So South Park Made A George Zimmerman Episode

October 10th, 2013 // 59 Comments
This Should End Well
George Zimmerman
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Last night, South Park aired its new episode “World War Zimmerman” which basically spent 21 minutes ruthlessly kicking George Zimmerman and Stand Your Ground in the dick by way of World War Z. Which was even more amazing considering Trey Parker and Matt Stone usually make it a point to expertly slam both liberals and conservatives, yet they went straight for the headshot this time (Let that pun illustrate how completely shit my satire is in comparison.) because there’s only so much you can ignore the realities of this situation without looking like a goddamn idiot. To put it in terms of the people who will hate this post, I spent the whole episode wishing I was getting double-jerked off by Osama bin Laden and Karl Marx on top of Charlton Heston‘s grave. That’s the only way to put that.

South Park – World War Zimmerman (Full Episode) – 10.9.13


  1. Kodos

    ” realities of the situation..”

    - punk attacks some guy he doesn’t know

    - guy shoots punk

    - punk dies

    THAT’S reality.

    • CH02

      It is pretty obvious that you left out the part about the old guy stalking the young kid and was running after him. Nice try, though.

      • you can’t physically attack someone that is following you and you should sit your fat ass in the house rather than play wannabe cop whenever you see black people.

        those are the take home messages here.

      • GZ was at a stand still on the phone when Trayvon attacked him. Black on white attacks are 40 to 1. Trayvon had GZ on the ground bashing his head into the cement. Of course it’s racist, because a black male was attacking a Hispanic. Get your facts straight. I bet you anything, not one of you libtards would let a black male bash your empty heads into the ground.

      • Just had to include a meaningless phrases like “libtard,” effectively undermining your justification, which went from possible to, “Sheesh, what a blind ideologue!”

        If you knew the trial and evidence, then you would know that what you label as “facts” are disputed by more than one person, including the lead investigator, person who was on the phone with Trayvon at the time, and the only eyewitness.. Put down the koolaid and read the transcript of the trial.

    • Yeah, more “reality” like your claiming yesterday that poor, misunderstood Earl Conlon was totally smeared by mean ol’ U.S. News & World Report because they printed false allegations that the Rally threatened to lock up the beltway and threatened to drag out and arrest everyone in the government that T2SDA deems a traitor.

      Pity that Conlon actually made those statements himself on his twitter feed, but hey, why ruin a perfectly good disconnect with uh….yeah….reality.

    • All the morons I know live in a world of absolutes and oversimplifications. Thanks for confirming the rule ass wad.

    • Kodos


      Double-digit disapproval!
      And a throwback to yesterday!

      As usual, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, brings their respective axe to grind; ie; “Trayvon was an innocent child”, or “Zimmerman is a stalker of black babies”, what have you.

      The points are, if you carry a gun, know what you’re doing (you are NOT Rambo), and THE FOOLISH KID IS DEAD. Unfortunate, yes.

      These kind of threads get to sounding kind a weird combo of Law&Order, NCIS, and Nancy Grace!

    • ReaganDiedinDiapers

      Where do you limp dicks even find this site? Does it get crossposted to THE BLAZE or FREE REPUBLIC or one of your other generic lock-step conservative rags that often?

    • leila

      come on, no one is this fucking stupid. he’s gotta be trolling.

    • Who knew that reality was such a clueless douchebag?

    • You forgot the part about how multiple people, including an eyewitness, testified that Trayvon wasn’t on GZ when GZ shot him. The eyewitness didn’t understand why he did that, given that 911 had alrady been dialed and the police were coming.
      Quit listening to Glenn Beck, read the court transcript, and learn to think critically and without the ideological blinders on.

      While everyone is innocent until proven guilty, surely you know from numerous cases (e.g., OJ Simpson), that an acquittal doesn’t necessarily mean Zimmerman was culpable. It just means that the prosecutors didn’t make a strong enough case for the charges.

  2. Cock Dr

    “spent the whole episode wishing I was getting double-jerked off by Osama bin Laden and Karl Marx on top of Charlton Heston‘s grave”
    I’ll watch this tonight with a nice glass of schnapps at my elbow.

  3. More like 4 minutes gently kicking GZ and SYG in the dick.

    DIdja really watch it, fish?

  4. Edvard Munch

    I’m pretty shocked they actually made an episode that sent the right (read correct) message. The guys at South Park always seemed like dickhead libertarians to me.

