So South Park Made A George Zimmerman Episode

Last night, South Park aired its new episode “World War Zimmerman” which basically spent 21 minutes ruthlessly kicking George Zimmerman and Stand Your Ground in the dick by way of World War Z. Which was even more amazing considering Trey Parker and Matt Stone usually make it a point to expertly slam both liberals and conservatives, yet they went straight for the headshot this time (Let that pun illustrate how completely shit my satire is in comparison.) because there’s only so much you can ignore the realities of this situation without looking like a goddamn idiot. To put it in terms of the people who will hate this post, I spent the whole episode wishing I was getting double-jerked off by Osama bin Laden and Karl Marx on top of Charlton Heston’s grave. That’s the only way to put that.

South Park – World War Zimmerman (Full Episode) – 10.9.13