

    Too bad he didn’t get a taser to the nuts instead.

  23. booger

    Who gives a fuck? Tits, not balls dammit!

  24. Big Ro

    Ugh…. Cant sites stop posting pics of this cowfucker?? Seriously. Eva Mendes nude, that I want to see….but cowfucker getting his nails done??? Dude….

  25. Slut

    Manicurist: Oh I see….very gay boy here fo publicity stunt.
    Spencer: I am giving a thumbs up using the thumb I stick up Heidi’s Ass
    Heidi: I am still a publicity whore

  26. sirrix

    Once again: Please stop posting about these douches.

  27. My gosh, now i’m not saying that all of you, but a HUGE majority of this country has been “dummy-tized” by the government. Proof? All this fighting over who’s the better candidate, obama or bush’s puppet. There all the same people! No matter what, these guys and congress continue to dummy you all with retarted t.v. poisonous food (look up m.s.g. and aspertene the sweetner alone on the web and see what negative consequences it has on the body) these guys LIVE to see our country sick and in hospitals and on prescription meds because the drug companies give the old white men in washington so much money as does the oil companies, meat, dairy and egg etc…we really are in the matrix people but we have been brainwashed to care more about celebs and buying things, and gas, and to eat food that will eventually lead us into debt with healthcare and prescription drugs so we don’t notice that there is such a huge evil comglamorate in the white house that sees nothing wrong with cutting down rainforests, putting polar bears and the like on the endangered species list, ruining our eco system and the air we breathe, robbing our children of proper education (we need them to be dumb so they don’t make waves when there all grown up) so they have all the power. There money and power whores and they have all of you so fooled!!! Wake the fuck up and lets start thinking revolution instead of worrying about this utter douche spencer and his fag-hag fake girlfriend!

  28. HankTheDwarf

    I hope this guy catches AIDS from his boyfriend. Everyone knows he pays for his beards.

  29. grobpilot

    Look at pic #. Could that worthless fuck-bag be any more pathetic? He’s obviously in the submissive position for that kiss. I’ll bet she makes him snowball after she blows him.

  30. J.

    :( I am sad no open mouth pics of her!!! what gives….Oh wait a minute she must have let the pressure out before the “candid” photos (setup) where taken!!! pheww! I am relieved no Hedi pieces all over the nice nail salon. The delicate balance is ok. Everybody can breathe now!!!

  31. J.

    :( I am sad no open mouth pics of her!!! what gives….Oh wait a minute she must have let the pressure out before the “candid” photos (setup) where taken!!! pheww! I am relieved no Hedi pieces all over the nice nail salon. The delicate balance is ok. Everybody can breathe now!!!

  32. why are we devoting any time to this over exposed, self-absorbed, douche bag???

  33. kelly

    everyone except #29 is wrong!

    this looks like the first set of pics where spencer actually has fallen in love with heidi. i don’t see anything wrong with them having their time in the spotlight.. they may be stupid, but they aren’t evil

    i would bet on spencer proposing soon, for real

  34. Heidi

    Spencer is a spermguzzler, take my word for it.

  35. Ted from LA

    He had a big day. He got his clitoris pierced right after this.

  36. easymilt

    Why do you even cover then at all..? They are just lame as lame can be.

  37. freakside

    These two jerks on a plate remind me of: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karla_Homolka (and Bernardo)

  38. JagedNS

    ugh….why post pics of either of these 2….they are absolute nobodies…I’m sure no one would care too much if we never saw another pic of either of those 2 on this site again.

  39. ...

    #35… one of the greatest comments ever.

  40. STevec

    damn he looks like a Cabbage Patch Kid



    I’m starting to think The Superficial has a contract with them just like Us Weekly.

  42. Katrina

    Spencer Pratt looks like that creepy, hairy backwoods uncle girls hate because he always tries to touch your ass when you hug him. Just sayin’.

  43. LoL

    is this guy has a dick or pussy ?

  44. sameshitdifferentyear

    They’re together so much, I’ll bet they get their periods at the same time now.

  45. lina

    very funny, ha ha ha

  46. Fred

    This dudes a fag

  47. jcm

    Dear Superficial Writer:

    The ONLY thing that I want to see about Spencer Pratt from now on is that someone fed him feet first into a wood chipper. I will PAY you a large sum of money to see that.


  48. sharpeidude

    I’m with #48. All I want to read nowadays is either of these to fucknuts obits.

  49. LAyla

    Holy hell, could he BE any more wasted? They both look like they have been ripping bong hits for 3 straight days- especially him!

  50. LAyla

    Holy hell, could he BE any more wasted? They both look like they have been ripping bong hits for 3 straight days- especially him!

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