    • malaka

      they are anti hollywood.
      they also rip on the church/religion in general.
      gun nuts (jimbo and ned).
      prejudice (every minor character + eric cartman).
      i mean, remember at the end of somali pirates?
      “try not to hit any of the white ones,”

      they might have hick conservatives, libertarian gun nuts and jesus radio etc. in colorado, but its really much more of a purple or green state as any other state in the union.

  5. Griefer

    They satirized WWZ way more than George Z.

  6. teddy

    So Matt and Trey didn’t realize the “Stand Your Ground” defense wasn’t used in this case either… not surprising, typical libtard celebs.

    • 1. Stand Your Ground was used in the jury instructions during deliberation:

      2. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are libertarians who viciously skewer both parties.

      • CH02

        Then someone needed to tell the jury that, because the juror that spoke with Anderson Cooper said their decision was based on Stand Your Ground.

        She said, “We had the second-degree murder charge, the manslaughter charge, then we had self defense, Stand Your Ground.” She also said they made their decision “because of the heat of the moment and the Stand Your Ground.”

        Also, here is text from the jury instructions. Note it literally says, “stand his ground”.

        ““If George Zimmerman was not engaged in an unlawful activity and was attacked in any place where he had a right to be, he had no duty to retreat and had the right to stand his ground and meet force with force, including deadly force if he reasonably believed that it was necessary to do so to prevent death or great bodily harm to himself or another or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony.”

      • teddy

        But the woman, identified only as Juror B37, also said she had “no doubt” Zimmerman feared for his life in the final moments of his struggle with Trayvon Martin, and that was the definitive factor in the verdict. NOT based off the Stand your Ground law.

      • Juror B37 wanted on that jury so bad that’s it’s painfully obvious in her voir dire, and since she tried to cash in on the experience immediately by shopping around for book deals right after the trial ended, that explains a great deal. She also feels that everyone – and she means everyone lies – about everything. While the defense may love that mindset because it means everything will be seen as chock full o’ reasonable doubt, that’s actually the last person who should be on a jury – because with an attitude like that they don’t give a fuck about the facts or trying to get to the truth.

        Since she’s the only one who claims Zimmerman’s fear influenced the verdict, she needs controversy for a book deal, and at least four other jurors do not support her, stating that her conclusions and claims are hers alone, guess who’s the one lying here?

      • rican

        Mother Jones. I am now beginning to understand why you are so fucked up in your political spew.

      • seriously. you lose your rip on Fox News privileges when you cite these horseshit media outlets.

      • Griefer

        I hate to break the news to you, but pretty much all states have stand you ground laws. They are called the right to self-defense. What Florida and a few other states have done is enact laws allowing for special hearings, so people can avoid a full jury trial when it is obvious that they have a solid self-defense case, and these laws keep overzealous prosecutors at bay. Zimmerman skipped out of these special hearings and went straight to jury trial.

      • Willie Dixon

        Actually, Mother Jones is a credible mag, but the Nation, for example, is total horseshit. Mother Jones did lose it’s way during the Bush era for being partisan (at which point I quit them), but their articles are well researched and well cited. Like Rolling Stone, what they report may be slanted towards lefties, but they can back up every statement with proper old-school research and confirmation – unlike The Nation and Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, etc. This is a good thing as they are presenting a side of the story to contribute to a dialogue, much like the Economist does, which leans more conservative (which is some dense reading).

        If you can’t tell the difference between good reporting and bad reporting because you are dedicated to a political ideal, then you are the one who is biased as much as the media you are criticizing.

      • 90% of fox news is dead on truth too. It’s the other 10% that stinks like elephant shit.

      • This is true of any of the cable news networks. BUT the problem is that many of these networks pass commentary shows (Chris Mathews, O’Reilly, Hannity, back then Glenn Beck or Keith Olberman) in prime time viewing and people interpret those opinions as fact or news and make their political judgements and voting decisions based on the *opinions* of morons who are only making sensationalist conclusions for ratings, speaking events, and book deals. Intelligent discussions like Face the Nation or – I know this will scare some of you off – shows on NPR (it’s not as biased some people think as they get hate mail form all parties) just don’t have “pizzazz”.

        Think about it: would you much would would you slow your car down at a car accident to see a) two people calmly exchanging information and reviewing damage – OR – b) a fist fight?

        My personal theory is that the sensationalism in news is addictive as it provides many of the same things old news used to give us: a feeling of security; people’s lives were worse off than out own; etc BUT now throws in hyperbole and emotionalism to make our lives interesting which kicks in things endorphins, dopamine – even if it is based on anger.

