Spencer Pratt calls Audrina Patridge a ‘ho’

June 3rd, 2009 // 49 Comments

With the departure of Heidi and Spencer from I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, producers turned to Audrina Patridge as a replacement only to receive a stiff rebuttal from her manager, according to TMZ:

“Not in a million years. Audrina is moving in a completely different direction than those two … she’s a star.”

Naturally, this prompted Spencer to go on the attack, or in the words of Octomom, “glob” for attention:

Spencer just told TMZ, “Heads up, Audrina. Just because you have a one night stand with a guy who’s in a movie called “Star Trek” doesn’t make you a star. You’re just a ho.”

Why do I get the feeling the real problem here is Spencer just wants a handjob from Mr. Spock? Besides the fact I’m omnipotent as hell.

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  1. jimbo

    frist or second!

  2. Krassy McKrass

    If she’s a Ho then I’m a Farmer.

  3. miau

    youre a farmer..?sure..?

  4. Courtyardpigeon

    I want to suck her toes

  5. Shift

    Not defending Audrina or anything…just a supreme hatred for Spencer Pratt…

    But I will give $5000 to anyone that puts Spencer Pratt in a coma.

  6. Bigo

    $5000?? I would do it for less!!!!

  7. #5 – Show him a vagina… that will at least make him pass out right after screaming “EEEWW!!! YUCKY!!!”

  8. Drunkman

    I hate the guy but you gotta give him props. That’s fucking hilarious.

  9. chupacbra

    she should retort, “Well at least I’m not a closet desperate gay bitch ass who has to pay people to post posed photos of myself.”

    I’ll put him in a coma for $500 straight cash and a nice dinner at the 99. Serious. Oh, include a bottle of Bombay Sapphire, the big one.

  10. lizzy

    god i can’t stand her.

    but, with all the work she’s done to herself is paying off, she actually looks good.
    1. filed down her teeth
    2. filled her lips
    3. colored her hair (which actually looks great)
    4. those awful boobs
    5. eye correction

    if only everyone had alot of money for being famous for no reason, and then everyone could buy themselves into being an attractive person!

  11. Lain

    Is there something in particular she’s looking at in 99% of her photos? No? Oh, she’s retarded.

  12. Jai

    She is one fine-ass foxy motherfucking little bitch.

  13. Duuude

    #8…. Exactly. He is such a little fucker, but he is right this time.

  14. Moon

    I’ll put him in a coma for an outback steak dinner. i bet he made baby jesus cry when mr baldwin baptised him. i feel sorry for all catholics/christians everywhere

  15. LOL

    #10 Lizzy you are a grade A moron! I hate Audrina but other than her hair color, EVERYTHING is the exact same. Her teeth are still huge, her top lip is still non-existant, her eyes are still wonky, so STFU.

    It’s called great styling and makeup! The new hair color brings out the color of her eyes, thus putting the focus on the pretty color and not the down syndromish shape. Normally i think she looks like a dog’s ass but lately she has been looking hot. My god it was hard for me to say that.

  16. Matthew

    DAMN IT FISH again stop braking your promise to post about mr.or miss douchbag!

  17. EuroNeckPain

    Is she blind ?

  18. Laura K

    At the risk of appearing like the nerd who reads gossip blogs, I think you mean “omniscient,” not “omnipotent.”

  19. ihateemo

    “Audrina is moving in a completely different direction than those two … she’s a star.”

    Indeed! Instead of posing for fake paparazzi shots, whoring herself out to reality shows, showing up in places events are going on that she has no involvement in and being seen out on the town in LA she…uh…

    Oh, she does exactly the same things as Heidi and Spencer. Never mind then.

    At least she didn’t get plastic surgery and then flaunt her tits all over the place. Wait. DAMMIT.

  20. Hung Like a Mouse

    Chris Pine could do so much better than this google eyed twat. I bet he can’t tell who the fuck she’s talking to most of the time since her cow eyes seem to roll around in her empty skull.

  21. Everyone on The Hills should be shot in the face.

  22. Funniest thing I've heard all day

    Audrina a star??!!! Bwha ha ha ha ha… bwha ha ha ha ha…!!!

    I gotta agree with Spencer on this one.

  23. mikeock

    I had no idea who Spencer Pratt was until i sat through 20 minutes of “I’m A 5th rate Celebrity …” He looks like a fucking albino monkey.

