Spencer Pratt Photographing Shirtless Dudes

Here’s Spencer Pratt on a posed photo shoot of him.. posing his own photo shoot (?) and I’m mostly posting these just for the hilarity of him going out of his way not to photograph the only hot chick in a swimsuit. “Oooh, look a crab! (Is she gone?)” On that note, this is apparently some sort of fund-raising stunt for Heidi Montag’s surprisingly genius 3-D boobs movie that either Spencer is still attached to or straight-up stole the idea because his last pitch to a studio crash and burned:

SPENCER: Okay, so The Rock and Angelina Jolie are on a ship that gets attacked by like these ripped, mutant shark men with like these really strong arms. And they’re always coming up behind people and just like squeezing them with their really strong arms. From behind. Then at the end, Angelina Jolie has a sex change operation to make The Rock stop crying in the clothes hamper. BOOM.
STUDIO EXEC: …. If I give you this crystal I found in the parking lot, will you put the gun down and leave.

Photos: Pacific Coast News