        In short we have become addicted to our “news” and sincerely doubt anybody would consume real issues facing the country if it wasn’t readily presented as rails on a mirror. To keep that high of self-gradeurising when the show comes off, people take their pre-cut opinions and pass them onto user forums and comment sections (like here) and not only provide inaccurate information, but spread *some* agendas (not everything is a conspiracy theory) based on that channel’s agreement with the government or advertisers (and they all have them).

        Shit this is so long, I won’t even re-read it myself. Sorry.

      • As expected, broken sentences and type-o’s. Sorry folks.

      • I agree with the NPR thing, as I drink my tea from my sustaining member mug. I don’t think it’s so much politically biased as much as it has a penchant for political correctness and touchyfeelyness, things that the fox news crowd associates as a liberal bias.

      • Mike Walker

        Last I checked with Mother Jones, they were telling us that suntan lotion causes cancer and lead is the cause of crime.

      • Mike Walker

        “stand your ground” was used in the jury instructions in the generic sense. There was no detailed analysis of the law and why it may or may not apply by the defense or the prosecution. It’s a moot argument anyway, since he wouldn’t have had a chance to run away if it went down like he said it did.

    • Greg Olsen

      Did you really pull a link from and try and use that as fact? I mean, I love their BIO, almost neutral.

      Mother Jones (abbreviated MoJo) is a politically left-wing[2] American magazine, featuring investigative and breaking news reporting on politics, the environment, human rights, and culture

      • Willie Dixon

        See my response to Superficial re MoJo. At least they are being honest in their political leanings now…still great articles, but yeah, you have to take their bias into consideration.

        But the sad part is that even if we had a 100% fair article written and it found that one political side was to blame, people would still deem it biased rather than take responsibility that their political ideal/belief system made a mistake.

        And that’s why America is fucked.


        An American with a BA in Mass Media

      • “But the sad part is that even if we had a 100% fair article written and it found that one political side was to blame, people would still deem it biased rather than take responsibility that their political ideal/belief system made a mistake.

        And that’s why America is fucked.”


      • America is also fucked because people try to politicize everything to validate themselves. Some times two knuckleheads colliding in the dead of night is just two knuckleheads colliding at night.

    • ReaganDiedinDiapers

      The best part of when you clowns use the term “libtard” is that it proves to everybody that you are, literally, just a conservative parrot and that your opinions are completely valueless.

      Thanks for letting us know ted!

  7. Bryan

    “…because there’s only so much you can ignore the realities of this situation without looking like a goddamn idiot.”

    So freaking oblivious to the irony that it HURTS.

    It was still a great episode, though.

  8. “To put it in terms of the people who will hate this post, I spent the whole episode wishing I was getting double-jerked off by Osama bin Laden and Karl Marx on top of Charlton Heston‘s grave”

    Hats off to you, superficial writer. Brilliant.

  9. Kenny

    Matt and Trey really are good at what they do. The funniest episode though was the one wher they lampoon Paris Hilton.

    • Cock Dr

      Yes that is a good episode. How can you not love a cartoon Paris Hilton shoving a pineapple up her snatch?

  10. Deacon Jones

    Hey, was that news reel footage taken from Action News in Philly.

    That’s what it looks like every night at 11. Then they jokingly talk about the weather and the shitty Eagles.

  11. I’m waiting for Alexian Lien to run “all yinz guys” over once he gets his Range Rover out of the shop. See that Fish? That’s my Pennsylvanian dialect coming through.

  12. Grammar Police

    ITS new episode. As a woman, I come here for the grammar not the titties. Why you do me like this?

  13. Brandon

    The episode sucked, because the topical humor was regarding things no one is even talking about anymore. What happened to South Park being current?

    • I’m looking at a comment section a mile long, so while it didn’t come out right when the verdict happened, people are still all “outraged” about it.

      Maybe they didn’t have a good context to make an episode about it. I guess they needed a movie like World War Z.

    • You’re free to make your own super current 24/7 hyperrelevant South Park, son. Call it Southest Park. Southmost Parkest Currentest.

  14. The episode’s also about the assumption that black people have the same reaction across the board about the Zimmerman verdict.

  15. eh

    Something about South Park, like the Simpsons, the humor is the same, but it’s so tedious and unfunny now, so many years past its prime. Cartoons don’t have the natural expiration date tied to the aging of actors, so they just go on forever until it hurts.

  16. rgioiemovpe

    The entire case against GZ was that no one should have the right to defend himself against a darker person. Anyone who sought to railroad GZ and deny him his civil rights (that’s right, civil rights aren’t just for blacks) to the presumption of innocence and due process, and then reject the verdict after the prosecution utterly failed to prove its case should hang his head in shame, if capable. BTW, South Park sucks, always has.

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