Sophie Monk in a bikini

August 10th, 2009 // 90 Comments

Here’s Sophie Monk in Malibu over the weekend, and she’s famous, right? Not that that’s going to stop me from posting these pics, but I just thought I’d ask. You know, make you guys feel like you’re part of a conversation where I dictate all the terms because this is my blog, and I love breasts, dammit.

I’m a service to the community.

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  1.;dr…but nice job on the Capt. Save a’Ho speech. I asked a question and no matter what she refused to answer because apparently she’s too busy taking a shit on your chest to ntoice..therefore she’s a fucking idiot.

    “It makes common since in the original post. Why is it that you could not grasp that?” – Didn’t you mean common sense? Oh boy, go back and forth all you like Pistol, but it still wont get you laid on the internets.

  2. err *notice.. I apologize for my quick typing and trying to FAP to Kelly Clarkson’s huge ass of planetary magnitude.

  3. Beno

    when her eyes are open,
    she looks like a zombie!
    in that last pic she got me
    with her zombie-eyes death-ray

  4. progressive male

    I would have intercourse with her, but I would rather suck my boyfriend’s cock and swallow

  5. Mr. Class

    NICE (adjective)

    JUICY (adjective)

    CUNT (noun)

    ! (punctuation)

  6. TheCynic

    She has a small role in the movie “Sex and death 101″. She does a nude scene which is amazing. One of the best bodies any of you homo haters will ever lay your eyes on. The tits certainly looked real in this movie. She’s also gorgeous.

  7. Lowstandards

    I’m Bill Clinton and I approve of this bimbo.

  8. !!!

    @ 10. she’s not american, she’s australian. and she’s all natural too (for the rest of you)

  9. shygirl


  10. El Sol

    She’s cute, but her hair’s been bleached so much that it’s all the colors of a rotten banana.

  11. homosquirrel

    The first picture reminds me of the creature from The Host.

  12. homosquirrel

    Come to think of it, all of them do. It has to be her mouth.

  13. Huckleberry Hashimoto

    Big deal, another D-list blonde bimbo PETA shill. Yawn.

  14. suck my dick

    She should wrap her big lips around my dick

  15. Kelley

    OK !!! I stand corrected, all … thanks :)

  16. white

    Have you ever seen a purebred negro looking that good?

  17. joho777

    Who or what is a Sophia Monk?

    And why does the beat-off brigade above all think that she is attractive, especially since she has really obvious implants? And her hair looks fried from being bleached too often?

  18. jrtj

    haha, infected bellybutton? rotten banana coloured hair? face like a weasle sniffing garbage? are you fucking kidding me? say what you want about the posing for paps, or how she’s not exactly an a list celebrity but she is a fucking beautiful woman. stop picking faults with her appearance you ugly cunts :-)

  19. hd

    She is so beautiful.

  20. manly man

    My the 12 year old boys sure are picky

  21. Sassy

    I saw her once in 2002 in Queensland, Australia and again in 2006 in Sydney….this woman is tiny, gorgeous and fucking FLAWLESS. I love her, she is amazing. I wish I looked like her. Perfection.

  22. dude

    photoshoot = worthless tease without ass shot…. come on paps get the picture!!!

  23. Dread not

    Sophie? Who is your Daddy and what does he do? Come on, baby, say it! Sexy lil’ minx, you.

  24. wowwwwwwwwwww hootttt baby

  25. Viv

    For those of you wondering who she is, you might have seen her in “Date Movie” she played “Andy”, the groom’s hot best friend.

  26. I want to live in her arm pits.

  27. Splooge Factor

    Why can’t any of those lame-ass paparazzi take at least one picture of her taking a dump in the sand.

    Now that would be adorable.

  28. Rei Imnc

    She Was In The “Date Movie”.
    It Was A Parody Of All These Date Movies.
    Like “Scary Movie” Was A Parody Of All These Scary Movies.

  29. violadive

    it’s clear watching her belly that she had a lipo….(at discount probably)

  30. Rhialto

    Nice curves. . .

  31. Darth

    It’s even not That difficult to make it in Hollywood.You only need to be blessed with talent,a great body and the sympathy of the audience.

  32. Galtacticus

    #82 That’s all??

  33. Gando

    @ 82 Since when is talent nescessary?

  34. i don’t think she looks all that good

  35. M

    Pug face.

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  37. haha, infected bellybutton? Rotten banana-colored hair? A smell like crap weasle face? Damned you kidding me? Paps that you submit to, or he really is not an a list celebrity, how about want, but it is a beautiful woman Damned. His presence with you ugly cunts stop picking mistakes :-)

  38. mbt

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