Sophie Monk wants you too see her nipples

September 27th, 2009 // 87 Comments

Here’s Sophie Monk on a photo shoot this afternoon where she accidentally flashed some nip. And by accidentally I mean her publicist yelled “Nipple! Now!” then patted himself on the back for a job well done. As he should. [Note to celebrity publicists: I will fall for this every. single. time. Just throwing that out there.]

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions that prove implants cause a complete loss of nipple sensitivity, yet not every woman has them. I don’t get it.

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  1. EuropeanGirl

    I meant ‘no way you can think’, damn typo!

  2. izzo

    maybe the haters would prefer tea bagging my sack

    dykes faggots and fat chicks beware

  3. Rhialto

    I’m just legally watching these pics because of art reasons.Why is the background haze?

  4. el ces

    She looks sad and trapped.

    Publicist probably bullied her into this.

    I hope she recovers her dignity and doesn’t show us anymore.

    She’s smart enough to make it with a degree.

    My best wishes, Sophie.

  5. Galtacticus

    That’s the perfect way to keep a bikini top secured! Is there any strong current in those waters?

  6. Moronic to say Miss Monk is unattractive.
    Just an asinine statement.

  7. dude

    ok..her face is ugly, her shoulders too wide and sqare, her boobs are fake and her legs are weird. so, appart from the nipple, what’s interesting in there again?

  8. See Alice

    Way hotter than the Fatdashians and Blimpie-Lo

  9. lara

    It is to, not too if you were trying to be funny or ironic you should of written “Sophie wants you ‘two’ see her nipples”

    Please learn to use grammar properly, you are supposed to be a writer!

  10. ForsakEnd

    She shows plenty of nipple in The Hills Run Red

  11. Bobskie

    Oh yeah, the water IS cold. Check out the pointy nipples and bologna thighs.

  12. Anon

    #57 go back to looking at penis and hairy ball sacks if she doesn’t have anything of interest to you.

    Her hair colors sucks ass but everything else isn’t too bad. A lot better than BS, Paris, Lindsey, Megan, and a lot of other starlets that are normally blogged about.

  13. Christina

    @57- Exactly who do you go home to fuck???

    This chick is beyond hot! I’d totally fuck her. Implants or not, her boobs look great. and I’m a (former?) straight girl… :)

  14. dot

    You guys are hilarious. You say you wouldn’t touch that ugly thing, but the truth is that if a girl like this were to just glance in your general direction, you’d cream your jeans on the spot. Now, go on upstairs, your Mom is waiting for her foot rub.

  15. barry

    Anybody who says she is ugly is obviously nuts!!. She is not perfect, but if you are a heterosexual male and would not stick it in her, you must have something much better at home or haven’t had sex in years due to your being so picky that nothing will safisfy you, and no one is good enough. Those of you who are so judgemental are probably fat men living in thier mothers basement and only jealous that someone (Russel Simmons) is banging her and not you.

  16. Rosie

    This made me tingle in ways that make me a lesbian

  17. yowillie

    Thank you Sophie.

  18. Xander

    She can take a shit on my back any day.

  19. bennett

    I suckem both

  20. too Sexy!!!I like!!!

  21. Uck

    Too funny. Nothing on her’s real dumb asses. She looks like random parts patched together. You’d think with all that work she’d look good or not grotesque

    Newsflash: all attention is not good attention. She needs to move on. Ain’t gonna happen.

  22. Y do u fags sweat this hoe? she’s not that hot…go out to the clubs man youll see many girls just as hott…..she has big fake lips and tits just like my gf…..its nothing great get off her pusss jus like megan foxx shes not that hott u guys r retarded stop getting caught up wit the media ur dumbbbbbbbbbb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Patrick Bateman

    I’d lick her cooze after a 48 hour shower fast.

  24. McMurry

    I don’t know what you guys are on about. Beautiful woman, great body and awesome swim suit. This set has everything!

  25. Genevieve

    She’s hot…but slightly over-rated. A second rate Megan Fox. At least Fox is *trying* to do something (more??) to be known for. What does Monk-ey really do besides prance around beaches and spreading her legs to every other plastic surgeon in LA?

  26. mike

    @lara: Before you speak out in such a didactic manner, you might like to learn that “should of” is not a real phrase in English. Now, “should have” is a different matter altogether.

    @all people saying her face is ugly, her legs are weird, her hair is not right, her eyes are too blue and her tits are too “saggy” to deserve your attention: you are faggots.

  27. Jamillah

    People post inane, excessively critical commentary because it helps them bring an obviously attractive woman “down to earth”. By criticizing her, they feel that she’s somehow more attainable — and as an added bonus, they feel like they’re somehow at her level or above.

    The reason she’s a celebrity and your girlfriend isn’t is because she’s more beautiful and/or talented. Fans vote with their dollars; if everyone found her as repulsive and untalented as some of you claim, she’d be nowhere…..And if the girls you bang were hotter, then they’d have an agent and a show-biz career.

  28. Ari Ola

    Yummy nipples – I bet they taste lovely

  29. Not much to complain about in those photos, she actually has very, very sexy eyes!

  30. Sprmcandy

    Fucking SWEET !! yum yum

  31. jojo

    if wanna see her pre hollywood you should check out youtube – popstars australia making of the band bardot.. sophie should be in there – u will be amazed about her transformation since hitting hollywood… she used to be quite porky … body’s bangin now though!!!

  32. boobluver

    @#66; HILARIOUS comment!!!

  33. kate p

    that cannot be her really eye color those just look ridic

  34. Wow amazing i just love that nipple twat of Sophi Mink. She is absolutely superb! I just love her wet body in sea. So much hot!

  35. me crazy is this woman’s breasts. :))) He bide his eyes:))

  36. ollie montaine


  37. Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    The NSFW version of this photo takes my breath away. What a babe.

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