    What a flaming douchebag! I honestly can’t believe someone didn’t punch him square in the mouth. “I’m too rich and too famous to be here.” I would gladly shove a running chain saw down his pants in exchange for a Happy Meal.His bitch of a wife isn’t much better, but at least she has a cunt so her life has some meaning.

  24. Veggie is a cunt

    I just want to fuck Chris Pine.

  25. patrick

    Sorry guys, But i think this time he is right. just look at her and her career.i know we all hate to admit that he is right, but just do it this time

  26. justifiable

    Yeah, Audrina, being a celebrity dentist’s son and being whiter than white and then recording a bad rap song – THAT’S what makes you a star. Well, that , and a lot of posing for arranged pap pictures with a woman whose mouth is always open.

  27. sdtangler

    I’ve only seen Audrina Patridge in clips on The Soup. She has to be one of the dumbest people on the planet. A star? If, being a dead-behind-the-eyes, scatter-brained, no-talent, monotone-voiced skank is what it takes to be a star – well, then yeah, she’s a star.

  28. Warren

    All of you have very antiquated and irrelevant ideas of what it means to be a celebrity. It’s not 1959. A person’s “worth” and how famous they are have nothing to do with each other. Celebrity is about image saturation, pure and simple. Whatever value as a person one had to have in order to be deemed famous was an illusion to begin with. That being said, I hope Spencer Pratt gets cock cancer.

  29. david

    Main Entry:
    is a name destiny? according to the dictionary:


    Function: noun
    Etymology: probably from argot for buttocks
    Date: circa 1961
    British : a stupid or foolish person

    “you could look it up” C. Stengel

  30. Tanzarian

    I’d bang her like a screen door in a hurricane.

  31. Areal

    I personally don’t think she’s a ho. I also have to point out that she recently got cast in sorority row. It doesn’t seem like she has a huge part and since it’s not out yet I can’t speak on her acting but that’s a movie that will be played in theaters. WTF has Spencer accomplished outside of reality TV fame that will be gone the second MTV realized the’ve sucked the Laguna Beach/Hills thing dry and find a new group of rich kids to follow.

  32. Me

    Aren’t they ALL “hos” looking for fame and attention????

  33. derby

    normally i am not one to post about such useless people like audrina, but upon reading that her manager referred to her as a “star” merits a comment. loyal rep or not, audrina is not a star. she is known, but that’s in the fake celebrity sewer for talentless jokes who appear on scripted reality shows. she should go ahead and get hers while she can, but star she is not. and referring to her as a star makes her manager look like the biggest fucking dolt of the year.

  34. She looks really pretty…brown is hard to pull off..but she did…very classy….reminds me of an article on this page…check it out!

  35. She looks really pretty…brown is hard to pull off..but she did…very classy…

  36. ihatepeta

    Grrr. Why must this bitch go and copy my hair?

    Chris Pine can do way better.

  37. BooBoo

    I’d lick Chris Pine’s nuts all night long.

  38. bendem

    spencer pratt is that frothy layer of the cheezy sweat that forms under my nuts…

    this “ho” though would get it even in the pooper!

  39. bailey

    Audrina is the spokesperson for peta, she got a lead role in into the blue two (the reef), she is in sorrority row, she has a jean line divine right denim…now spencer has….? Audrinas a beautiful person & Spencer is jealous that his wife &himself are trash therefore he would sink low&say a terrible think about Audrina…she is a star! More than spencer


  41. Dread not

    Superficial: Why do I get the feeling the real problem here is Spencer just wants a handjob from Mr. Spock?

    Dn: Been talkin’ to Heidi, huh? Spencer makes her break out the “live long and prosper” grip. But he’s probably jonsin’ for the real McCoy… er, I mean, Spock.

  42. Robert Hexum

    Is it just me or is the Hills crowd aging faster and faster?

    Patridge is only 24, but those photos establish her RealAge® at 36.

  43. More NSFW pics here



  44. carina

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  45. Darth

    I had to google and wiki her and after i tubed her i know who she is!

  46. David55

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  47. “Audrina Patridge Beats Shit Out Of Spencer Pratt”

  48. Martina

    Let’s see, Spencer is “married” to Heidi Montag, and he’s says that Audrina is a “Ho”? I’m guessing that he was giving Audrina a compliment.

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